The lonely life when separated from the entire family

I am 67, retired from the oil & gas industry since October of 2019, so just before the end of freedom. Not the retirement I had imagined from a stressful life of raising a family as a mostly single mom of three boys. The boys moved on to Europe (Germany and Spain) where the rest of my family is, leaving me here alone. Since it is hard to relocate after a lifetime here and arranging pension to be sent to you “by cheque” and transferring all your retirement savings etc…., chances are there won’t be much left once I’m done with it, my partner and I decided to visit 6 months with my family in Europe and 6 months here in Canada. Now that travelling is made very difficult and almost impossible and returning back to Canada made very scary as you can end up in a concentration like camp if you test positive if they want you to be positive, I am falling more and more into serious depression, caused by these lockdowns, muzzled people and dangerous vaccine they try to push on everyone making us believe this is our ticket back to normal. I have siblings with families, my three boys and their families and my first great grandchild and I can’t see any of them besides “ONLINE”. I spend countless days in tears just thinking about all this. It feels like I live in a Sifi movie or having a bad dream I can’t wake up from. Everyone has a story and this is mine. I feel like this life the way it is right now is not worth living being separated from family and friends, restrictions and fines when you want to visit your friends, curfew in some provinces and the list goes on but what keeps me going is my family, I have to fight for them so they can have a life worth living again, so they can have a future. We must fight this evil. Everyone knows who they are and why they are doing what they do. I feel sorry for anyone who believes all these lies and deception. Sadly I have friends that believe mainstreaming media and can’t wait to get the “jab” and…….mission accomplished, divide and conquer and divided we are.