ICC Letters (International Criminal Court)

Letters to the International Criminal Court

Dr. Philip Oldfield, in cooperation with the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, is gathering letters from those adversely affected by Canada's Covid mandates. These letters will be presented to the ICC with the intent of having the International Criminal Court take legal action against our government for the violation of our rights.

If you have been adversely affected in any of the following ways please take the time to write a short letter.

Here are a few examples of the evidence you may submit, although this is not a definitive list.

  1. Suffered significant COVID-19 symptoms because of any lack of early treatment
    from your health care provider.
  2. Suffered a vaccine injury, or know someone who has died from taking the COVID-
    19 vaccine.
  3. Lost your education, employment, livelihood or business because you chose not to
    be vaccinated.
  4. Suffered discrimination because you are unvaccinated, including being denied
    health care, unemployment or other government benefits, travel restrictions,
    restrictions on right to gather (including at religious services), etc.
  5. Experienced coercion to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
  6. Experienced police or governmental overreach, including when you have peacefully
    exerted your democratic or constitutional rights.
  7. Suffered from COVID related lockdowns, including the forced wearing of masks,
    vaccine passport requirements, loss of access to family at hospitals and long-term
    care facilities, and other related measures.
  8. Suffered psychological harms, mental breakdowns, or abuse due to COVID policies
    and/or mandates.
  9. As a health care provider, you have been threatened, investigated and/or disciplined
    for (without limitation):
    a. providing impartial advice regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.
    b. providing treatments to patients with off-label medications.
    c. writing medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccines and/or masks.
    d. questioning or speaking publicly about the government’s COVID responses.

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