Blacklock’s Reporter: Watching Our Government: Tom Korski

October 25, 2023

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There remains in Canada only one news outlet that is still doing honest investigative reporting on our government.

Since, 2012, Tom Korski, managing editor of Blacklock’s Reporter, has been a member of the national press gallery. He is the only one of the some 300 members of the press in the gallery who does not accept money from the government.

Through freedom of information requests, monitoring of bills at the House of Commons and the Senate, and through what has become an almost extinct art, investigative journalism, Blacklock’s reports the truth about what our government is up to.

Not long ago, the government tried to pass Bill C-36, which would have allowed them to tax you on the sale of your primary residence. It was Tom, and Blacklock’s Reporter, who blew the whistle on this. As a direct result of bringing to light a bill that our government didn’t want Canadians to know about until it was too late, that bill was defeated and you are still able to sell your home tax free.

Tom has 43 years experience as a reporter. Originally from Brandon, Manitoba, he covered the Alberta Legislature for six years, then worked overseas for the South China Morning Post.

For the past 12 years, Tom, through Blacklock’s, has been keeping an eye on our government, and they, along with the members of the press who belong to state-sponsored media, have been trying very hard to silence him.

But Tom will not be silenced. He has taken the government to court many times for copyright infringement, when they stole his articles and reproduced them without permission.

And Tom is old school. While accredited members of the press gallery can watch House of Commons proceedings from anywhere, Tom still shows up at Parliament Hill every day. And every day, he faithfully reports on what our government doesn’t want you to see.

This interview is audio only. The computers in the press gallery do not have cameras, and Tom and I spoke early on a Monday morning, when he was already at the press gallery. Tom also does not own a cell phone. He called me on a land line.

LINK: Blacklock’s Reporter

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