Canadians Needs to Wake the Woke Up! | Brad Salzberg

April 20, 2022

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Brad Salzberg is a self-described social conservative blogger who consistently works toward exposing the dangers of the ‘woke globalist’ agenda in Canada. Brad diligently publishes his own written work on his Substack account entitled ‘Cultural Action Party of Canada’. Brad shares his long-contemplated viewpoints of where Canada has fallen, from if our political leaders remain in power to where it is headed based on our current trajectory.

On how it’s the Minority that Rules, not the Majority…

At present, I do not believe Canada is a democracy or is an authentic or functioning democracy. I don’t believe it, nor do I believe the liberals are ever going to lose another election. It really is a dictatorship. The media hide these things. That’s their job. They’re paid to do it, democracy in Canada is in its final stages and it is going to disappear… another element that’s not recognized; the essence of democracy, which is the will of the majority has dissipated entirely. Now it’s the will of the minority, the smallest minority of which the best example has to be transgender, who might make up 1% of our entire population…yet their human rights activism permeates our entire society.

On the Dichotomy that is Canada …

There are two kinds of people, those who accept at face value, what goes on within a society and those who question it, or don’t quite trust it or see a certain agenda within the progression of society. Personally, I fall into the latter. I think there is a calculated agenda. There really isn’t much that’s random about it. It’s preconceived and acted out over a period of time.

On the Evidence of Systemic Racism in Canada…

What we have…is a calculated accomplishment. There’s an irony in the situation where Justin Trudeau, for example, was maybe the number one person to institute systemic racism, as opposed to just generic racism. Thereby putting racism on steroids, making it a much more powerful message and suggesting that it is endemic within our entire society on an institutional basis. What is ironic about this is that very thing is being done to anglophone white Canadians. And this is the methodology that Trudeau and the Liberals and media use. Accuse the other of what you yourself indulge in.


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Will Dove  00:17

I have with me today, Brad Salzberg. Brad is the founder of the Cultural Action Party of Canada, which can be found online at He is a very lucid thinker, and has produced a wide range of articles on the preservation and the attacks upon traditional Canadian identity. And he’s here today to discuss the attack, very conscious attack, upon our identity as Canadians and especially upon white Canadians. Brad, thanks for joining us.


Brad Salzberg  00:48

You’re welcome. Thanks for having me on, Will.


Will Dove  00:50

We were talking before the interview about this, what you refer to as an inversion, where yes, we recognize that when we were young, there was racial prejudice in this country, if if you were brown, or you’re black, it was very likely that you were going to experience prejudice. But what’s happened now is that there’s been this conscious attack upon white identity, right up to and including what’s now coming into our schools critical race theory, which is essentially a means of training children, if they’re not white, to see themselves as victims of things that happened two generations ago and to see the the enemy as the white kids or other white people who also weren’t alive two generations ago, when all of that happened. And so it’s become this reverse racism. But it’s being done with a purpose. Could you please talk about what you believe that purpose is?


Brad Salzberg  01:44

Well, I mean, you’re bringing up the critical point. I mean, sort of like there’s two kinds of people, you know, those who accept at face value, what goes on within a society, and those who question it or don’t quite trust it, or see a certain agenda within the progression of society. Personally, I fall into the latter, I think that these, what you speak of, is a calculated agenda. There really isn’t much that’s random about it, it’s preconceived, acted out over a period of time. What we have is, you mentioned the term reverse racism, to me is a calculated accomplishment. And we see this through its institutionalization, you know, and there’s an irony in the situation where Justin Trudeau, for example, you know, really was one of the maybe the number one person to institute systemic racism, as opposed to just generic racism, thereby putting racism if you will, on steroids and making it a much more powerful message, and suggesting that it is endemic within our entire society on an institutional basis.  What is ironic about this, in my opinion, is that that very thing is being done to Anglophone white Canadians, and this is the methodology that Trudeau and the liberals and media use kind of like accuse the other of what you yourself indulge in. So in my opinion, the real systemic racism or the most acute systemic racism, is that toward people like you and I, Will. You might call them old stock Canadians, which was a term that Stephen Harper coined, I believe, Anglophones, Christians, Caucasians, you know. This community are, today the targets of systemic racism. And again, I mean, it’s a certain irony in this, because we’re accused of perpetrating systemic racism upon so called minorities. You alluded to a very important point.  But when we talk about racism in Canada, we’re speaking largely of an historic situation. You know, how racism became part, and was part of Canadian society since our inception in 1867, that what this condition was previous to a pivotal developments such as the advent of multiculturalism, or the accusations that are being made against contemporary Canada, Canadians, white Canadians, in the present day, were to greatest extent perpetrated by our predecessors, thereby making us innocent parties. So when a calculated agenda of attack or punitive damages is perpetrated against contemporary white Canadians, that’s an act of vengeance, not equality. You know, it’s not a pursuit of equality, it’s a punitive attack. And this is a fundamental point that is completely eschewed by mainstream media in Canada.


Will Dove  05:21

Yeah, and you’ve made a very good point there. Because it folks, this is not, you know, neither Brad nor I are racist, I have friends myself who are not white, I have friends who are not straight. This isn’t about white people versus non white people. This is an attack by governments, by the globalists upon our society as a whole to turn people against each other. And Brad’s making this very good point that you, I, Brad, we didn’t do anything to these people, maybe our ancestors did. And at the same time, the people that there, this critical race theory and all this other stuff that’s going on, they’re teaching these people to see us as the enemy. Well, they’re not the victims of it, either their ancestors might have been, but they’re not. None of it makes any sense. It’s, obviously an attack to destroy the fabric of our society. And the other thing that gets ignored what I think is very important is if you’re from another country, you have the culture that you grew up in, and you have every right to celebrate that culture. No free thinking Canadians are going to try to stop you from doing that if you’re Muslim, by all means, practice Islam, freedom of religion, we believe in this. But what’s getting ignored here is that white Canadians are a culture as well. And we have the same right to practice that culture that they do.


Brad Salzberg  06:42

You’re bringing up a fundamental point here. You know, again, I use this word ironic, a lot. But it is ironic that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks of a progressive society, and is always pushing this progressive narrative. But if we were truly a progressive society, we would be acknowledging the fact that immigration in particular, has changed the very fabric of Canadian society into one of morality, of ethnic and racial communities, what have you of which white Canadians are one of. We see again, how this subtle or not so subtle marginalization of white Canadians, because what is really being said, is, we’re all equal, but some are more equal than others.  As George Orwell, you know, stated in Animal Farm, right? I mean, there’s a pursuit of equality with one identifiable community cast out of this hypothetical Garden of Eden, and that is the white Canadian. And the fact that we have no identity is, in my mind, absolutely calculated. For example, you might notice that in six and a half years of Justin Trudeau as prime minister, he has never once used the term Anglophone or alluded or explicitly stated in any manner, you know, that we have an Anglophone community or a white community or an old stock community, or anything of that nature, right?  Conversely, he’s all over the Muslim Canadian and Chinese Canadian, Sikh Canadian, transgender Canadian, and all the permutations within the LGBT movement, right? But never is there, a white community, and that is on purpose is absolutely calculated, because power comes with community. So as these special interests communities, if you want to call it that, continue to consolidate political and social power and business power within our society, one community is excluded, and that is a calculated plan of disempowerment. And in this we see the fallacy of multiculturalism and diversity, and this whole narrative surrounding woke culture, right?  How can it be inclusive if the Canadian of European origin is not part of it? That changes the dynamic to one of division like you were speaking of, and this is absolutely critical. You know, the liberals, Justin Trudeau, you know, they’re out to divide. They’re out to categorize and these different ways, because the goal is division and the motive, in my personal opinion, is communism. This is the difference in our society. And this is axiomatic if you want to call it, right? The people of Canada, you and I, and our communities and white communities, but also racialized Canadians, you know, lots of them, and they moved here for this purpose. They believe we believe in democracy, but our controlling institutions do not, they believe in communism.  So here’s a fundamental conflict within our society. And this is, you know, if we want to generalize, the reason why Canada is so messed up and fragmented, and we’re at each other’s throats. And you know, it’s so ridiculous. You know, diversity is our strength, says Justin Trudeau diversity has become our dismissiveness and it’s an inversion. Like you were talking about an inversion, you know. If you look at the history of multiculturalism, as it was forced upon Canada, by Pierre Trudeau, in the early 1970s, you see an ideal, and you see the way it played out. The ideal, it was that multiculturalism would represent an equal playing field, that these minorities who were not at the same level, as the host community would be raised up to an equal level.  Multiculturalism was all about equality. No one has ever talked about the idea that multiculturalism would lead to any equality and surpassing, right, you see, this is the crux of it. And this is why if you notice, within media, never do they speak of the future. These writers, John Iveson and you know, never do they say, well, this is going to be counted on 50 years – not that they can predict entirely accurate, but there’s no futurists who say this is where we’re going. There’s no real attention to the past, either. There’s only the present. And again, that is a calculated agenda. If we look at it on a historical continuum, we will see the rise and surpassing of special interest Canada beyond an equilibrium. And that’s what Justin Trudeau is after, in the back of his mind, in my mind.


Will Dove  12:17

And I want to get back to that, their comments about how they don’t talk about the future in a bit. But you said some things here that I think were very important. If you talked about the fallacy of multiculturalism, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Because you’re absolutely right, if the purpose was to create equality, then it would include all cultures, rather than making one culture, the enemy of all of these other cultures, which is exactly what they’re doing. And I think this is, and I’m sure that you agree, and but you probably have some different perspectives on it. I think that this is being done very intentionally in order to destroy the foundation of that Canadian identity, because and you were talking about how all this leads to communism, and communism is much easier to enact, if you have a compliant population who will go along with it. And what we have as white Canadians, historically, in our culture is a strong belief in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, basically, the freedom to live our lives as free as we possibly can, without hurting anyone else.  They don’t like that, because we’re the ones who are most likely to resist this communism, because we have those values. And so this is an attack upon whites in order to destroy that identity. And it’s working. And that’s the really sad thing. It’s working. They’re attacking, especially the youth in our schools. And I would say that this started about 30 years ago with the attack on young males, when they started talking about toxic masculinity. Well, first of all, masculinity is not toxic. Masculinity properly practice is a good thing. Yes, there might be such a thing as toxic machismo, but that’s something completely different. We used to just call those people, you know, assholes. Really. That’s what that’s what they were. And they were the exception, not the rule.  Now, today, we’ve got this non binary movement, which is largely being aimed at young girls, to destroy the idea that being a woman is good. And I think, and here’s my theory, and I’d like your thoughts on this. But the reason why they’re going after our kids this way, and they’re going after their gender identity, is because your gender is kind of the foundation of your entire identity. Because it tells you where you fit into society. It tells you what’s expected of you, and by and large for most of us, tells us to be completely comfortable with who we are. Most of us who are male, like being male, we’re happy to be male. Most women are happy to be women, because their brains are just wired that way to express that gender identity. And if you take that away from our kids, well, now you’ve destroyed the foundation for them to have any idea of who they are. They don’t have a foundation to build on. Your thoughts on that, Brad?


Brad Salzberg  15:11

There is a saying about building your house upon sand, versus building a house upon rock or a solid foundation. What the globalists want is our house to shift from a solid foundation to sand. And so what you’re speaking of is a component of that, isn’t it? Because it’s an erosion of personal identity. We don’t know who we are, we have gender dysphoria, our identity is compromised, or lessens or becomes non existent. If you look at that as a microcosm, and then apply that to society in general, that’s the goal. That’s the globalist goal, the erosion of the foundation of society. And again, I would come back to the piece that is really, very poorly, if at all understand about the motivations of government, which is largely found in Marxist doctrine and communist ideology, right?  You want to destroy a society and rebuild it these are the things you do, you create division among communities, you create conflict among communities, you erase the past, you neglect to speak of the future. The result is the destruction of a nation. And its so called progression toward a communist state. This is fundamental Marxism, you know, Karl Marx taught that there were stages and permutations to the progression within a society first, its capitalist, then it becomes communist and these different stages. So this is really where Canada is at, if they succeed at the end of the capitalist stage, and the beginning of the communist stage.  The difference and this is an important point is that, you know, Marxist theory first developed around the idea of the worker, the unity of international workers, also relating to the erosion of borders and nationalism. They weren’t really successful, they switched it to race. They switched it to the unity of race, you know, and now all blacks, you know, are African origin, and then they’re one so we had worker oriented Marxism, we graduated to race oriented Marxism and now we’re graduating to sexuality oriented Marxism, you see? And this is the progression because that’s what the LGBT really is, right? It’s an expansion of the oppressed of the world. 20 years ago, it was limited to minorities and it was racially and ethnically oriented. Now, it’s expanded to sexuality, homosexuality, transgenderism, right? It’s a growth industry. These are the steps under which the globalists for lack of a better term are accomplishing their goals. So when you speak of gender dysphoria and gender identity, in my mind, it’s just another aspect of these former permutations of communism, right. So in my mind, Canada is literally being transferred in a preconceived manner from a democracy to a communist state, and Justin Trudeau was appointed to lead the procession.


Will Dove  18:52

Yes, absolutely. And as most of our viewers know, Trudeau is a protege of Klaus Schwab. Schwab has bragged about this about how he owns over half the Canadian cabinet. And basically, we are now an occupied country, we’re being ruled by a foreign power, that yes, has this agenda to destroy Canadian democracy and to turn this country into a communist state. In order to do that, they had to destroy the cultural foundation of the majority of the population. And I think that outlines even more succinctly by looking at a particular case I want to talk about Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who has been arrested several times, imprisoned several times for doing nothing more than feeding the poor and speaking the truth.  Most recently, he was in prison for six weeks, simply for speaking at a rally a lot of time spent in solitary confinement. Now I’m getting at this because I’ve got a point behind it. We’ve talked about how erasing history. I think they’re doing more than that they’re rewriting it. They’re destroying our cultural identity, this traditional Canadian cultural identity, destroying it, making us the enemy, to the point where they’re teaching white kids to feel guilty about being white. But it goes beyond that. Because yes, you were talking about this progression, you know, you go after the white people, and then you go after the gender identity. And but notice how there’s like degrees of being an enemy of the state. Being White is bad. Bad enough. Being a white male is even worse. Being a white male, Christian, Oh, wow. I mean, this person if he should be dragged out and shot, just for being who they are. And that’s what they’re after is not just that cultural identity. But the people within that culture, who will stand up and say, No, that is not what we believe in, in this country. And we’re not going to stand by let it happen. And so they have to shut those people up at any cost.


Brad Salzberg  20:45

I couldn’t agree more, and Internet censorship is shutting them up. And as far as I’m concerned, there is a conscious attack and war upon Christian Canada. And you mentioned Artur Pawlowski, I mean, it’s an excellent example, what manifested as a result of the COVID pandemic. And when we look at the treatment of various religious groups in Canada, during the COVID catastrophe, you know, we see, as we do with this special treatment of whites, a special treatment toward Christians in the news, you’ll see the church was shut down, and the police were at the front door, and they’ve got a warrant and they’re arresting Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother and then throwing him in jail, and the replication of that within non Christian faiths is zero. I mean, it’s nothing now, are we to really believe that the mosques in Canada, of which there are hundreds upon hundreds of hundreds, if not 1000s, all complied 100% to the will of government as it relates to COVID? Of course not, nor the Sikhs 100%.  You know, there was not one incident in the media of any form of crackdown on non religious communities. So the Christian community was targeted. Sorry to harp on this so much, but it is ideologically aligned with communism. Communism hates Christianity, China hates Christianity. Justin Trudeau, supporter of communism, Trudeau Government hates Christianity and oppresses them. COVID comes from China, and the following oppression against Christians is an emulation of Chinese society. And these are examples of our transition to a communist state. Justin Trudeau is a supporter. Pierre Trudeau was a supporter. Sasha is a big time supporter of communism of China. He was quoted as saying that in a way he’s harsher on Canada that he is on China, you know, a nation that murdered 10 million or 20 million people, there is no doubt that the Trudeau family on a political or ideological basis, they support communism.  And we see these tangible manifestations of Chinese stock communism in Canada with the oppression of Pawlowski and the throwing in jail of these pastors. And what does the CBC CTV Globe and Mail National Post have to say about that? Nothing, not one single word. So we see that I’ll stop at this point. You know, I don’t think we’ve touched on the synthesis of government, the Liberal government and Canadian media into a united entity, just like it is in China. So we see all these signs of our progression toward authoritarianism and Neo totalitarian state communism and all that. What are the media having to say about it? Oh, it’s just business as usual. The way they position it, it’s all happened before. That’s another thing when Trudeau enacted the Emergencies Act. Well, it happened before, you know, say my opinion and then I’ll stop, right? Nothing. Nothing that’s going on in Canadian society in politics has happened before. It’s all postmodern as Justin Trudeau said himself when he made the statement, you know, I see Canada as a postmodern society.


Will Dove  24:34

And once again, you’ve made some very good points Brad, especially talking about the media because this is the totalitarian playbook if you if you read any history, and you look at totalitarian countries and how that control came into place, the first thing they do after they seize power is to take control of the media, so that they can control the message to the people. This is why North Koreans buy into all the BS from Kim Jong-un. because they don’t have access to the internet, they don’t have access to radio, to anything outside of the state controlled media, which tells them daily, that America is the enemy, and is out to destroy them. And that Kim Jong-un is God, who is going to protect them and save them all. They’re not stupid people. They’re just as smart as anybody else on this planet. But they’re hammered every day, with this singular message with no dissenting voice.  And that’s exactly what they’re doing here in Canada, with the control of the media, because you’re right, you won’t hear the truth from mainstream media about basically anything that’s happening in our society right now. And the people who are controlling our government, the globalist, as we’ve already discussed, are the same people who are controlling the media. And so we’ve got this totalitarian playbook being put into place where they’ve taken power by subverting people within our government. Now they’re controlling the media. The next step, of course, is censorship, to shut up and do those dissenting voices. And then eventually, it gets to the point of Pastor Art Pawlowski well, let’s just arrest them and throw them in prison, because they’re enemies of the state. And they may not use that term but that’s basically what it comes down to.


Brad Salzberg  26:08

Absolutely. I do not believe that Canada, at the present moment is a democracy or is an authentic or functioning democracy. I don’t believe it. Nor do I believe the Liberals are ever going to lose another election, it really is a dictatorship. The media hide these things. That’s their job, they’re paid to do it. But in my opinion, democracy in Canada is in its final stages, and it is going to disappear.  If I could expand on that a bit. You know, another element that’s not recognized the essence of democracy, which is the will of the majority has dissipated entirely. Now it’s the will of the minority, the smallest minority, of which the best example has to be transgender, who might make up 1% of our entire population and yet there human rights activism permeates our entire society. Why? Why? There – it’s a fringe, but it’s what it represents ideologically and how it fits into, you know, this bigger picture of NWO or World Economic Forum and Carl’s Schwab and George Soros and, you know, this control like what other lately I’ve been writing on the W E. F, and I got a document that outlines their agenda, and I read through it. It’s identical to the Trudeau government’s agenda, not on a peripheral level, but in totality. And well, I mean, what does that tell us? You know, who’s running our country who controls our country? Right? Justin Trudeau is a evangelist for Carl Schwab and the WTF, and this is largely why our society is progressing in the direction that it is.


Will Dove  28:06

And earlier in the interview, you had alluded to the fact that the media, the government, they never, it’s always in the present. They never talk about the future, they never talk about all this is going to go. And I know that these are things you’ve given a great deal of thought to. So everybody understands you don’t have a crystal ball. but I would love to hear your thoughts on where all of this is going to lead us.


Brad Salzberg  28:29

I can tell you, you know, I hope fairly, you know, succinctly that democracy is going to come to an end, that we’re at a stage where the last bastion of democratic governance exists in our so called power to vote. So once every, you know, once, this is the crazy thing about Canada, you know, once every four years, we go to the polls to vote in a federal government, and many of us will think, Oh, this is democracy. You know, here’s an exercise in democracy, which it is, but it’s the only one, you know, I mean, for them what happens particularly under Trudeau, he gets voted in and it’s a clamp down for four years, the public has absolutely no say, the majority opinion is completely meaningless. And it is a quasi dictatorship for a four year period. Then one day comes along, we exercise our democratic right, boom locked in for another term of quasi dictatorial governments. Not that’s not democracy. It’s not democracy as it is defined according to what’s called classical liberalism. I call it Trudeau liberalism, which is a ridiculous joke. I mean, it’s not liberal, and it’s not democratic either. So this last bastion of democratic privilege so that we have a voting one day that will disappear. And that will be it. You know, I’ll tell you because you are asking about, you know, the future. My opinion is that the Liberals will continue to win election after election after election, largely stimulated by immigration, and the largest immigration quotas per capita on the planet, which is never articulated in media. And this will contribute to this phenomenon, whereby the Liberals will win, they got three in a row now that’ll turn into six and eight, you know, and then tell me tell me, how successful are the Conservatives who are the only successful opposition going to be in fundraising when, after the Liberals win eight elections in a row, they’re not going to be getting any who would donate, they’re not going to win, right?  These elections are futile, they’re pointless, everyone knows, we might as well shut down democratic process. And that, in my opinion, is exactly what Justin Trudeau has in his mind, as well as Gerald Butts, his schemer behind the scenes, and as well as the people who are controlling our country and making the decisions for our country, which I will just add in general are not liberal MPs, nor Conservative or NDP, you know, these are the little people. These are those MPs back-benchers, they have no power. This is more, you know, the PMO in connection with the real high level of the WEF and Soros and these players, that’s who’s running Canada, and they’re working toward the elimination of democracy, and we will become an authoritarian, communist state, non democratic state. It’s in the cards, the days of democracy are numbered, in my opinion, in Canada.


Will Dove  31:51

Yes, and I agree completely. And I would make one revision to your statements, you said, quasi dictatorial, I think we can remove the word quasi. And here’s why. It’s because a lot of people in their heads, they, when they think of a dictatorship, they think of things like China, or communist Russia, or some of the African countries into some of their dictators, where if you spoke out, you were going to disappear that night. But a dictatorship really is defined simply as a form of government under which the government can issue mandates and edicts, which are clearly against the interests of the people, the rights of the people, and the rule of law means nothing, nothing. We’re already there,


Brad Salzberg  32:33

Right. And you again, you’re touching on a fundamental issue, whereby the will of government supersedes the rule of law. And that’s the way it works in communist states. And that’s the way it works in postmodern Canada. So, you know, you’re touching on a very important point, that the rule of law, which is fundamental to democracy, and liberalism, really traditionally, it’s not the guiding principle of our country anymore. The guiding principle is government. And within that ideology, and this is a big part of the two, you know, where ideology has superseded everything else, like you see these huge hypocrisies, because ideological belief is the player just like you could have legal or socially accepted prejudice against whites, but you can’t have it against anyone else. The ideological has superseded all else. And that, again, is communism in action, where, you know, it’s so obvious, it drives me crazy, because, at least in my eyes, I mean, these things are completely tangible. They are obvious. But we are bogged down with the media, obscuring all of this all in so Canadians in general, 38 million of us, in general, do not recognize what’s happening. It’s a very sad thing.


Will Dove  34:07

It is. So in closing, Brad, and thank you for, for sharing all these excellent thoughts. And I’m sure that 99% of our audience is going to completely agree with everything that you’ve said. And so I want to ask you this, because I agree with you as well. We are living in a dictatorship. We’re living in an occupied country, there’s not going to be any more fair democratic elections there. The elections are rigged. The Liberals will continue to win because the Liberals are being controlled by the globalists and that’s what they want. They want to keep those people in there, they will make sure they stay in there. So they keep that power. The media is controlled, censorship is coming. You know, digital IDs, Central Bank, digital currencies that will allow the government to govern how much, limit how much you can buy of something, or even whether or not you can buy anything if your social credit score drops too low. Right. So I have to ask, do you see any hope? Is there anything that we can do to protect ourselves against what’s coming?


Brad Salzberg  35:03

I believe there’s one thing that we can do, and that is fight fire with fire by forming a community amongst ourselves amongst old stock Canadians, Anglophones, white Canadians, when I say this, it’s got nothing to do with racial superiority, or stereotypes about white supremacy and white privilege. It’s got nothing to do with that it has everything to do with equality. And the fact is, that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of 1982 instigated and entrenched in the Canadian Constitution by the government of Pierre Trudeau actually applies to all Canadians and all ethnicities and races and religion. The legal precedent is there for us.  The problem and obstacle that has occurred over the decades is that the so called oppressed and special interest communities of Canada, it’s been hijacked, they’re the only ones who’ve utilized it, we have never utilized it largely because there was no need, historically. But now there is a need. So what the answer, if there’s an answer, or a path, you know, to take, in my mind, is to emulate these special interest communities and say, you know, what, we’re a community, we’re going to be a minority one day that’s statistically guaranteed, you know, that white Canadians will become a minority. And this is a very vital point, if you think about it, what you describe, and you’re speaking of, the oppression against white Canadians, that’s one thing when we form the majority of the population, what happens when we reach the point where we transition to a minority, will all of a sudden Anglophones or white Canadians, you know, all of a sudden, we’re gonna be blessed with the rights now held by third world Canadian communities, right?  We’re gonna, because we’re now a minority. So hey, here you go, here’s the rights, it’ll never happen, that will never ever happen, what will happen is the same dynamic will just keep on rolling and keep on rolling, where we are the responsible for all the troubles. So now we’re a persecuted minority ourselves, you speak of this transition? Well, here it is. No wonder media and government never sneak in the future. Because this is what’s coming. And then we transition to what I call Second Nations, Canada. And if and when this happens, because I don’t have a crystal ball. But if and when it happens, you know what, you know that they’ll say, Well, it’s justified, your people persecuted First Nations, you’ve created them. So here’s your payback.


Will Dove  38:04

And you’ve made some very good points. Because I want to add this additional thought, equality for people who are not white started out as a very noble cause. When these minorities stood up and said, we deserve to be treated as equals. And they were absolutely right about that. But there was a difference between that situation and the one we have now. While they were being subjected to prejudice, they were largely being seen as inferior. White people aren’t being seen as inferior, we’re being seen as the enemy. And the enemy doesn’t get equality in totalitarian regimes, what they get is imprisoned and executed.


Brad Salzberg  38:42

I think you’re absolutely right. That is a vital point. And I will just add quickly, that if you look at the history of totalitarian nations, you will see that pretty much I think, in all of them that a designated fall guy, if you want to call it or a designated, vilified community, is formed. They’re responsible for the troubles of this country when we think back to 20th century European history, you know, we might come upon that idea. They’re responsible. Is that what we’re being set up for by Justin Trudeau, the Francophone. He’s not an Anglophone, what does he care? There’s always a demon community that is part of the process of transferring from a free and democratic society to an authoritarian society. And I believe that’s what we’re being set up for. If we’re not already there.


Will Dove  39:38

Yes, absolutely. Brad, I want to thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for everything that you’re doing with raising awareness with the excellent articles that you’re writing. Once again, Brad can be found online at We’re going to be posting a link to that directly beneath this interview, as well as links to his various social media channels. I strongly suggest that you take the time to read some of his material. Once again, Brad, thank you so much.


Brad Salzberg  40:03

Thanks very much, Will. I appreciate it.

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