Due Diligence Demolished; Is Repair Possible? | Dr. Kat Lindley

September 13, 2022

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  • Why do we need pharmacovigilance (PV)?
  • How badly have the PV thresholds been abused?
  • How has people’s view of PV been twisted?
  • How has this all contributed to vaccine injury on a massive scale never before seen?
  • Can we fix this broken system?


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Will: I’m joined once again by Dr. Katarina Lindley. Dr. Lindley is a member of the steering committee for the World Council for Health, as well as being involved in many other health organizations, including the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons and the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association. She owns a direct primary care clinic and is currently actively treating patients and has been for years now. Dr. Lindley grew up in Yugoslavia and so has firsthand prior experience of totalitarian tyranny. She is extremely active in the global fight for our rights and freedoms and has a wide range of knowledge on all things related to COVID, the vaccines and the globalist agenda. She’s here today to discuss vaccine injuries, pharmacovigilance, and how safety signals, which have been clear since the beginning of the rollout of these toxic injections are being ignored. Dr. Lindley, thank you for joining us again.
Kat: Thank you for having me.
Will: I think we need to start by defining a term because obviously some of our viewers are not gonna be familiar with that term pharmacovigilance. So as a doctor, would you please explain what that means?
Kat: It’s mainly looking at the safety data signals that are coming from whether it’s a vaccine, whether it’s drug and making sure that something is truly safe and effective. It’s very simple.
Will: In my introduction, I was talking about how the safety signals are being ignored. And at this point in time the evidence is absolutely overwhelming. This was all early on. I think it was in the, just in the first month, there was several hundred deaths reported on the VAERS system. And most of our audience knows this because I’ve repeated it many times. In 1976, they rushed a swine flu vaccine and withdrew it after 32 people died. And I believe there’s actually an official threshold that they’re supposed to follow, and that is 50. If it kills 50 people or more, they’re supposed to pull it off the market. And now we’ve got tens of thousands of deaths being reported. No one is doing anything. It’s just being completely ignored and swept under the rug. And so once again, we have to ask just how bad is this gonna get? And when I say, how bad is it gonna get, I’m not really talking so much t he injuries and the deaths that are gonna result, but the extent to which they’re gonna go to, to continue to ignore and try to bury these safety signals and to try to convince people, continually convince them that these shots are safe and effective. What’s your opinion on that?
Kat: You’re exactly right. When it used to work, they used to look at these safety signals. If there are any deaths or any concern, they would just pull back. And actually, I’m looking at a graph right now because I’m terrible with numbers and I hate mis-quoting things. So this is reported that for major drug vaccine recalls, and you have the polio vaccine, it says 10 spine flu was 53. Go down to Vioxx. Is Cox inhibitor that we actually really liked in the early 2000s. We used it for a lot of anti-inflammatory illnesses arthritis, osteoarthritis. They had 6,636 death and they pulled it back. And now we have COVID 19 vaccine at the time. This is VAERS data, it was 28,530. When we published this. Now it’s over 29,000. We haven’t done anything. We’re still doing it. We’re still vaccinating like crazy. And then that’s very concerning. And this is honestly, this is the best graph to explain this. I really like this because it tells you how over period of time, sure this drug went to 6,000 because they weren’t sure what it is, but then they realized it is the drug causing it, but then they said, we can’t be doing this anymore. Let’s stop it. Now we are at 29 something we’re ignoring it. And the FOI that was done recently has shown that actually FDA has not looked at the VAERS data. They’ve not looked at it. So if they’re not following the side effects, the deaths and stuff like that, it’s extremely concerning. This is an agency. Okay. I’m gonna read this to you. When I gave the FDA testimony for children. I actually know it was the testimony for the future framework, which means from now on anytime they decide to do a new vaccine with a new strain, they don’t have to do trials. So when I gave that testimony, I read their own mission statement. This is their mission statement. “The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices.” They are not following their own mission statement. Cause they’re not looking at the Pharmaco-vigilance of this experimental product. And it’s very alarming.
Will: And of course, as you mentioned, it’s only gonna get much worse because now they can release new variations on these shots and they don’t even have to do testing.
Kat: They don’t. And just so everyone is aware that the new shots that they’re thinking about, they already are being extinct almost because one of them Moderna, I think I’m gonna misquote myself. So I’m not gonna say which one is which, but one of them is looking at the Wuhan strain and be a forced strain. So they’re already, we’re looking at extreme variants in new vaccines. And what kind of thing is that gonna do to bringing even more side effects to people whose immune systems are already down? It’s concerning. And one thing that has to concern Canadians is that report one of your hospitals. I know three deaths of young physicians are confirmed. They’re not saying they’re due to vaccines. That’s interesting. And I think there’s a fourth death is of a physician in the same hospital that has to concern you because these are young, healthy physicians, supposedly who all of a sudden died, but no, we don’t have really causation for that.
Will: And Dr. Matheson released a video not long ago, talking about the number of doctors that he personally knew of who have died recently as a result of injections. And I was struck once again, a very similar moment to something that happened in our last interview and we were talking about all this stuff and I had to stop and say we’ve had two and a half years now to get numbed to all of this. And yet if we were able to take ourselves back in time and just suddenly have this start happening, some of the things that we’ve seen in the last year or so everybody would be going ‘What, this is insane’. And it struck me again, cuz we were just talking about how they are now gonna be able to release new variations of these vaccines without testing them. If you had come to the populace of the U.S. Or Canada say three years ago and said, oh, we’ve got a brand new, completely experimental flu vaccine. We want everyone to take it and oh, by the way, it hasn’t been tested. The reaction from people would be, are you kidding me? Not a chance. Am I gonna let you stick that in me? You haven’t tested it on anything. And yet that’s exactly where we are. People are gonna line up and roll up their sleeves to be injected with something that hasn’t even been tested.
Kat: It just, it makes me smile and it’s sarcastic, really what has been happening for the past two years, but really more than two years, it’s been really an experiment on a world population. There are agencies. There are some institutes. I’m not gonna name them. I don’t wanna be sued by someone, but there are institutes all over the world that actually study our response to certain things. And then based on that, they do other things. So you’re right. Who in their right state of mind would just accept experimental new technology. And I’ll take that back. At the beginning, the death rates were high. And the question is, were they truly high or were they manipulated? And I think if you look at it, you’ll find out that in most cases, the numbers were manipulated, but this the information you had, right? You had the information it’s really high. People are dying. Grandpa, grandma gonna die. You have to do this. You have to do that. I can get where at that time, when the vaccines came out, people were trying to do the best they could. I get that. I totally do because we’re all trying to do the best we can for all of us. But then you start seeing these numbers and you start seeing side effects, myocarditis, blood clots, people go to sleep, they don’t wake up. That’s not normal. Sorry. Normal 40-year-old. Most of them doesn’t just fall asleep. Doesn’t wake up next day. Something would’ve had to happen. if they were ever really healthy, that doesn’t happen. They have honestly studied. And they have pushed us and pushed us and trained us to come to this point where we just say, okay, I’m just gonna have a new vaccine. And the fact we haven’t done studies on, it’s not important. I’m just gonna do it. Cause you’re telling me to do it. It’s hard to believe that. They’ve been able to pull this off, but they have,
Will: and I have to access your medical knowledge here because recently I interviewed Dr. Jane Ruby who revealed some very graphic photographs and a video from a coroner in the U.S. who pulled these massive blood clots not of just one cadaver, multiple ones. He’s got vials lined up, showing these massive blood clots he’s pulled outta these people. And of course, we’ve got myocarditis, which is almost certainly being caused by blood clots, blocking the arteries and a long list of other problems, such as strokes that are also result of the same thing. Now, of course, there’s other issues happening as well. We’ve got the Guillain-Barre symptoms and the nervous system damage. That’s something else. But it seems so much of this is tied to the blood clots. And especially these sudden deaths of people who are 40 years old, perfectly healthy, they die in their sleep. As a doctor what’s your hypothesis of what’s causing the blood clots themselves?
Kat: We know that spike protein is most likely toxic and causing a lot of these things. And one of the best people to have a conversation about this is Dr. Ryan Cole. Ryan has showed me, showed us pictures of these unnaturally looking clots. They’re very long. They don’t look like normal clots. They’re, their substance is very different. Even there is a coroner from UK, who’s a friend who has been talking about these things for a long time, because you’ve seen these clots too. And it is very concerning. This is all new technology. Our bodies are not used to it. Our bodies are not prepared for it. And. The data, the pharmacological data is showing that something is causing all these severe adverse events. And we need to do something about it. It looks like most likely it is the spike protein that’s doing that. The vaccine is using our own body to become a factory for it.
Will: Once again, though, I wanted to dig a little bit deeper. How is it that the spike proteins themselves because of course they’re microscopic, but there’s a lot of them because as you said, the body is being prompted to produce these things and manufacture them. What is it about the spike proteins that’s causing the blood to clot? And I realize it’s a very difficult question to answer because I myself have seen the photographs of these clots. And they’ve got these long white strings in the most, some kind of material. And as far as know, at this point, the only thing we’d able to determine is that material isn’t anything organic, but we don’t know what it is. It’s very tough. You can’t tear up, get a cut through it. So I realize you’re working with very little data, but once again, what’s your best guess of why the spike proteins are causing blood clots?
Kat: Really can’t give you a good answer. Like I said, Dr. Cole will probably be your best bet for something like this, but our body if they don’t recognize something, it does have its own mechanism to try to protect itself from it. It looks like these blood clots have fibro molecules in it, amyloid different things like that. And they’re unnaturally long, and that’s why it’s very important when people do have some vaccine injuries or side effects to check their D-Dimers, to assess if they actually are at risk of developing these blood clots. And you also have incidents of people that have normal D-Dimers but still having these micro blockages, which would be smaller versions of those blood clots. So you have to anticoagulate them and make sure that they’re taking certain medications, at OD protocol lists a lot of them. But it is very concerning. All I can say to you that if you haven’t seen what they look like, everyone should go and find pictures of it because they’re extremely long and very unnatural looking. There are a lot of people who tried looking at different slides of what’s in the vaccine or things like that, and reports are coming out, but there are some stains that you can do on issue to see if there is a presence of spike protein. The problem is no one is looking, they’re not doing autopsies on people who have had these sudden deaths. If they do them, they don’t stain for spike protein to look in particular for that. So this whole field of pathology has been pretty much silent on all this, and they are the ones that we need to hear from now.
Will: We started this whole conversation out by talking about pharmacovigilance, but we have a major problem. And I’m about to ask a question to which you might not have an answer, but I’m gonna ask you anyway. We know the WHO is a tool of the WEF. We know the CDC, the FDA is controlled. Here in Canada the colleges of physicians and surgeons are being controlled. How do we get back to a system where that pharmacovigilance is being observed when all of these governing bodies are being controlled by the globalists?
Kat: It is difficult because there was an article recently saying that a lot of people within NIH and CDC in particular are not happy with what’s going on in their own agencies. And I read that article and everyone was like, oh, the [00:14:00] reaction that people had was not the one I had, the reaction I had was okay. If you’re so unhappy with what your own agency’s doing, and you are in disagreement with your agency, stop being a freaking silent witness to it. Say something. Even Dr. Off, he voted for children vaccines, but then he gave, he voted against this future framework. And it was, I believe, 19 to 3 or something like few of them voted against and he was like, so proud. He couldn’t vote for it. And I’m thinking to myself, I’m not proud of you. I don’t think you did anything brave. If you did something brave, you would’ve voted against the kids’ vaccine as well. And you would’ve said so. It will come down to individual responsibility, individual ethics individual honor, because obviously the agencies are corrupt in the top echelons of all the agencies around the world, I would say are not following the science, but that doesn’t mean that you as a person, even if you’re employed by them, should not follow your own conscience, your own honor. Don’t give these people a pass. I’m unhappy with what CDC and NIH is doing. Well, show it in your actions, walk away and do an interview. Join the forces and empower parents to do the right things. Start listening to people who say I have chest pain in shortness break after this vaccine. And before that I lived a normal life, stop hiding. I’m tired of this like anonymous source, whatever. There’s no courage in being anonymous. Trust me, I don’t really like being out there and talking and having these interviews. It’s not some, it’s not my comfort zone. I always wonder will I lose my license? Will something happen? Will I not be able to provide for my children or whatever? I grew up in oppressive regime. I did not have a voice for a long time. It took me a long time to realize that. And finally, I found an American dream in the United States of America, and it’s my duty to do what I’m doing. So I don’t give anyone a pass. When it comes to these agencies, the bottom line is gonna have to come from within people within the agencies are gonna have to take their own power back and find their own honor ethics and their own heart. And step out of the matrix and come out and empower the rest of us and stand shoulder to shoulder with us and say, these people are not crazy. What they’ve been telling you for two and a half years is true. And we’re here to show you that it is.
Will: And I agree with you that we need to have more brave people who are willing to stand up, but I also understand, and you yourself made reference to it. What happened if you lose your medical license, you’ve got five children to look after. And of course, the reason why most of these people who are seeing what’s going on, who understand that the agency they’re working for is corrupt is lying to people, is causing harm. They won’t speak out because they’re afraid of losing their jobs. And as you were speaking, a thought crossed my mind, and I think you’re exactly the right person to ask about this because of where you live. The idea I have, I don’t see it ever happening in Canada, but I think it could happen in the U.S. And it could especially happen in a place like Texas. What about the idea of establishing a fund for whistleblower? So that if they come forward and they reveal these things, they don’t have to worry what they’re gonna lose their job because the fund will replace their income until such time as they can find another job. How much of a problem do you think something like that would solve?
Kat: It is hard financially to lose things like this and step out of the box and be there because you could lose your job. And I have entertained the idea and I’m still to think the idea of creating something like that for people who are trying to do the right. But then at the same time, I also feel that you have to earn that. Sure, the fund will be there to help you, but you have to earn it. And I don’t mean that they need to earn it by doing certain things to do them. But I just wanna see a little bit of human spirit, encouraging people returning back and realizing that we need to work together to defeat this beast for lack of the better word. If I lose my medical license. I’ll get a job, we need to stop feeling desperate. And I think that’s how they got us. That’s how they got a lot of people to get a vaccine. They conned them into getting the vaccine by saying, you, if you wanna have your job, you’re gonna do it. And one of the things I always say, most people don’t understand this. It’s never been about the vaccine. It’s always been about the mandate and for the past two and a half years, even more, but I’ll just say two, two years from. We’ve lived. We haven’t had any freedom. The world has not had any freedom. United States is not free. Canada is not free. Australia is not free. UK is not free. There’s no country in the world that’s free. Cause if you government or your employer, the means that you get the product that you can keep a job and bring bread and milk home. That means you’re not free. And the only way you are going to be free, if you say. I get your point about it, but at the same time, I almost feel like that’s an easy way out.
Will: And I appreciate your honesty on that. And then obviously I’m I agree with you. I gave up my career to do this full time and it certainly involved a pay cut, but we’ve managed and there is an element of simply doing the right thing. And I think that we need to be encouraging more people to do that. As of course, are you Dr. Lindley? Because you do, you’re risking your own medical license to speak out, but you haven’t let that stop you. And as you just said, if they take your medical license, you’ll go get a different job. But you will find a way to survive it. And I think that’s a message people need to hear. Courage as I’ve said, many times to our viewers is not the absence of fear it’s action in the face of it. And that to be a certain amount of self-confidence that you can deal with it. Yes, it will be difficult, but you can deal with it and therefore you should do what is. So, Dr. Lindley, I wanna thank you again for your time, for your own courage in speaking out, and for everything that you’re doing to fight this global tyranny.
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