Aurora says NO to 15 minutes cities!

September 29, 2023

Mississauga 🇨🇦 100th FREEDOM Rally
Mississauga 🇨🇦 100th FREEDOM Rally !
Aurora says NO to 15 minutes cities
Aurora says NO to 15 minutes cities!
Cathy Jones on the National Citizen’s Inquiry 2023
Wall City
Monday Mockery I AM CANADIAN NSFYT_Moment
Monday Mockery Classic: I AM CANADIAN
Freeland at Davos Featured Image
Monday Mockery: Freeland at Davos 2023

Joel Sussman, Speaks to 15 Minute Cities in Aurora, ON, September 20, 2023.
110 Citizens in Attendance,
1 Minute Standing Ovation,
3 Council Members Willling to Enter Into Dialogue to Understand “What’s Happening at the Municipal Level of This Country’s Government!”

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