Alberta Litigation Application

Free Legal Representation for Covid Mandate Losses in Alberta

Through our partnership with the JCCF our lawyer, Marilyn Burns, is now able to offer free representation for those in Alberta who have:

  • Lost their businesses due to lockdowns
  • Lost a substantial amount of business income due to Covid mandates
  • Delayed or lost your education due to vaccine mandates

While this service is currently only available in Alberta, as cases must be brought against provincial, not federal governments, it is our hope that these cases will set a precedent that can then be followed in other provinces. Should we be able to arrange for this in the future, it will be announced when available.

Please fill in the form on this page to apply. In the case of business losses, you must be able to show financial statements from a certified accountant. For students, you must provide written proof of expulsion due to vaccine mandates and show what your lost income will be as a result of having your education delayed.

We regret to inform you that applications are now closed as Marilyn has all the cases she can handle. We will be keeping you updated via Will's podcast on progress on the cases, and it is our hope that if these cases are successful they will set a precedent for everyone who has suffered financial loss as a result of the Covid mandates to recover their losses, not just in Alberta but across the country.