14 Year Veteran Imprisoned for the Truth | Jeremy MacKenzie

February 15, 2023

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Our government has developed a habit in the past 3 years of imprisoning people who say things that are counter to the narrative. John Carpay, president of the JCCF, Tamara Lich, Freedom Convoy Organizer, Pastor Art Pawlowski, and many others. Some of you will be familiar with Jeremy MacKenzie, the Raging Dissident.

Jeremy has now spent a total of ten weeks in prison, despite the fact that he has no criminal record, served 14 years in the military, often under fire, and has committed no criminal acts. What he has done is to be outspoken in his views of our tyrannical government. And so, of course they activate their controlled media to paint him as an ‘armed and dangerous’ terrorist.

Then there’s Diagolon. A meme. A joke created by MacKenzie to highlight the paranoia that always infects tyrants. We can’t know if the media was instructed to report Diagolon as a militant, racist, terrorist group, or if they are just so stupid they don’t know a joke when they see it. But the effect is the same. An innocent man is arrested and imprisoned for months on baseless charges, and there is no public outcry.

Jeremy is out now, and continuing his Raging Dissident podcast. So since imprisoning him didn’t work, now he has received word from the Bank of Nova Scotia, where he has done his banking for years, that they are cancelling his accounts. This includes his mortgage. And no other bank in Canada will take his business.
Here, with his entire story is Jeremy MacKenzie, the Raging Dissident.


Raging Dissident

Will’s Jan 2022 Interview with Jeremy


Will Dove 00:00
Our government has developed a habit in the past three years of imprisoning people who say things that are counter to the narrative John Carpay, President of the JCCF, Tamara Lich, Freedom Convoy Organizer, Pastor Artur Pawlowski and many others. Some of you will be familiar with Jeremy MacKenzie, The Raging Dissident. Jeremy has now spent a total of 10 weeks in prison, despite the fact that he has no criminal record, served 14 years in the military, often under fire, and has committed no criminal acts. What he has done is to be outspoken in his views of our tyrannical government. And so of course, they activate their controlled media to paint him as an armed and dangerous terrorist. Then there’s Diagolon, a meme, a joke created by MacKenzie to highlight the paranoia that always infects tyrants. We can’t know if the media was instructed to report Diagolon as a militant, racist, terrorist group, or if they’re just so stupid, they don’t know a joke when they see it. But the effect is the same. An innocent man is arrested and imprisoned for months on baseless charges. And there is no public outcry. Jeremy is out now and continuing his Raging Dissident podcast. So since imprisoning him didn’t work, now, he has received word from the Bank of Nova Scotia where he has done his banking for years that they are canceling his accounts. This includes his mortgage. And no other bank in Canada will take his business. Here, with his entire story, is Jeremy Mackenzie, The Raging Dissident. Jeremy, welcome back to the show. Jeremy, welcome back to the show. So I really wanted to talk to you but you were a lot of my viewers know that you were in prison for a while. I tried to reach you when you were in prison. And I found the phone system impenetrable. So yeah, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get through to you. But now of course that your can I say you’re a free man? I don’t think that’s true. There isn’t. I don’t know if they’re free man?

The Raging Dissident 01:53
Thanks for having me, too. Yeah, some of my friends in different countries have said is like, well, you’re still in — you’re still in Canada, you’re just in a large open air prison now. I mean, you’re just out of the you’re in the yard, you know, essentially.

Will Dove 02:28
Yeah, exactly. So I mean, yeah —

The Raging Dissident 02:30
– but yeah, I am under I have a bunch of conditions and house arrest and this kind of stuff. So I can’t even I can’t go outside after certain hours. I can’t leave the province and all that kind of stuff. So there’s, there’s a there’s a fair amount of restrictions placed on if you’re an adult man with a life like yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s a bit much.

Will Dove 02:47
But now, folks, Jeremy and I were talking before the interview. And even I didn’t realize that this most recent arrest and imprisonment wasn’t the first time. I didn’t know about it. So Jeremy, let’s, I want to back up. I want to back up to the beginning of your story, raging dissident, at what point did you decide you had to start saying something about what was going on in this country?

The Raging Dissident 03:09
Well, I did a long, you know, a fairly long stretch, I guess by most people’s standards of the military, I did about 14 and a half years. And since I was young, I just always I was kind of an opinionated guy, I was I was that guy that couldn’t just, I was that guy at four o’clock on a Friday, everybody’s getting ready to go home from work. And it’s like, does anybody have any questions or problems for data for the weekend, and they don’t, and then my hand would start to go up, and no one goes up for crying out loud. Like I was that guy. So that’s always just been kind of my nature. When I retired from the military, I didn’t know, you know, what do you do, you’d go from that to it’s a weird transition, there’s nothing else like that. It’s kind of like being an alien, you just kind of get dropped into the world, and you don’t really know what to do. And I was bored. So I just started, I started, I’ve always been creative. And I like to make people laugh and entertain them and that kind of stuff. So I thought I was actually you know, trying to work my way into like, maybe doing a stand up career or something like that. So I was sort of figured I’ll start making YouTube videos, I’ll start building a, an online footprint and audience, you know, and then once it gets to some, if there’s something is more than zero, then I’ll then I’ll start trying to go from there. So that was that was beginning and that was the idea. I just started talking about stuff that I thought was interesting or funny or crazy, or, you know, conspiracy theory, all kinds of different things, whatever. And then, there was in 2019, there was Omar Khadr, who most Canadians have probably heard that he was being put on a – there was some kind of show essentially, it’s how he’s a child soldier and all this kind of stuff. In Halifax where I lived after this, I was just recently talking about how I thought this was crazy that the government is gonna give him you know, 10 and a half million dollars, you know, for violating his rights violated and all this kind of stuff as a Canadian citizen, but meanwhile, leaving hundreds of millions of dollars designated for veterans just goes down the toilet bowl, and no one’s really outraged about that. No one seems to care very much and the whole set City of Halifax showed up to see what Mr. Khadr has to say. And it just really rubbed me the wrong way. And it was —

Will Dove 05:04
— not mentioned in the fact that he was a terrorist video the guy making bombs.

The Raging Dissident 05:10
He was Yeah, and you know, like he was a child. So we’re only six months apart in age Omar and I, so I guess I’m a child soldier as well then if that’s the case, maybe eight months, something like that we’re close to same age, I think he might be, or I might be a little bit older, six, eight months, but so I went there to, as you know, kind of just because I thought of my platoon was killed in that on that tour against those guys fighting the Taliban, a lot of my friends and I felt like I had to say something. So I put my metals on and went over there. And I was like, I’m not just going to let them not see me and not recognize what is happening because if I don’t say something nobody else seems to want to. that um, a guy took a video of that and that went viral had six or 7 million views in a few days. And that was that was pretty intense. I’d never experienced anything like that at a very small channel. I wasn’t you know, and immediately there was hit pieces coming out against me with you know, people have dug up stuff from six months ago, eight months ago out of context conversations with different people. So I alarmed me that I’m being watched by someone which is creepy, you know, very creepy. I have a tiny YouTube channel you know? So I don’t know how this happened but you know, maybe 1000 subscribers or something like that. That’s how that’s where it was at that stage that that began the hurricane that is my life now. So the media pieces a hit pieces started the anti-hate network attacks, it started. I continued carry on doing my streaming and stuff and you know, building an audience and it started to just start to become popular and that that viral video certainly helped. No one in Canada wanted to talk to me and I didn’t get a single media request review from anybody anywhere. Except for just Gavin McInnes. That was it in the whole world, which I thought was also odd. Not that I cared but I thought it was strange. Later in 2020, just before well, just after the lockdown stuff it started I had been, you know, covering that on my stream and podcast and everything. I there was a Portapique massacre in Nova Scotia by the, you know, Gabriel Wartman, who may or may not be an employee of the RCMP. Whatever the hell is going on with that, I recorded a video on that one that also received that one got a fair amount of distance as well. In I didn’t know this at the time, but I’ve learned this recently, shortly after that I became a ‘Person of Interest’ to the RCMP. They labeled me as a Person of Interest, whatever that means. I also found out that.

Will Dove 07:21
if you figure it out, let me know because I’m on that list too.

The Raging Dissident 07:25
Well, I know because of legal disclosure from things that came later but that was shortly after that they decided that I was somebody that needed to be looked into I guess for saying things they didn’t like about them – just telling the truth and asking questions that everybody had on their minds and no one wanted to ask apparently. Then it also came it turns out that I was also being investigated by the Saskatoon City Police where I was living for reasons unknown I at this time, I had never been arrested in my life. I have no criminal record, nothing like that. The York Region Police —

Will Dove 07:55
— sorry to jump in but not to mention 14 years of military service.

The Raging Dissident 07:59
Right, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Will Dove 08:01
You’re kind of the definition of upstanding citizen…

The Raging Dissident 08:03
They wanted to, the Saskatoon Police actually wanted to know all of my everything they could find on me from 2004 and 2019 in between what I’ve been doing like while I was in the military, so they didn’t ask me this is just again from disclosure that they were interested and so as the so is the Ontario Provincial Police and the York Regional Police Organized Crime Division or something Org – Counterterrorism Unit is investigating me. They’re investigating my ideology it says in 2021 for reasons unknown again, so this this had started. And then shortly before the convoy my home is raided by the RCMP within you know, a massive amount of huge you know, presence, they confiscate – they take all of my all of my property and you know, I get a whole bunch of charges for you know, firearms, possessions and stuff, which I’m fighting all of these in court and I’m probably going to beat them all as I should because that’s how I that’s how that’s how it happened. And then and then I was again they drag you know, the media campaigns with after Ottawa at all a firearms charges and all this kind of stuff. So they moved from just media attacks to now, the law is coming after it, because I’ve been a person of interest for so long. It’s there’s an old saying in the East German Stasi, I think or maybe was the Russian secret police. It’s irrelevant, but they said show me the man and I’ll show you the crime meaning that they can just get this person I’ll find something I’ll figure it out. I’ll get them on just show me who you need to be put in jail. And that’s and that was something they did they were proud of that that they could do that they could just do these kinds of things. And that seems to be I mean, that’s what the that’s what the RCMP have devolved into in this country. They’re basically political thugs for the for the state they they’re there to protect the government and you know, whether it’s trampling you by a horse or arresting you for nonsense, they’ll get it done. They always get there man, don’t they, the Mounties. So, I was also arrested for protesting a – the chief medical officer in Nova Scotia. I got arrested for that with my girlfriend, Morgan. There was a dozen other people involved. None of them were arrested. It was just us because well, they’re trying to send a message and a chill effect throughout the community that will this is what will do to you if you don’t be quiet, the police observed the protests for days, they didn’t feel anything illegal was going on. But then someone changed their mind days after the fact. And, you know, we were arrested trying to get to medical attention from my broken finger at a hospital.

Will Dove 10:17
Okay, so now hang on a second, I want to make this very clear. So you’re at this demonstration with a group of other people and your girlfriend for about four days. Police are there the whole time, nothing happens. And then days later, you get arrested for your involvement in that demonstration. Correct?

The Raging Dissident 10:35
Right. And then we’re held for four days. And first, they didn’t want to consent to our bail release. We have no criminal records neither of us had ever, you know, been arrested, really. I had, you know, previous thing with the guns and stuff. But this so again, this is still this is my first you know, career criminal. You know, this is the second time now, I guess. So, you know, I fortunately, I had a good lawyer, who understands the Canadian Charter of Rights and Bill of Rights. And normally, a lot of people go through these systems, they don’t have any lawyer, let alone a good one. Or just don’t care, you know, because it’s very, very expensive and time consuming and difficult to fight things. So it’s a lot easier to just make deals and you know, plead guilty in this kind of thing and accept whatever conditions they put on you. That’s what I saw a lot of that happening. They wanted me and Morgan to be separated, have no contact with each other to be barred from all devices that have access to the internet phones, computers, laptops, tablets, all of that kind of stuff. house arrest, ankle bracelets, the whole nine yards for something as crazy as standing in the street, you know, holding a sign. I thought that was pretty, pretty insane, but the lawyer was able to get that shut down. And the conditions were still I’m still to this day, I’m not allowed to protest an elected official by name, meaning I can’t say a critical statement, even on a podcast on the internet by name I can’t use I can’t say the Prime Minister’s name is a bad Prime Minister. He’s doing a terrible job. That would be a bail condition breach of mine.

Will Dove 11:58
Okay, wait a minute. So clarify this. You have not yet at this point in time been convicted of a crime?

The Raging Dissident 12:04
That’s correct.

Will Dove 12:05
But they’re taking away your freedom of speech.

The Raging Dissident 12:07

Will Dove 12:08
Saying you can’t say anything about anybody specific.

The Raging Dissident 12:12
Yep. In power.

Will Dove 12:14
And what have they threatened to do to you, if you do?

The Raging Dissident 12:16
I’ll go back to jail. I’ll be I’ll be in violation of my bail conditions. And I’ll be held in jail until trial, which would be next year, sometime you do a year or two in jail. If you get arrested and you get denied bail, you’re waiting for trial, you’re gonna be there for two years in this country at least. Maybe longer. Because that’s, that’s how slow it is.

Will Dove 12:31
So that’s, that’s gonna be a challenge doing The Raging Dissident. And you certainly got I can’t say that. I can’t say that.

The Raging Dissident 12:39
I laughed because I thought it was like they don’t know me at all. They don’t they don’t follow. Like they claim they do when you go to court and stuff like Oh, Your Honour, I’ve seen 1,000s of hours of this guy and he’s reprehensible, Your Honor. And I’m like, well, then you should know that I’m very creative with my caricatures, okay, you know, pet names and characters. It’s very easy for me. So the other night I was going on about, you know, the mass, you know, forced vaccinations and all this kind of stuff. And but YouTube will ban you for that, so as to start calling it McNuggets. I said, basically, imagine if a corporation had infiltrated your government and managed to make it so everyone must buy McNuggets every Friday, and that’s the law and you’d have to do it or else you can just call it McNuggets. I’ll just call them, I’ve names for them. I have Butterball who’s, who’s the Premier of Ontario, I’ve got Mental Marco who is, you know, it’s just it’s easy. You just give them nicknames. That’s not their name, you know, just give them a you know, who does he mean? Well, it depends. It’s a nickname. It’s a pet name. So there’s way around this.

Will Dove 13:33
It’s well done, Jeremy. I mean, I’m an Albertan. But you say butterball and even I know who you’re talking about.

The Raging Dissident 13:37
Right? Yeah, if you do it the right way, people will, you don’t need to say their names. People will know who you mean. And, you know, there’s other ones but and, you know, Fishman I’ve got all kinds of people that follow the podcast know who I mean, but you know, it’s just crazy that like we’re gonna strip you of the right to criticize political figures and authority figures in this country, because we don’t like what you’re saying. And so because you were protesting we don’t like that, we’re charging you with criminal harassment is what I was charged with for that. Which can be you know, and they’re proceeding by indictment. So they’re looking for, you know, a 10 year jail sentence for that. So yeah, don’t criticize politicians or elected officials by name, which is, which was like a nice little I was I was like, what does it mean “protest”? You know, because most people will assume protest. Well, I’ll go out in the street and protest. No, no, no, I was like, give me the give me the legal the Black’s Law definition of protest. It means make any critical statement or phrase, you know, so it’s like, they tried to set that up for me to trip over I think. Anyway, that was in March, and then the summertime comes around. And then there’s and then there’s more, of course, and I can’t really get into those ones as much because of, you know, court orders and gag orders and publication bans and all this other kind of stuff. But I wasn’t aware of any of this. I wasn’t aware there was any problem or anything going on. I didn’t know there was charges or an arrest warrant or anything. The only reason I knew that any of this happened was because it appeared in an IPolitics.ca article some obscure, you know, magazine, whatever it is, this guy’s asking me for comments on this story. And I’m like, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. And then, you know, comes out in the news. That’s how I find out about it, that it’s, you know, been out there for a while. And then, you know, I’m trying to deal with that and find a lawyer to, you know, handle the situation and negotiate what what’s going to happen next with the, with the crown, a really good friend of mine, unfortunately, passed away. He took his own life shortly after that. So I was pretty, you know, dealing with that at the time. And then, probably two weeks after this hit the news two and a half weeks later, they just came in on a Canada wide national arrest warrant like you would for like Paul Bernardo or a mass murderer. Again, I have no criminal record at all. And the charges are like, common assault is the worst one. So for the record, that’d be the same. If I came over and knocked your hat off your head, you could charge me with common assault, that’s essentially, if I poked you in the chest or spit on your shoes.

Will Dove 15:54
In Canada, folks, by the way, for those who don’t know, if you touch someone else without their permission, that is technically assault.

The Raging Dissident 16:02
Right? So that’s, that’s what I’m being charged with. So they – so for that, they came and arrested me on a Canada wide warrant, put me in jail in Halifax, for I was there for six days on a remand warrant, so that the RCMP in Saskatchewan could take their own private plane, fly it to Halifax and pick me up and fly me all the way back to Saskatchewan, to face charges there. And then I stayed there and I was denied bail again, with no criminal record. I would love to tell you about what went on in that courtroom. But there’s a publication ban at the request of the State, not me. I asked there not to be I wanted people to see what was going on. And they said no, no, this is protecting your right to a fair trial, you see, so we can’t talk about any of the shenanigans going on. And I was held there for 69 days, I think until I had an I had to get another lawyer to bust me out of there to get that under control. So I have that that trial is next year, next January, and I’m on all kinds of conditions for that I can’t go outside. But you know, as I mentioned, I’m on house arrest and all this kind of stuff. And they let you go to jail and they just go Alright, good luck. You know, there’s no, they didn’t fly me home, I had to do all this myself. They open the door and the guard says “see ya later” closed the door behind me, it was December in Saskatchewan. And I’m like, Well, okay, I guess I gotta make some calls and try to Hey, can you drive me to the airport? I guess? You know, it was it was ridiculous. So —

Will Dove 17:21
— okay, so can I just want to sum up the amount of time in jail, because if I’m doing my math right here, and listening, it’s at 69 days, six days, four days. So you know —

The Raging Dissident 17:30
— 69 days counts the other six. So I mean, so I was arrested September 28, I think in Halifax, or, and then it was like around December 31st, or December 1 or November 30, or something like that when I was fine.

Will Dove 17:43
Okay, so but the point is here, we’re by between that and the previous imprisonment of four days, you have now spent almost two and a half months in prison in this country, and you have not committed a crime. Basically, they’re imprisoning you for practicing freedom of speech.

The Raging Dissident 17:57
I’ve never I haven’t been convicted of anything, nothing has been taken even trial or challenged in court yet. It’s just accusations. And they’re all – I’m fighting all of them. I’m pleading not guilty to every single charge, and I’m fighting every single charge, because I think they’re all insane. And I’m pretty confident that we’re going to win. And so as my lawyer, so I’m not concerned about you know, people keep saying, What are you crazy to keep? What are you doing, you’re gonna, like I didn’t do like, I know what I did. I know what I haven’t done, I know what the situation is. I know, like, I I’m feel fine. You know, if they want to keep doing this and keep locking me up, and it’s just going to long term, it’s just going to make it look more and more like this, these are gonna get kicked out and defeated. And like, how embarrassing is that going to be down the road, you know? You’re like, oh, yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of I keep saying there’s, there’s not gonna be enough crows left in this country to feed all the people that need to be eating crow when this is all said and done. Because I don’t, I don’t think they’re gonna be happy with the way this turns out. They’re gonna say, I don’t know what, you know, the things they’ll say oh he probably made a deal with the government. You know, they’re already saying that this kind of how was he allowed out here? How am I allowed out, I spent $180,000 on legal fees already. And, you know, with some pretty good lawyers, and that’s how I’m “allowed out”. Most people don’t, aren’t able to pull that off, you know. Fortunately for me, I have, you know, the tremendous support of my community and supporters that, you know, had my back and took care of me, which was incredible. They covered a lot – over half of my, you know, legal fees. So, I mean, without that I’d be ruined. And, you know, fortunately I’m on I’m on a military pension again, and I – you know, I’m self you know, I take care of myself, I don’t have a boss, I don’t have a regular day job otherwise I would have lost that you’re in jail for two and a half months. You’ve got mortgage payments, you don’t pay that you’re not you’re not working, not getting paid, you lose your house like this would destroy most people’s lives. Just go to jail for a couple of months, like your bills don’t stop, nothing stops. And you go and your credit rating gets – my credit rating is horrible. Now I had like an 870 credit rating forever, nearly like a perfect credit rating. Now it’s like 600 because they’re like, Oh, you’re going to jail so we don’t – so that’s toast. I’ve been debanked from every bank in Canada. Every financial institution I’ve that I’ve called and tried to. Nope, none of them want to deal with me at all. I was a Scotiabank customer for 28 years, I think around that time, and they just called me out of the blue on a Friday, this past Friday. So not yesterday, we could go the video that’s been going around people probably seen. He called me and said, offered I say, first of all, the guy on the phone, it’s a, it’s a white guy calling from the bank. And that’s how I knew it was serious. Because, you know, often when the bank calls if somebody from Bangladesh or Pakistan trying to sell me a credit limit increase or some kind of card, you know, that’s not the case. Hi, this is Graham from the bank. And I was like, Okay, this hang on, I know this is going to be bad. Just wait right there. I went down came here to set it up and hold my phone up like Alright, go ahead, say what you’re gonna say and, and that’s that. And there was no explanation given, they sent me the letters in the mail they sent me, you know, that he said, will have the explanation. There wasn’t one it just says this is terminated, that’s terminated, so long. And this still this is gone, and blah, blah, blah. And we recommend you find alternative arrangements as quickly as possible. Okay, thanks. Bye. Signed by no one, and with no appeal, no process, nothing. And there’s they don’t have to give you a reason. And that’s that, that’s the that’s Canada now. That’s what we’re doing. And I’ve said, I’ve called probably seven or eight other institutions. And they’re all saying, our risk department has determined that blah, blah, blah. We’re not we’re not having anything to do with you. So the credit unions too. I suspect that’s probably the —

Will Dove 21:08
I want to weigh in on that, because I’ve done a little research on this myself and discovered that one of the reasons why a bank can legally deny you service in this country is if you are suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. — so, let’s talk about Diagolon, because every time I see the media talking about this, I just I just bust out laughing. It’s incredible, Jeremy, you started this isn’t a meme. It’s, it’s a joke. And they’re taking it seriously.

The Raging Dissident 21:37
So it was a troll. Like, it’s a complicated thing. And they want to just say, Well, what is it tell me what it is? Like? It’s not that simple. It’s actually very kind of high concept autism or something. I don’t know. The original. It’s a gag. So the short version is it’s what is it? It’s my audience. It’s my it’s my following. That’s, you know, like, you would you know, like the KISS army. If I was, you know, like, you know, Paul Stanley, KISS, the rock band. Oh, it’s the KISS army. He’s referring to his fans, you know, me and Derek used to, we’ve saved the Plaid Army. Those are our followers in the world, you know that because you know, we’re always wearing plaid shirts. “Oh, it’s a terrorism cell!!!” No, that’s crazy. That’s, that’s the simplest version of it. It’s the community. It’s this fantasy pretend nonsense world that I live in three times a week on the internet for entertainment purposes. And, and that kind of stuff. Now, when I started to tell, and, you know, the, the lore of it is the line means, you know, Florida, Alaska. You know, at the time, when I came up with this, it was like, we should just have an alternate country because all of these other states want to do the lockdowns and mandates and blah, blah, blah, between Alaska and Florida. All these places weren’t doing it Saskatchewan —

Will Dove 22:41
— well, I think we’re going to do Jeremy, if it’s okay with you is right here, we’re going to insert the clip that you’ve got on your website.

The Raging Dissident 22:48
Yeah, sure.

Will Dove 22:49
If I, if I can do that with your permission. And we’ll go to the part where it talks about what Diagolon is, and we’ll put in all of those clips that you’ve got together from the news talking about this.

The Raging Dissident 22:58

Will Dove 22:59
And this is a frame of reference. Now for people who haven’t seen it.

The Raging Dissident 23:03
Storytime, I got a story for you. It’s true story.

MEDIA 23:05
The federal government is invoked, the emergencies act diag along a diagonal, diagonal diagonal diagolon a far right extremist group, we’re talking about a group that is organized driven by an extreme ideology, a so called accelerationist group run by a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, which aims to accelerate racial conflict to lead to the eventual creation of a white ethno state its stated purpose is quote to incite a race war.

The Raging Dissident 23:15
are talking about a meme? justify a state of emergency? They’re super country. Do we predict this on one of the old fucking screams? Remember diagonal country all the way to the left and Alaska? Dude, you know, here it is. All the way from Florida. All the way up super diagonal country to Justin Trudeau regime declared war on a pretend country that doesn’t exist.

MEDIA 24:08
The federal government is invoked the emergencies out. How much vitriol do we have to see of Honk Honk which is an acronym for Hail Hitler

The Raging Dissident 24:28
So yeah, so that was that’s the genesis of it. That was you know, just kind of a gag and then I thought, well, it needs a flag. So I made a flag on the toilet like the next day or the day after I was like, with a little flag that’s my finger. My dad likes the dad joke. He’s like, they could say your fingerprints are all over it. It’s my it’s my finger. I’m like this a couple times. It’s not a it’s like not even a straight perfect line Like some of these fed, you know, groups are trying to be like oh, there’s Diagolon flags, like, those aren’t ours, mine is not – they just they’re too lazy to even look at it properly it’s like a jagged line I screwed up because it’s just my finger doing this. So it was like a branding thing as a way to like tie the community together to you know, for identification. You know, you can like buy these and patches and stuff and you wear them around and Oh, you like this to like Oh, I’m also a Star Trek fan or whatever it is. I also like the Oakland Raiders or the Toronto Maple it’s that’s the purpose of it. Right? And I was also encouraging people to you know, find your friends I call it the Find Your Friends campaign. After we had a gathering in Saskatchewan in 2020 Honestly, 2020 sometime maybe the summer I think of 2020 and the podcast had gotten fairly popular by Canadian terms anyway, I think I was top 20 in the country actually for for a little while. And people came from all over the country they came from British Columbia, Ontario is as far as I know some from all over the place and there’s about 50 of them there they brought – some of them brought like camper trailers and stuff all pretty much all strangers until then, but they all had you know known each other online you know, through this and everyone was so happy they had such a great time. They’re you know, they’re having drinks together playing guitars and you know, having you know, there’s a fire and guys are barbecuing food and everybody’s just hugging in having a good time. And it was just as the opposite of everything that had been done in the last – up till then, isolate yourself, stay home, stay safe, don’t see your own family, you know, do the doing the opposite of all of those things. And I could tell how needed this was and so they said how much that meant to them and how good they felt and how happy they are just the smiles on their faces was like we need we need more of this so people need to start doing this. And then the lovely folks you know the communist goblins at the Canadian anti hate network started you know suggesting like we think he’s probably what he’s really doing is setting up militia cells that’s what’s going on here they’re setting up a network of far right you know, white nationalist terrorists and blah blah blah. So I was like well let’s let’s play that game for a little while. That’s funny That’s hilarious. So let what we’re going to do is troll the anti-hate network because they’re stupid. And we want them to, you know, spin and go about this as much as possible we’re gonna give them just enough to do this and then the news will pick it up too probably that was the goal and then to look at it and then go wait a minute, you know and send the police it’ll be like, Oh, this is just a bunch of idiots having, you know, taking the piss out of ya. You know that was and then we could go ‘ha ha, you’re stupid. You were always stupid’. That was the plan. That was what was supposed to happen so people see there’s a photo out there of me with a I got a bunch of these skull masks. That’s very popular. Oh, the scary terrorists you know they have given a bunch of those out and some guys had their shotguns and stuff. It’s rural Saskatchewan, you know, so they come out and I had the flag to the right of me is about 40 people it’s one of these you know, get togethers kids are playing on their bicycles, they’re blowing bubbles and people are and we’re off to the right like doing this. It was a staged photo of like this the Diagolon —

Will Dove 27:32
— I’ve seen the photo. I’ve seen it —

The Raging Dissident 27:33
Right so I uploaded that photo to my Instagram with the redacted over the eyes. Like I did all of that because I thought it was funny. And I thought like watch the Canadian Anti Hate Network. Well, they won’t be able to resist but like this, just the optics are too good. And they did and they ran with it. And then what happened next is something that I, you know, even in my own cynical brain I couldn’t, I couldn’t believe is that they believe that people believe them! The police believed them and this is the investigation all started like, ‘well, it’s probably militia’, it’s probably all thing. And CSIS is interviewing people all over the country and the police are chasing everybody around all over the country and banging down doors and trying to try and craziness. And the articles keep piling up and piling up. And then Ottawa happens and then it gets really crazy. So the government’s desperate for excuses. They’re looking for reasons to these people are bad they have to be otherwise I’m politically screwed. You’ve got 50,000 people outside there, you know, there’s we’re making up nonsense. Like all there. I saw a Nazi flag somewhere. So? There’s like 100,000 people outside you. They’re all they’re Nazis, because you saw one guy with a flag, who you probably planted there. You know, the stuff like this, or there’s arsonists, and there’s rapists. None of that happened. It was all debunked, but what wasn’t debunked and has never been addressed by mainstream media because they’re all complicit. The police are complicit, the mainstream, nobody did their job, they just lazily copy pasted. And these are the people guarding the walls of this country keeping supposed to be keeping our friends and family and children safe at night. They can’t tell the difference between you know, this is the vice president of Diagolon This is a time traveling goat figurine named Philip. He’s quite evil, he does all kinds of things. He’s the vice. He’s the Emperor really, like I’m just the face. He’s the real emperor of Diagolon. They don’t know the difference between that and al Qaeda. That’s, that’s frightening. So these reports go, they get pushed up. And then there’s all the arrests so the police was, the media angle that lands on the desk of you know, these politicians like this is perfect. This is perfect. So tell them this. And people will think I’m lying but you know, the clips, it was in the House of Commons. It was in the Senate, the Red Chamber, the Senate of this country was discussing my, you know, pretend – as if it was real, and they knew all about it. Their stated purpose is to incite a race war and said, I don’t know where that what’s stated purpose. I’ve never said that. That’s not stated anywhere. They’re just making things up. So they, they take this, you know, white supremacist terrorist militia angle to bail them out of hot water and convince and say, Well, this is we’re reasonably sure this is true. This is the excuse we’re going to use law and then the Emergencies Act is declared shortly after that. So if I’m not the primary foundation and motivation for the whole thing, I don’t know what is. No one can tell me and no one will talk about it. When I was in jail. In October, I was informed five days before it happened. I’m in solitary confinement, by the way, because I wouldn’t take a COVID test so they’ve just locked me in which is illegal now in Canada and I was in there for days just No, no television, nothing just locked in a quiet cell staring out the window for five days. You’re not even allowed out to use a bathroom. I didn’t have a toilet in there. It was just, yeah, just stare at the wall for five days. So we make sure you know you’re not you don’t have the Rona. You know,

Will Dove 30:31
wait a minute, they lock you in a cell without a toilet?

The Raging Dissident 30:34
Yes — you have to buzz them and ask permission to go to the bathroom which they may or may not allow you to do? And only one person in the entire cellblock is allowed out at a time. So it’s like, you might have to wait.

Will Dove 30:47
No, no. Okay, wait a minute. Was there a sink?

The Raging Dissident 30:50
No, no.

Will Dove 30:51
So there’s no there’s no water?

The Raging Dissident 30:53
I was allowed out. No. Yeah, right. I was allowed out twice a day for 15 minutes at a time to wash myself, take a shower, make phone calls, whatever you had to do, and then you’re back in 15 minutes twice a day, so half an hour a day. So I’m locked up 23 hours a day 23 and a half hours a day for five days and they did that to me twice. So I spent – and in Halifax as well, I did that whole six days, but at least at a toilet and sink, and that cell but I did probably 14 days in solitary confinement or something like that, and total 14 or 15 days.

Will Dove 31:19
So I have to ask what was going through your head, while you’re sitting there in solitary confinement. And you haven’t committed any crimes. I mean, you know why you’re there.

The Raging Dissident 31:30
Yeah, yeah, I was passing the time with, you know, my imagination. You know, I’m writing comedy sketches in my head, I’m doing all kinds of things just to try and you know, pass the time and wondering what’s for lunch. And I, you know, I developed strategies in the military in, you know, some rough times and special forces units and stuff I worked in, and where it’s like, you just go from meal to meal, just make it to lunchtime. So these kinds of like, time killing stuff to get through difficult periods. I’ve already had this installed in my, my software in my head. So yeah, it was not a I wouldn’t recommend it. You know, I was more prepared for that than most people I would imagine. If you’re like some guy that works at a, you know, a staples, and you get in a car accident, or, you know, a DUI or something, and you get thrown in one of these places, man, it’s, you’re gonna want to prep yourself somehow, you know, for that, but, but probably you won’t, but you probably won’t have to, because normal people, you know, when they don’t have criminal records, they don’t get denied bail. Typically, normally, I forget where I was, I was talking with the Diagolon stuff. Where it was, I remember it was up the up to the so the government declared the emergency act and so on. Based upon this that I talked about.

Will Dove 32:37
I got so distracted by the fact they put you in a cell with no yeah. No toilet or sink that I lost it too. Yeah, we were talking about the diagonal and stuff. We were talking about the diagonal and stuff. Yeah. And I know, I know, right. I remember. So. Yeah. And I have questions as well. But you go ahead.

The Raging Dissident 32:55
Yeah. So so I’m in the cell in October. And, you know, my lawyer calls and he says, yeah, so yeah, you have to testify on Friday at the emergency act inquiry. And I said, Oh, how’s that gonna work? It’s like well, they’re gonna do it remotely by video. I’m like all disheveled you know, in a cell. And I knew it’s like they’re gonna want they want this. This is what they want. And the whole week up to the media is going crazy about it. All of my detractors, all these Antifa goblin people are all ‘…you just wait and see on Friday, all we got them now we got the Diagolon terror leader’ is all it was in the newspapers, on CTV and the running it on the jail 24/7 on the on the so everybody in this jail knows who I knew who I was, which wasn’t great. I had one guy tried to, you know, I almost got stabbed at one point. He tried, I had to fight my way out of that. I got attacked twice. I had two, you know, jumping or whatever. So, so that’s what we’re waiting.

Will Dove 33:45
I am going to stop you on that because when I interviewed Pastor Pawlowski you know, he’s had similar experiences too, you.

The Raging Dissident 33:53
I imagine.

Will Dove 33:54
He says that he’s got statements from people he was in prison with, that they were offered money to kill him.

The Raging Dissident 34:03
Wow. Yeah, that wouldn’t be surprising.

Will Dove 34:05
So do you think that just maybe these were not random attacks?

The Raging Dissident 34:12
I would, that’s a possibility. But I don’t think that’s the case. Because like, where I was, especially in Saskatchewan, it’s the inmate population is like 97%, Native, First Nations, and a lot of them are gang members, a lot of them… right? And on the clock, around the clock, you know, on the television, in the newspapers, and it also reads, everybody reads the newspapers all the time. And it’s on the news, they watch the news every night. And there’s my face, you know, three times a week, you know, infamous white supremacist, neo Nazi, terrorist —

Will Dove 34:38
— right, there’s there’s the connection, right? So they stick – they set this propaganda, telling everybody that you’re a white supremacist.

The Raging Dissident 34:44
Yeah. And I think they wouldn’t have minded if that happened. I think they they’ve probably figured the probability of something like that happening to me was fairly high and no one was concerned. You know, it was like, well, it’s we’re not going to stop and so they didn’t I wasn’t in protective custody or anything like that. They just, you know, through the through me and like gang range actually, I found out later, the first range I went on for like, Yeah, this is where you’re going is the worst place in the whole jail. Like it was the absolutely not, you don’t wanna go there. Because when I, when I refused the COVID test, they put me back in an isolated solitary again the second time. So I had to do this all over again because I was like, I’m not letting you jam this thing at my nose. And then they’re like, alright, so do you want to where do you want to go? I was like, I’ll just go back to where I was. And they were like you, you don’t want to go over there. They are all animals in there. That’s great. That’s the gang range. What are you out of your mind? And I’m like, I 0 it seems fine to me, I guess or whatever. So that’s, that’s where I was. So there’s all week, they’re anticipating this, it’s coming up. And you know, I’m talking to my lawyer. And he’s like, you know, asking about, he’s trying to these going over, like the things they’re gonna ask about this kind of stuff. And I’m like, Well, what, fine, I’m ready for it. And I know, they want me to look like this disheveled, beaten, you know, they’re gonna make a big circus out of this. So I was like, no, no, I call Morgan. I’m like, Purolator one of my suits out here right now, like stop whatever you’re doing and send it out here right now. So put a poppy in there, too. I’m gonna wear that on. And I wouldn’t shave my beard off first. And because I just recently been attacked, and like, this isn’t a tactical advantage to have this on my face. People can shorten it at first, but I shaved it right off. I’m like, I’m gonna go in there like a million bucks. And just beat the shit out of them. Because they don’t have it. It’s a joke. It’s preposterous. I’m just going to be you know, they’re expecting me to ‘ah, rah!!’ I’m in here, like, because that’s what they think I am. They think I’m this maniac and crazy person. And so I’m going to do the exact opposite and set them on their heels right on the onset. They’re gonna go Who the hell is this guy? You know, it was on purpose. And I thought, I think it went well. I’m just gonna sit here and talk rationally and thoughtfully, like, like a normal, you know, like anyone else, because I am a normal person, believe it or not.

Will Dove 36:36
I’m sorry, Jeremy, I find it very amusing that our supposed authorities are trying to play mind games with a guy who spent 14 years in the military service. Sorry, you’re out. You’re out classed. You’re gonna lose. And I noticed that the only connection they were able to make and correct me if I’m wrong on this between you and Coutts was that was a photograph taken of you and one of the guys who was involved there, but you were never there?

The Raging Dissident 36:50
Yeah, yeah, I you know, so we do that. And it goes very, very well. I thought and all of my supporters everybody felt and it was watched by a lot of people. No one in the media covered it. As soon as it was over. Crickets. There was nothing to be said. There was no retractions. No apologies. It was just coming up next. It would just – we just moved on like it never happened. After all week long. hyping up the big terror reveal interrogation, it’s gonna blow the whole thing wide open. You’re gonna, you’re gonna hear about all the Coutts connections and the terrorism. Turns out, there are no connections at all. None. There is, and it was like people were commenting. Like, why is this guy even testifying, he has nothing to do with anything’ like, that is exactly. Well, that’s exactly. No.

Will Dove 37:43
You have nothing to do with it.

The Raging Dissident 37:44
I’ve only ever been to Alberta and Wainwright in my life. And you know, Edmonton and Wainwright The only times I’ve ever been to Alberta, I met one of the guys twice, you know, I’ve met 1,000s of people and taking pictures with probably hundreds of people now. And they are like ‘Oh you in a photo with this guy’. So like, there’s because he’s a supporter. And then like all these there’s these patches we found on them. While they deny having any knowledge of this, they don’t know where these patches came from, or how they ended up on there. You know? So that’s a whole other bag of questions for the cops and they don’t like to ask questions. They just like to bury things and put people away. So that’s – who knows, you’ll have to figure that out. And we’ll see what comes out. But there it yeah, there is no connections at all. And, you know, they go through that and I was asked I was sitting there ready to answer questions that you know this this Paul Champ lawyer who was coming at me pretty hard the day prior, I was ready for him. He had nothing to say. He was like, Nah, no questions. Alberta government, no questions, police no questions. So you have not really I mean, sitting here under oath in front of the entire country on national. I mean, it wasn’t on TV but this is being broadcast. I don’t know how many people were watching it live across all the different broadcasts, and everyone was doing. Danny Bulford came on right after I did. And they had nothing to say about any of that. It was a complete train wreck for them, you know, I thought you know, so I came out of it looking pretty good. I thought because it’s it, that’s the truth. And you know, we they don’t they don’t want to acknowledge any of that. So I you know, eventually I end up getting released and I come home and I’m here and I like to take a few days off, you know, four or five days and I go right back to doing what I what I was doing before which is this and using my voice to, you know, to try to dismantle these people as much as I can or at least humiliate them or chip away at their authority. So at least you know, people aren’t as afraid to stand up for themselves but when they realize these people aren’t worth being afraid of. They’re a joke, you know, and then I get debanked on you know, like I said on Friday that’s the I was surprised – I’m not surprised – I mean, I’m surprised it took this long. I thought it would have happened much earlier after Ottawa or perhaps you know, but that I think this is I don’t think they liked the amount of support I was getting. The amount of I’m not supposed to be able to pay for all of these charges and all these legal like how you know, I have this you know, amazing communities of support and you know, Viva Frei set up another another one of these fundraisers for me. I never asked for any of those – people just do it and I’m not gonna I’m not going to say no to help from all these people. I mean, you know, pride, you know that prideful, you know? So they’ll maybe that maybe that’s the cause I don’t know what shut his bank account down and I can’t bank with anyone in Canada. No, no, no, the major banks, credit unions, even some online banks that don’t even have physical locations. They’re like, do all the applications and it comes back ‘actually sorry, unfortunately…’ you know, so that’s maybe that’s the plan. Now you can’t use a bank account is gonna be hard to pay your lawyer now. So fortunately, I paid him he’s pretty much paid off at this point. Anyway. But one, that’s where I am today,

Will Dove 40:34
Well, obviously, this is going to cause a problem with paying your mortgage, paying your bills.

The Raging Dissident 40:38
Buying groceries, paying for my house pay. Yeah, it’s going to be I guess, you know, I don’t know Veterans Affairs gonna have to deliver my pension, like some guy is going to come on horseback with a lantern at night and throw me a bag of gold coins. I don’t know how this is gonna work out. I don’t know. But I’ll have to I have 24 days now to figure it out.

Will Dove 40:54
Well, okay. Jeremy, I want to ask a question that you may not be able to answer, but I’m going to try to be clever with the way I ask the question, and hopefully you can give a response. So one of the charges that was leveled against you was possession of unregistered weapons. Now, you probably can’t talk directly about that, but —

The Raging Dissident 41:13
— not guilty.

Will Dove 41:14
Great. But here’s the question I’m going to ask: You spent, as you said, 14 years in military service. Now I myself have never served in the military. It’s not that I wouldn’t have wanted to, I have very poor eyesight. I strongly —

The Raging Dissident 41:26
— I don’t recommend it —

Will Dove 41:27
I would strongly doubt they would have taken me but anyways, I have to imagine that it’s pretty common among people who have served overseas, that they own some weapons, and have them in their house. I mean, this is this is, you know, in no way does this mean you’re some sort of terrorist planning to shoot people —

The Raging Dissident 41:43
— it’s part of your life and you know, people like ‘Well, he had, they seized body armor from his house’, why don’t you have I’ve had that from work for 15 years, I had I was also looking into doing a contracting career after because there’s very little you can do like, I came very close to doing it out of reluctance, out of depression. And fortunately, like almost like an almost like it came from God or something. That week, I started I actually started to make money on the on my podcast was the first time ever, I’d never made money, I might, you know, 200 bucks a month or something like nothing, that’s gonna be you know, and I’m like, I have bills to pay. I’ve got I’ve got my house in Nova Scotia with my kids and my and their mom, and I’m paying for their vehicle like everything. And I’ve been living out of my car for two years, essentially couch surfing. And we live in out of a backpack, and I kind of still in that situation. So I was like, I can’t live like this. This is not, you know, and so what do you do? A friend of mine has a contracting company. He’s another ex military guy, and they take a lot of x, you know, special forces, guys, guys with combat experience, anybody, anybody that’s got a fairly decent level of training. And it’s, it’s a mercenary company, it’s what it is you get hired by like, oh, the Congolese government was one of the offers, and you can go there, and they’ll pay you to train their guys protect their important people. And it’s a highly sought after thing. I mean, that’s my skill set. That’s my trade. If I was a very well regarded electrician, I’d be doing great or a tattoo artists or whatever it is, like this is a this is a skill set that is in demand that people will pay for, you know, armed protection. So who do you want to? If you were going to do that? It’s like, who would you hire? If you had unlimited money to hire whoever you want? You want to hire some random Congolese guys, or do you want to hire Navy SEALs? Well, you know, I know who I would hire. Right. So bit of a no brainer, please. Yeah. So these companies go to these AraC was another one that had a contract there and an embassy in Iraq, so they could just yeah, just chill out here and make sure nobody kills the ambassador or whoever it was, and it wasn’t even the Canadian Embassy. It was like some anyway. So I had left, you know, all a lot of stuff from work over the years and you know, utility belts and plate carriers and gas masks and all kinds of like, you know, you’ve collect things over the years in a long career in the infantry in Special Forces, units and stuff. And a lot of guys have all kinds of different guns and things like that, because it’s part of the part of their identity. So to do so, it’s not illegal to do any of that to you know, collect these things and use them in you know, whatever way if you want to go hunting or target shooting or whatever, you know, just to see, what’s the problem, you know, but, but because this is a country that likes to stigmatize and attack veterans, you know, unlike the United States doesn’t really do this as much they’re much more highly regard for their veterans in Canada. So I have all kinds of stuff and they took all that from, from me, it’s not illegal to own any of these things. We they took it anyway to make me look bad. I guess, like, why does he have all this stuff??? If you went into a plumber or electrician’s home, ‘Why do you have all these wires and stuff everywhere???’ Well, it is what I do. So I know, you know, it’s not – shouldn’t be that surprising or a mechanic’s house, he’s got a big garage full of tools, what’s he building in there? Like, it’s who he it’s part of, it’s part of who he is, it’s what he does. I was in there for a long time, it’s part of my life. And it’s not uncommon for you know, X, especially in this aren’t like, the pointy end of the stick in the military for guys to have that skill set. It’s a part of your life that you that you’d like to, you know, have and you know, some guys don’t some guys want to get as far away from as they can, but not everyone does. Canada generally hates its veterans. It doesn’t. People don’t like to hear that, but it is true. They don’t They don’t show up when it matters when veterans are getting I mean, there was a woman in a wheelchair who asked for a wheelchair ramp access to her home and the government said Have you thought about killing yourself though?? They offered her maid instead. Was there a riot? Was there a protest? No not really no one no one really cares but you know it’s justice for Floyd though. You know, they’ll do the Facebook flag filter into the virtue signaling of Remembrance Day but outside of that they don’t care they want you to be seen and not heard. And you know recently with Rebel News you might have seen you’ve got people like them over there saying well he was in the military so he’s probably mentally disturbed like that’s their ‘go to’ thing – they just automatically assume Rebel News said that? Yes. Sheila Gunn Reid said that. So…

Will Dove 45:42
I have a problem with that

The Raging Dissident 45:44
I also did. Not so much for me it was like you just you’re contributing to the stigmatization of ‘All veterans are crazy’ too, police regard us as this it says comes up armed and dangerous on that, because I’ve been arrested a couple of times now and you can see it, they think I’m some kind of terrorist and whenever they talk to me, they, you know, okay, stand 10 feet away?

Will Dove 45:59
Just said, you said something ‘armed and dangerous’, but you were arrested twice it with no, I’m assuming at neither of those arrests. Did you have a weapon on you?

The Raging Dissident 46:07
No, no, no, and I’ve never resisted arrest. I just was like, Okay, fine take me to jail. And they tried to play off like they had to hunt me down on this national arrest warrant like we had if we finally caught on, like, I was not hiding. I’ve been live streaming every other day for, like, you know exactly where I am. And when they called me, I called back and I was like, Where do you want me to be arrested at?, like, well come to where you’re at? Like, okay, cool. See in 20 minutes.

Will Dove 46:32
Like, you’re like me, you call a spade a spade. armed and dangerous. It’s an outright lie.

The Raging Dissident 46:40
Well, they did a lot of that. Police do a lot of that. Especially in Canada. So you know, the Canada doesn’t care so much for its veterans and you know, they’re happy to scapegoat people I think that’s going to get increased to get worse because you’ve got vet organizations like Veterans for Freedom I know a lot of those guys and they’re excellent you know, great people but they’re challenging the government. They don’t like what’s going on so they’re being investigated as IMVE’s Ideologically Motivated Violent Extremists. Apparently I am as well, no history of violence, but we’re gonna throw the word violence in there anyway, to scare people and make them understand that these are this is very, very serious. And they’re, they’re a growing organization. So it is a matter of time before the veterans are targeted, and you know, outright and just like listen, they’re just a, you know, they’re the old school bad mentality ewww, gross, toxic. This is the new army that’s inclusive and tolerant and whatever, and they don’t represent you know, they are – the old way has to be purged, the tearing everything down. That’s all if you haven’t noticed, statues, broadcasters, anything that has any kind of attachment to the actual Canadian culture and who we are, is being erased systematically on purpose,

Will Dove 47:40
Now, let’s talk about the military? Because yes, you’re right. I the last statistic I read on this is somebody’s got something like 2,500 veterans in Canada who are homeless. You know, as you said, but they’ve got when they call for support, one of the things that they said to them was well, you know, MAID is a possibility.

The Raging Dissident 47:59

Will Dove 48:00
And within March, it’s likely to become law in this country that you can request MAID just because you’re depressed.

The Raging Dissident 48:07
March 17. Yes.

Will Dove 48:09
Yes. So, Jeremy, you’ve got all this experience in the military? What’s going on? Why, why suddenly, does our government hate the very people who put their lives on the line for people’s freedoms?

The Raging Dissident 48:23
I think because well, they’re following an agenda, the state is fallowing. Because that’s not the last stop as far as part of the power structure is concerned, people think, Oh, we just gotta get the LIBS out, get this guy out and get this. You’re just you’re just changing branch managers, you know, you’re not, it goes higher than that. Our government is beholden to corporate interests. And as you’ve seen with the Project Veritas videos, I’ve known this for a while, you know, instinctively and I’ve seen enough to be fairly confident that that’s the case. Here’s another example outright, you know, this guy’s three people down underneath Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, and he’s, you know, openly saying, Yeah, it’s a revolving door of bureaucracy, you can be government officials and regulators, they come in here, they work for us, our people go work for them. And it’s just a whole great big happy family. So our power mechanisms that are supposed to be representative of the people, you know, people we elect to speak for, I’m going to elect you, Will. I’m gonna have you speak for me on my behalf because I trust you, I think I like, you know, what you have to say. And if something comes up that, you know, we should you’ll handle it. You know, that’s, that’s how I select you to represent my interests. At the federal level, that’s how it’s supposed to work. That’s not how it works. That you be, here’s people, you can pretend to choose and feel like you’re making a difference. They’re going to come here. And then they’re going to support their party leaders and the powerful people in those parties. And then they’re going to go over to places like Davos and they’re going to get instructions on how things are going to be done. You know, the green new agenda and all of this kind of stuff and sustainable 15 minutes cities and lowering the carbon footprint and getting rid of private firearm ownership and all these UN Sustainable Development Goals that they love so much. Then they come back here and say, This is what we’re doing. What? You didn’t ask, you should – we didn’t vote on any of this, you know, so it’s a pyramid scheme. If it goes up, our elected people are not at the top of the pyramid by any stretch of the imagination. So I forget what the initial question was. Now I’ve kind of …

Will Dove 50:08
— the question was and you touched on it briefly when you talked about the fact that our country it’s not run by The Canadian Government is it, we’re controlled by a foreign power. And that foreign power is the globalists, and who are the globalists, their wealthy business owners —

The Raging Dissident 50:23
— plutocrats.

Will Dove 50:23
Yeah, right, exactly. So I’m being I’m being a little disingenuous with this question, because I know the answer, but I want to hear from you. Why are those people working to destroy our military?

The Raging Dissident 50:35
Oh, right. That’s what it is against the veterans’ suffering. So this agenda, this, this is a very, so I call them like Neo communists, you can globalist whatever the term is. I don’t really get wrapped up in the deep, it’s pedantic, you know. It’s like ‘actually, this is communism, actually, fascism technically means — ‘ it doesn’t it doesn’t. You’re getting lost in the weeds. There authoritarian tyrants, they’re dictating to you how things are going to happen, you have no input, and it’s just shut up and deal with it or we’ll hurt you. You know, that’s not good. That’s not a free society. That’s not how we you know, so we have generations of men, especially, you know, the military guys that grew up, being, I don’t want to say propagandized — like the hero worship of the World War Two veterans is very strong still, you know, even in present day, as it should be, you know, and these guys, and why well, because they, you know, fought against this global world war against authoritarianism, and, you know, despots and tyrants and this kind of thing. And that’s why they’re heroes. And because we’re a free country, and we value the rights of the individual, the sovereignty of the human body, the Nuremberg Code, and all these kinds of things that was enshrined after the war, to say this kind of shit, we’re not doing that anymore, that’s never gonna happen, right? We fight these people. So you’ve got all these battle honors, you’ve got all the World War Two, you know, D Day and all this kind of stuff that’s in the popular culture, it’s in movies. So these guys have a pretty, you know, very specific, cultural, you know, heart set, I guess you can call it the things they believe, you know, I’m speaking for, you know, many of them, myself included, because it’s, you know, who we are. And now, now that we’re no longer needed, and discarded and thrown away, this new agenda that’s coming in is in complete opposition to those values in those beliefs. You can’t have both you can’t have what these guys believe and this global state. It just doesn’t jive because they what they’re wanting to do, and what you believe in, they don’t, they don’t mix. So now you’re the enemy. Okay, so now these guys have to be starting – they invented terms in ideologically motivated, violent extremists IMVE’s, it’s the new one that I talked about a year ago, before it even came out, I was seeing these manuals, and these think tanks, and these groups come up with these brilliant ideas to, to label people. And first you have to create a label, you have to have something to call them. You know, so it works in the mind of the robot walking around to be afraid of it. So that’s what they’ve come up with. And that’s how they’re going to proceed and they’re gonna they’re doing in the United States as well. Probably in Australia and England, I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyone that’s you know, have that mindset is uh, you know, that’s their ideology I was investigated for my ideology as early as at least 2021 by the Ontario police I don’t even live there you know, I don’t know what the hell they’re doing. So yeah, that’s it like what we believe and what we hold dear and important and righteous is the complete opposite of what people like Schwab want and Albert Bourla wants and George Soros want and Bill Gates want, like, they’re not interested in that, they’re interested in profits. And you can’t have you can’t have individuals are no good, you know, you can’t have a country going rogue and making its own decisions. And it can do that if it has a strong middle class if the average person doesn’t really need the state if it can kind of sell like I we can live our lives free of fear and intimidation. We can think for ourselves and make our own decisions. So that needs to be eradicated. That’s one of the you know, the goals if you read you know, the Communist Manifesto and these kinds of – eradicating the middle class is important so increase the pressure lowering the standard of living making everything expensive, impossible to afford, everyone’s going to be poor. They’re gonna have all the money there’s gonna be two classes them very small group of very rich, powerful people and everybody else who was just eat your cricket sandwich, that’s the best you’re gonna hope for. That’s what they’re doing. That’s what they’re changing.

Will Dove 54:07
You’re absolutely right on that because prices of everything are gonna go up except for one thing. Real Estate. That’s gonna crash. Why? Because that’s where the middle class holds their wealth. Yeah, they need to they need to take the middle class out.

The Raging Dissident 54:19

Will Dove 54:19
So that’s so that’s, it’s not an accident, folks. This is being done very intentionally.

The Raging Dissident 54:24
And you can tell when the this just the spending, it’s like, are you if you were trying to go broke, I put up a screen somebody sent me last night, the current prime minister has spent more money than all previous Prime Ministers combined in the history of the country. If you were trying to go broke, I mean, you they couldn’t do a better job. They’re just struggling. I mean, it’s completely insane. They’re doing it on purpose. It’s like destroy this is one of the things, you have to devalue the currency and you have to try to bring everybody under one net under one roof which is theirs. And, you know, being a nationalist as most veterans are, you know, the flag is very important to us in this country, you know, our, you know, sustain our, our preservation of our home in our society and our culture is what we are for, we signed up to defend it to the death. So when that’s being taken away, we don’t like that. So we’re like, hey, what do you do? And veterans are more likely to do that than anyone. So that what does that make them that makes them opposition and leadership opposition, because that’s a very, that’s a powerful segment of your society, which people would rally around, you know, they would they – people get tears in their eyes. And I still get emotional thinking about it like that we were down in Ottawa in a big group, and we tore that fence down and all that kind of stuff. And there was 1,000s and 1,000s of people, I don’t couldn’t count how many, watched that happen, singing the national anthem with us. And people came up and were hugging and just so thankful to feel like we were there for them to protect them, you know. And it’s just that was what it was all about. That’s all we want, you know, nobody, we don’t want money and recognition, we don’t need parades we don’t need, we just need to know that the people understand what we’re willing to do for them and that they, they support us and they appreciate that we’re willing to die for this, if that’s what it comes down to. And that they don’t have to get in the way like we want to, we want to be those people. We want to be the people that when these state thugs, these jackboots come up to beat the shit out of you know, women and people on the street, just trying to live their lives, we want to get in the way and go, ‘I’ll take care of this, you stand behind me, I’ll deal with this son of a bitch’ You know, that’s what we’re for. That’s what we’re all – that’s always in our hearts. Like, when you talk with this with these guys, they start getting, you know, fired up and feeling things. It’s yeah, you feel that that’s being a human man. That’s what you’re supposed to feel. That’s like an ancient fucking emotion that you’re supposed to have.

Will Dove 55:45
Because those of us who have the ability to stand up to tyrants, and have a responsibility to do so. Because there’s a lot of people who can’t, and so we have to protect them.

The Raging Dissident 55:56
And going back to the War Memorial, I mean, they fenced that off. And it was like, if, who’s if no one opposes this, who’s supposed to” Like, the nurses union? Should all like Plumbing Association, you know, I don’t know the workers at Home Hardware like this? We’re the living representatives of those guys, of all those people that hundreds of 1,000s of deaths, we’ve, you know, sacrificed in this country for this country. They don’t get to talk, they’re dead. They’re not here anymore. So who does? It has to be us. It’s our responsibility. It’s our obligation to defend this and defend their values and defend what they stood for and what they died for. And what was the birthright of Canadians all over the country. That’s, that’s our job. It’s our obligation. It doesn’t end, when you stop serving in the military. This is something this is a for life thing. It’s blood in, blood out, you know what I mean? This is how it is. So we were going to put a stop to it. And you know, the police showed up too it was probably 30 or 40 of them. And they looked around and they’re like, Yeah, everybody’s wearing medals and Berets. And like, I’m not doing this, I’m not having any part of – I’m not having this good. You know, so they’re walking away. And then they left. And you know, it was a great moment, it was one of the best moments in my life. And it was, I’ll never forget that.

Will Dove 57:38
Good. Jeremy, I want to I want to finish up by talking about something that people don’t talk about. But we should be you and I have both had our own experiences with it with both lost friends to it. Depression.

The Raging Dissident 57:51

Will Dove 57:52
And your own story, because I know you’ve been through it. What’s your advice for people because right now there’s this rapid it’s mental illness in our society is just off the scale right now suicide as a result of it. And now we get the government coming along, saying, Oh, hey, you’re depressed, no problem. Well, come down to the doctor’s office, we’ll give you a shot, you’ll die. It’s insane. There’s way better ways to deal with this. So I’d like to know, what are your thoughts for our viewers, especially those who are dealing with depression right now.

The Raging Dissident 58:21
That’s a huge, there’s a lot going on there. And I’ve spent a lot of time talking about this, and thinking about this, and living with this, and friends of mine. And you know, just it’s a big part of the world here. So men, especially there’s a lot more men, men commit suicide way in a way higher rate than women do. And a lot of men are lost, they don’t have a purpose. And they don’t have a cause. They’re just consuming nothing. And watching sport, you know what I mean? They’re not really alive. They’re just kind of going through the motions, and they’re depressed because they don’t do anything. You know that you’re not you’re not meant to just sit here and consume garbage and watch TV and go to work. That’s, that’s not a life that – you’re a slave. But, and a lot of them succumb to this and they don’t realize men like to get things done and challenge things and fight things and conquer things and do things and I made a video a long time ago called I told people to turn the gun around, you know, you’re thinking about blowing your own head off. A lot of the things that are being done to you and make you feel this way, if it’s being done to you, it’s being done on purpose, or it’s being done out of negligence. Like they just don’t care, that should make you angry, you shouldn’t be angry at yourself and think you’re, you know, you’re worthless, you know, I or why would I even, like, if this does suck, you’re right, and you shouldn’t be like that, but you should be angry. This should – it doesn’t have to be like this. It never, didn’t used to be like this. Things are – keeps getting worse, our standard of living is going down, you’re being asked to accept more and more bullshit, you know, with less and less in return for longer than ever in history. So, you know, you start feeling like that it’s, I you know, anger is much more useful than you know, being depressed and, you know, self loathing and despair and all of that, right. So, that’s all. I’ve been dealing with for a long time is, you know, is give them something to fight against and battle against especially the army guys and the military guys because once you take that away, that that career it’s like well now how about you want to you know fight bullies I’ve got a real big one for me it’s called the Federal Government. There’s nothing that’s the biggest guy in town you want to fight him they could. People could really use your help. But the depression thing is our lifestyle is trash people don’t go outside they don’t I just saw the other day the Biden administration I’m sure Canada will be right behind it with some kind of study. Obesity can’t be tackled with exercise and diet. It’s just we have a sedentary lifestyle. We don’t use our bodies we don’t go outside we don’t move around. Everybody is overweight and obese you sit around you absorb garbage all day on television, which is sole purpose is to make you spend money on the things they want you to spend money on and support the causes they want you to sport because it makes them more money. That’s it, there’s nothing being given to you. It’s just things being taken away, all over the place. You work some jobs, you know, you’re paying all this income tax for shit, you don’t even see it goes all the way off to Ukraine. You know, no wonder you’re miserable. I mean, it’s crazy. You need to take care of yourself and, and I and the isolation and that deprivation of social connection as well. A lot of you know, people on our side, especially the depressed because you’ve had years of gaslighting, stay home, stay safe, and encouraging your other family members. I’ve had hundreds of people telling me this their families disowned them, they wouldn’t get they wouldn’t support the current thing, whether it was Ukraine or George Floyd or the vaccines or whatever it was. You have to two parts of society now the government, you know, ‘current thing’ supporters, the fanatics and then everybody else. And fortunately, this outside is getting bigger by the day.

Will Dove 1:01:37
But that’s, that’s an important point folks to remember. If you think of this, as Jeremy’s describing this, we got two camps. defections happen every day, but they only happen in one direction. Because once somebody knows the truth, they’re not going back to the other camp. What happens is you get defections, so that people who were being lied to, they finally figured out, yeah, and they come over to our side, if I can express it that way now. So it’s that’s a very important point is that our side grows everyday and their side gets smaller every day.

The Raging Dissident 1:02:08
I think one of the key one of the main cause or drivers of depression is people feel alone. And they don’t feel like anyone understands them or cares about them. And they’re just like, what’s the point because they don’t, they like that, stay home, stay safe. Don’t do anything like that. Don’t go find your friends, the opposite of what I’ve been doing, I’d like go even just having a couple of people here like one or two of you have somebody a couple of people that understand you and have your back. And it makes all the difference in the world. So you need that connection. Everybody deserves a peer network of some kind, no care who you are, you know, you know, who deserves to be exiled and you just go live in the woods and die. That’s what the state would probably like us to do. So that get outside and get some just fret just walk around for half an hour get some fresh air, it makes a huge difference in your in your mental state. Stop eating so much crap. You know, I feel oh, I’m depressed. I’m eating crap that’s making it worse. Like are you do you want to get better or not, you know, get outside, eat something you know, relatively decent, do a little bit of exercise and find, find your friends, find people that understand you and understand, you know, the situation and just be friends and just have that it makes a huge difference. And that’s probably why so many people are doing worse than ever, we’re living more and more increasingly isolated lives where we sit behind and we only communicate with each other over a screen. You know, laying in bed in our sweatpants, you know, people are working at home from zoom, now they don’t write, the things that make us make life worth living are being taken away one at a time. When we spend time with our kids anymore. They’re in public schools all day they used to be you know, at home or school or a one room schoolhouse, and the one guy would teach them all it’s just the we’re being dehumanized is more and more as time goes on, it seems like and I like to, you know, what, if people if things were better before, you know, generally, I just look to like, what was my grandfather’s generation doing? They seem to be doing a lot better than we’re doing today. So I’m going to emulate them and see what happens in the things they believe the things they thought and the way they taught each other. And they taught their children like, you know, let’s try that. And I’ve been having great success with it. I’ve been doing much better following the model that was taught to us by our grandparents on how to live and how to be happy and how to be successful and how to, you know, make it through life. I’ll take their word for it, because they live through so much harder times. You know, they live through, you know, the world wars and all of this stuff. So if that’s how they turned out and so they then that’s let’s try that. And I reject this model of everything that all the current things, it’s all in direct opposition to everything I was brought up to believe. So you know, who do you believe I trust my grandfather over, you know, all ages drag show for seven year olds coming from the health and safety minister who’s an obese person, you know, who’s sending all of our military equipment off to Ukraine that they can’t even find on a map and all that, like I’m not no, not listening to you. I’m gonna listen to my family that loves me and wants the best for me and that that’s much more trustworthy. You know, I think people would be would do well to think about that.

Will Dove 1:04:57
And I agree with absolutely everything that you have said There’s one particular point though that I wanted to touch on. You talked about people get depressed, and especially men because they lag in purpose. And really, you and I, we both experienced depression, a lot of people who haven’t been through depression, they get this false idea that’s being really sad. It’s not being really sad, it’s a sense of pointless, it’s hopeless, that nothing that you do matters, right, you’re going to get to claw your way out of that. And it’s very hard thing to do. Yeah. But if you want to avoid it in the first place, you need to have a sense of purpose, you need to feel that every day, I’m doing something that matters, something’s making the world around me a better place. And folks, you don’t have to be the raging dissident, you don’t have to be iron will just find something, something that you can do every day, that makes the world around you a better place. And believe me, you will develop a sense of purpose and self worth. Now,

The Raging Dissident 1:05:47
if it doesn’t work. There’s also, you know, a lot of people do, I’ve had a lot of friends, I mean, I’ve obviously never committed suicide. But I understand that the thought process, and I’ve seen it happen to a lot of guys, and it’s one that happens, and this is this is just, you know, take it or leave it. I’m not a medical professional, but I have insight in this world. And I’ve lived in it for a long time. And you know, what, some of us have talked about it candidly with each other about like, hey, you know, have you ever felt like this or this or that. And it’s like, it feels like it’s forever. It’s like a it’s like a wave of panic. A very intense desire to just end it, this pointless, like, you want to just explode, you know, essentially, and do something crazy, because you just can’t handle it anymore. That feeling feel it will, it will go away. If you can hang on, I compared it to like being attacked by a home invader. You know, if you just hang on survive long enough, the police will arrive and something. But for a little while, you’re going to be on your own, it’s like being in a storm or something, and you just have to hang on. And then in a few hours, maybe it takes you two hours, 25 minutes, maybe it takes you a day just get to get some sleep and you’ll feel better you’ll be you’ll feel you’ll come down from that. The what happens is people succumb in that moment. In that time of mental and spiritual combat, they just they give up. And they feel like I’m not – don’t want to do this anymore. It’s excruciating. And it’s like being on fire. And like, how bad do you not want to be on fire? Pretty, pretty bad people jump in the lake, you know, but the only way to survive is to stay on fire and just, you know, grit your teeth and endure it as long as you can. And eventually, it’ll subside. And you’ll be like, Oh, geez, I was really? Oh, I’m glad that’s over. I don’t know why I was even thinking like that. You’ll be you’ll you won’t even you know, question why you were even thinking like that in the first place. And —

Will Dove 1:07:25
— but you do find yourself looking back on it. I was two weeks into my cancer treatment. Six years ago, I was standing in my garage with a box cutter held to my throat. And the reason I didn’t do it was because of my children. You know, but you’re right. That was even though I still had months at that moment in time.

The Raging Dissident 1:07:45
This, this makes a lot of sense to do right now, in this moment in time, in two hours, I’m going to look at this and go What the fuck are you doing? But right now, while I’m in this, my world looks, everything looks like this is this is all I can do. This is what I have to do. And all you need to remember is like, just hang on, and you’ll win. Just don’t – just survive, like ride it out like a storm, you know, and you’ll be okay. And it’s gonna it’ll keep happening. You know, if this is something people suffer from, they won’t even be the last time you know, it could happen again, tomorrow, next week, next year, 10 years from now. But if you’ve already survived it a couple of times, you know, when I’m having one. It’s like being sick. Like, oh, what’s wrong? I got a cold again. What? Uh, yeah, that sucks. But you’ll be okay in a few days. It’s one of these things where you just, it’s, I’m going through this right now, I just need a couple hours, or I need a day, you know, and that’s how you take one meal at a time. One battle, like a war. It’s like, Here they come again. You know, we’re doing it again. But just fight through it and survive. And then you’ll be you know, back on your feet and ready to keep going. Because if you if you take yourself out, you don’t get to know what you could have achieved and what you could have done and how far maybe you could have won. In the end, you could have conquered all your problems you don’t know. I remember, you know, I have three kids, you know, that I maybe I wouldn’t have had I’ve had all these amazing experiences meeting all these people. And I mean, my life is crazy, and it’s stressful and whatever, but I don’t I don’t regret it at all. I would I would have definitely regretted it if I you know, taken myself out years ago or you know, I wouldn’t have seen any of this and it would just been that’s the end you close the book and any opportunities for you to improve your situation. You know, as I say, tomorrow’s a new day there’s no more tomorrow’s anymore. You’ve just ended it. And basically you’re tricked and convinced by this evil you know, these feelings and thoughts and voices in your head telling you that you’re a piece of shit and you’re worthless and it’s never gonna get better. Those are liars. That’s when I say turn the gun around you point it, that’s your enemy. That’s not you. That’s something else coming from outside, trying to try to take you out. When you rearrange the thought process like that because men understand combat That’s, why do you think we like cage fighting? And boxing and fight and hot we understand what fighting is we like it. It’s part of us. So when that happens to you, understand you’re being attacked? This isn’t you being like I should just — there’s something happening in your brain and in your soul. It’s like hey, do it just come on. It’s easy. Come on, do it. Eat the gun, do it you fucking loser. Everybody would be happy if you did. Like that’s what’s happening. Once you go, oh, oh, some asshole is trying to fuck with me. And then I don’t know if – sorry, I’m swearing. Alright, somebody somebody’s calling in, you know, and then they all okay, well, no, I, you know, tell me what to do. And now you’re engaged in this mental struggle. Eventually, the other voices, they get tired and they leave, and they go, ah, and then they give up and they go look for somebody else for a while. Yeah, and that’s the dance that you do. And if you think of it that way, you know, and somebody, if you’re listening, you know, you might that might happen to you, you might be one of them. And you might remember this, I remember this guy said one time, just start thinking like that thinking, like you’re in a fight, and somebody’s trying to take you out. Because this isn’t you. And your family doesn’t want you to do that, you know, you make sure even your ex girlfriend who claims she hates you, she doesn’t want you to do that. Nobody wants you to do that, except the government. The government doesn’t want you to do that, who is also evil. So it’s a ‘fuck you’, to them. These, you know, feelings and voices and these evil people to fight it and stay alive. It’s resistance, you know, just continuing to exist is an act of defiance against this, you know, this evil that’s trying to consume your heart and your mind and take you away from your loved ones and your future. So it’s a bad thing, and you should fight it and don’t let it get into your head and make you believe that you know, this is your own thoughts, because it’s not.

Will Dove 1:11:11
I think it’s an important discussion we’ve just had, because take that folks add that experience that Jeremy has been through, I’ve been through depression, of the persecution that he’s suffering right now, because he chose to fight these tyrants. It’s not an easy thing to do. You know, I haven’t had your experience. But I’m on the RCMP list. I’ve been investigated. I’ve received fines, they haven’t thrown me in prison – not yet.

The Raging Dissident 1:11:32

Will Dove 1:11:34
You know, they come after you. They come after they try to shut you up. And it costs it does cost you. So your final thoughts for our audience on everything that we’ve discussed today.

The Raging Dissident 1:11:48
If you if you really believe like truly like, can make yourself because you have to choose, it’s just a choice to just believe like, I’m gonna, I’m gonna make it, we’re gonna make it we’re gonna win, we’re gonna we’re gonna survive, we’re gonna pull out of this, it’s gonna happen. Like, if you believe that, you might, you might, it might happen. If you have if you do nothing, rollover, and just fine. There’s no point I give up your chances of success are 0%. Obviously, because you’ve surrendered and you quit, and everyone that quits, dies, you’ve surrendered, you’ve gone over to the prison camp, you’re not coming back. If you fight, if you fight like hell, and then you do everything you possibly can you have a 5% chance to live. Which of these two options should you take? Obviously, that won’t, you’ll fight like hell for that 5%. Because out of 100 chances five times you win, you do win, it’s not impossible. So if you really believe that you can you can do this, then you might, if you believe that ‘ah, it’s pointless, I’m never going to make it’ then, you won’t. That mindset is critical to being able to continue in combat. And I’m telling you trust me, I been – ‘oh, what do you know’. I promise, I promise you, you must, you must adopt this mentality to have any chance at all. And if you can do that, you’d be surprised what you can able to, to overcome. Because no matter what comes your way of like, this is just another this is just another day in the field, you know. People, this bank account stuff happened, I’m like, I’m not bothered by it at all, this is just something else I’m going to defeat and something else I’m going to work around and something else I’m going to, I’ll just reconfigure my life, and I’ll come out, I’ll just come right back again. And I’m never going to stop until I’m dead. And that’s not and that’s going to be when I decide, you know, when I’m all in, and my body gives up and it’s up to God. Whenever that happens, right? I’m not going to take myself out or, or quit on this, like, I’m gonna win. I’m just gonna keep continuing until that happens. That’s what they say. But like a lot of champions, a lot of people that they just didn’t give up like Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. He didn’t, you know, oh, I give up. I guess I’m no good at basketball. It wasn’t that he wasn’t good enough to make a high school team. He just kept going and then eventually became so focused and dedicated. He was, you know, the best of all time. So you can’t just because something isn’t working your way today. A lot of very successful businessmen had went bankrupt numerous times failed businesses like this doesn’t – its how it works. You have to keep coming at it until you figure it out. It’s like banging on a wall with a hammer. Sooner or later, it’ll come down. You just have to keep at it. But if you drop the hammer and walk away, who knows you who knows what might have been so…

Will Dove 1:14:07
Yes. And I am going to pay just one comment add to that. Life never gets easier. You just get stronger.

The Raging Dissident 1:14:17
That’s true. That’s very true.

Will Dove 1:14:19
All right, Jeremy, thank you so much for the fight that you’re that you’re going through, for your courage, your example to people. And we’ll stay in touch because I certainly want to know what’s happening and as things develop, and

The Raging Dissident 1:14:30
Yeah, you’ll have to follow my telegram I’m banned from everything I’ve banned for life from basically everything. So I have to go to my website, www.RagingDissident.com. And my telegram link is on there. And that’s where I post most of my updates and so on. So thanks, I appreciate it.

Will Dove 1:14:44
We will, all right, thank you Jeremy.

The Raging Dissident 1:14:45
Cheers. Thank you

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