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How to Refuse the Vaccine and Keep Your Job

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The Employees Toolkit on this page will empower you to protect your employment and your right to bodily autonomy. There are two letters which are intended to be provided to your employer in order. If letter No. 1 does not get the desired result, please then use letter No. 2.

Very Important!

Under no circumstances should you quit your job! If the letters below do not work, force your employer to fire you. Document everything! Send the letters via email and request read receipts. Record any and all phone conversations. Do not have a private meeting with your boss without a 3rd party present and make it clear you are recording the meeting, as is your legal right (You can use your phone for this. It will have a voice recording app).

By leaving a paper trail and recording all relevant conversations you will have the ammunition you need to file and win a wrongful dismissal suit.

Also, please note that we are working on a new letter that focuses on contract law and will make it clear to your employer that by unilaterally changing the terms of your employment, they can be held financially responsible. That is to say, they may have to keep paying you even if they fire you. After several conversations with lawyers we believe this to be the most enforceable defense. It will be announced when this is ready.

Know Your Rights

If you signed or were provided with an employment agreement you will find that it does not give your employer the right to dictate any medical treatments, and certainly not being injected with an experimental gene therapy.

In addition, under the Nuremburg Code, you may not be subjected to a medical experiment without your fully informed consent. Neither can you be coerced into participating in a medical experiment. As these Covid 'vaccines' are not fully approved by Health Canada, they qualify as a medical experiment.

You may need to remind your employer, if they are acting under orders from higher up, that 'I was just doing my job' is not a legal defense as determined by the Nuremburg Trials. If they fire you for refusing the 'vaccine', they personally are in violation of the law and you can sue them for damages.

Letter 1

How This Letter Protects Your Job

The key to this letter is that you are not refusing the vaccine, but rather setting conditions upon taking it which your employer cannot meet. These conditions are protected under your legal rights. If your employer disregards this letter then provide them with Letter #2, which lays out the laws which they are breaking and the potential penalties.

Download the letter provided here. It is available in Word, Rich Text (rtf), and PDF format. If you have Word we suggest using that one as you will be able to add your employers name at the top. If you are using a different word processor it should be able to read the RTF file. If you have none of these download the PDF version and attach a cover letter.

Letter 2

This second letter is more strongly worded than the first and outlines the laws your employer is breaking by...

A. Mandating an experimental treatment

B. Threatening you with dismissal if you refuse

C. Violating the terms of your employment, in which you did not agree to being subjected to medical mandates.

We are working to produce letters specific to each province. For now we have only Ontario. However if time is a factor you can successfully use the Canada-Wide version, which references Canadian laws and still carries substantial legal threat. We will announce when versions for each of the provinces are available.

What to Do if Your Employer Fires You Anyway

If you have provided your employer with both letters and they fire you anyway, or subject you to unacceptable working conditions in an attempt to get you to quit, then it is time to file a lawsuit against them.

If you are one of many employees in your company, we recommend filing a class action suit. If you are alone in this, then contact the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (jccf.ca) and apply for free legal representation.

Do note that all the lawyers involved in this fight are overwhelmed. There is no guarantee that they will be able to provide free legal representation. We must, all of us, become experts in the relevant laws and be prepared to defend our rights on that basis.

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