Evidence of Guilt: The Surgically Precise Removal of the Truth | Dr. Peter McCullough

November 8, 2022

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  • What is Dr. McCullough’s personal cancel experience, from the beginning, even before he vocally opposed c-19 shots?
  • What is the McCullough protocol?
  • How was he stripped of several positions without ANY due process?
  • How was he banned from his Twitter account that had a massive following?
  • How can PayPal’s recent policies point the way to who is behind the rampant medical censorship?
  • What does he have to say to other doctors experiencing cancellation?

Dr. McCullough’s Substack

McCullough Protocol

Ambulatory Treatment of COVID-19

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Will Dove, Dr. McCullough

Will Dove 00:15
And by the way, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the courage to face COVID-19 and had an excellent interview with John. Once again, so sorry, in the loss of your father.

Dr. McCullough 00:24
Thank you.

Will Dove 00:24
Yeah. And especially after you know, and hearing about it, within days of having read the book and the story of how you saved him. It just, that had to be heartbreaking. So, my condolences again. All right, I’m going to jump in, I’m gonna do my introduction, and we’re just gonna jump right into the interview. Most of you are aware of the censorship that’s going on out there, especially of highly qualified doctors and scientists. And today I have the pleasure to have with me once again, Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most qualified of all of them, who has been speaking the truth since early on in the Plandemic. The reason why I’ve asked Dr. McCullough on the show today is to tell his own personal story of censorship and slander of his professional character. As a result of an email, which I received from him and his co-author John Leake on the book had “The Courage to Face COVID-19” on their new Substack. The reason for this Substack, they recently were banned from Twitter, despite having absolutely no warnings of previous violations. Dr. McCullough, thank you so much for joining us again today.

Dr. McCullough 01:29
Well, thanks for having me on the program.

Will Dove 01:32
So as we explained, we were discussing before the interview today, really what I want to do is just give you the opportunity to tell your story from the beginning, when you started speaking out and what happened to you throughout the process of the last two and a half years.

Dr. McCullough 01:47
Yeah, I was involved with COVID-19 from the very beginning, I was a leader at a major academic health system in Dallas Academic Medical Center, Professor of Medicine at two major local universities, Texas universities, and I was on the COVID taskforce and I initially jumped in and reoriented my research team towards treating the illness. Helping people avoid it. Preventing hospitalizations and deaths got large research grants, investigational new drug applications, was called by the White House early on to help the best I could by Peter Navarro, and then called to testify in the US Senate. But as 2020 wore on, it became clear that not only my health system, my hospital, my academic medical center, but more powerful forces beyond that were working to suppress early treatment. And in January of 2021, before I said even a word publicly about the vaccines, I was told my contract was not going to be renewed without any due process, including a board vote and, and, you know, reason why it’s not being renewed. And this was a standard physician employment contract at a perfect clinical track record, perfect academic track record. In my book, “Courage to Face COVID-19” there’s a chapter on this called The Stripping of Just What Happened. So first was the job and again, this is before the vaccines. And you know, what I said is I said I think this is actually an act of reprisal. Because I attempted to help patients with COVID-19. So the only thing I could think of, you know, other doctors were losing their jobs. Pierre Kory lost his job, Simone Gold, Paul Merrick, because we treated patients with COVID-19. This is before the vaccines. And so there was a clear trend towards suppression of early treatment making doctors pay, who treated patients, in order to promote the vaccine agenda.

Will Dove 03:54
And I just want to clarify for our audience, you are the inventor of what is called the McCullough protocol, an early treatment protocol for COVID-19 that had been proven to reduce hospitalizations and deaths by I believe it is at least at least 85%. So your treatments were proven effective, absolutely proven effective, and yet they’re going after you anyway.

Dr. McCullough 04:13
Well, they we did not have the luxury of time. In large randomized trials, we would have made trials of 20 to 40,000 patients, it would have had to be very mature trials multi drug would have taken probably, you know anywhere from two to four years to do these trials. So yes, the McCullough protocol was synthesized. It was published in the American Journal of Medicine August 7 2020, became part of the Association of Physicians and Surgeons home treatment guide in October of 2020, and then updated in reviews in cardiovascular medicine December of 2020. It’s been given a full copyright by the US Patent Office. And in all the comparative studies that are now synthesized in a paper by Gulia Bacchus and colleagues them The McCullough protocol and the principles of early multi drug treatment have an associated reduction in hospitalization and death of at least 85%. I would estimate now, with all the tools that we have 95% reductions in hospitalization and death and Gulia Bacchus concluded that this was the level of evidence well, was beyond a reasonable doubt, and clear and convincing by December of 2020. And he did a very careful mathematical analysis. There’s certainty here. That drug treatment done early at home, prevents hospitalization and death is now very, very strong.

Will Dove 05:41
And I just want to interject one more thing. And because your protocol calls for ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, among other things, correct?

Dr. McCullough 05:48

Will Dove 05:48
And those drugs were suppressed. And this was revealed, I believe, at first by Dr. Peter Breggin in his book The Global Predators, that the reason why that was suppressed is because the FDA, the CDC cannot give emergency approval for a vaccine if the safe and effective treatment already exists, which clearly it did. And so I’m feeling very strongly that you and other doctors were attacked, for proposing the use of these drugs, because somebody else had a profit agenda. And those drugs would have interfered with it.

Dr. McCullough 06:22
You know, well, I think it’s even more nefarious than that. Because, you know, the documents that were released by YouTube and it’s now been uncovered, through various legal sources, American First Legal and their interactions with Twitter, Facebook and others. We know that from the very beginning worldwide, there was going to be suppression of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. In our book, we describe what happened in France. They took it from over the counter and made a prescription months before COVID-19 hit. I told Tucker Carlson in an interview in Queensland, Australia, they put on the books that they were going to put a doctor in jail for using hydroxychloroquine. I’ve interviewed Dr. Jackie Stone from Zimbabwe on the McCullough report. She was actually temporarily jailed for using ivermectin she still faces a longer sentence. This was from the very beginning that this was going to happen. And I don’t think it was simply an American emergency use authorization mechanism for a couple of reasons A), it’s worldwide and B) even under the emergency use authorization, the vaccines would have had an indication to prevent COVID not treat it. The ivermectin hydroxychloroquine and Paxlovid and Mona Pierre have it and the others, they would have the indication for treatment. So they’re two separate indications. I think the reason why they were suppressed worldwide, was to promote fear, suffering, hospitalization and death to promote hospitalization and death in order to prepare the world for mass vaccination. So I think it’s even more nefarious than just an EUA mechanism.

Will Dove 07:55
Agreed. And here in Canada, as you’re aware, doctors lose their medical license for prescribing ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. But, Peter, I’d like you to continue on with your story. You’ve taken us to the point where you were removed from your position and this is before you’re even speaking out against the vaccines. So please continue your story from there.

Dr. McCullough 08:13
Right. I remain neutral on the vaccines. I didn’t promote them. I didn’t dissuade people. I went over what I knew about the vaccines with my patients, my patients ended up making their own choice. Remember, doctors can never give any pressure, coercion or threat of reprisal for someone participating in an investigational product like with the vaccines. No doctor can. Any doctor that encouraged a patient to take a COVID 19 vaccine has actually violated the Nuremberg Code, it’s very important. Patients need to understand they violated a fundamental code of medical ethics. The doctors can’t do this for investigational products. Having said that my patients some of them, in fact did take the vaccines. And then by March of 2021, we already had a large number of deaths looking backwards now through court ordered documents, Pfizer knew about 1223 deaths within 90 days that release of their product. They released it on the market early December of 2020. Pfizer should have pulled it off the market within a few deaths. The FDA should have been watching and had them pull it off by December by January 22 2021, we are already over the line even the VAERS system which is a gross underreporting of deaths. Doctors and nurses, paramedics, we use the VAERS system report does we already had far too many deaths. So by March of 2021, I started speaking out I said, Listen, we are already having large numbers of Americans die after taking the vaccine. And in fact, the alarm bells started going off there was originally a French group that was the first to signal I was on a paper with Bruno and colleagues in May of 2017 saying listen, we’ve got serious questions on safety, World Council for Health have issued many, many stern warnings on this. And then in June 11 2022, World Council for Health issued a pharmacovigilance report they said pull them off the market, take them off the market. Now there’s calls all over the world, lead cardiologist in the UK, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, my counterpart in the UK, who is initially a promoter of the vaccines. His father, very prominent physicians and physician in the Royal College of Physicians. Sadly, Malhotra has concluded that his father died due to the COVID 19 vaccines. Malhotra took them himself, he deeply regrets it. And now he’s come out with his own analyses; two papers, part one and part two, independently confirming that the vaccines are not safe for human use.

Will Dove 10:00
Yes and I’m well familiar with that story. As a matter of fact, coincidentally, I sent a message to Dr. Malhotra just yesterday inviting him to an interview.

Dr. McCullough 10:54

Will Dove 10:55
So please continue. So you started speaking out in in early 2014 In spring of 2021, because you were seeing these deaths happening. So what happened to you as a result of that?

Dr. McCullough 11:05
So what’s happened there is I had to change my job. So I changed jobs with different employers at the same Medical Center, I worked for one medical group, I changed to another because I’ve had a long standing reputation of clinical excellence in the center. So it was no problem changing jobs. So I did that and then the pressure started coming in. And it came in through various mechanisms. I would receive an email or a certified letter, and I was stripped of two professorships with no due process. Remember, if there’s a problem with a professor of medicine, there’s a faculty senate there’s a hearing, there’s a discussion of what went on. None of that. I was stripped of two professorships with no due process, I received a follow up letter from one of the universities threatening lawsuit if their name was used in the media. Then in July of 2021, the health system which I formerly worked for, they filed a lawsuit against me.

Will Dove 12:07
So I just want to clarify these two professorships that were stripped from you without due process. All that happened was you just received a letter informing you that you no longer have these professorships?

Dr. McCullough 12:17
That’s correct, you know by either by email or certified letter, it didn’t stop there. Well, I was stripped of to editor ships, neither standing editor of two major journals, again, perfect track record, I did this and improve the Impact Factor or both of these Cardiorenal medicine reviews in cardiovascular medicine. I was stripped of those editorships that’s just unheard of. There’s normally a change out of the guard. And there’s a search committee and a look for a new editor. These were just summarily decided dismissals that came through letter certified mail, but it didn’t stop there. I was the president of a major medical society, the these Cardiorenal Medicine Society, this has about 600 members, a huge group of followers. It was dissolved. I got a notice from the society again, no, no meeting. I’m the president of the Society. There’s no board meeting. There’s no discussion, no courtesy phone call, it was dissolved. That question is it can this be a coincidence? Through all of these? Will, for all of these, there was no phone call. There was no email discussion. There never was, you know, if someone called and said, listen, I’ve got a I’ve got a different view on what you’re saying about COVID I want to talk with you about it. That conversation never happened. And to this day, you know this, I’ve never received an email or a call from any Chief of Medicine, any Chief of Infectious Disease or Cardiology in anyone even close to my level of standing in medicine and having someone say Dr. McCullough, I disagree with you know, nothing actually disagree with me.

Will Dove 13:59
Yeah, and we’re waiting already. I know your story’s not done. But we’re already way past potential coincidence, but I wanted to start something else. For those of you, our viewers who are not aware of Dr. McCullough’s qualifications. He is the most published author in history in the area, his areas of expertise of heart and kidney medication or treatment. I believe you have some 1600 papers to your name?

Dr. McCullough 14:18
Now I have over 1000 over medical communications, but importantly, in the National Library of Medicine, peer reviewed and cited permanently listed in the National Library of Medicine, I have over 670 publications, as you mentioned the most published person in the interface between heart and kidney disease. I’m the editor of the inaugural textbook Cardio Renal Medicine, I published for decades, the chapter in Braunwalds Textbook of Medicine, the Bible of Cardiology on the interface between heart and kidney disease. You know, I’ve been I’ve lectured at the European Medicine Association, the US FDA, the Congressional Oversight Panel, countries around the world. I’m a household name in medicine. So this isn’t my first rodeo I am expert in analyzing data. I’ve chaired data safety monitoring boards for the FDA for different and for the National Institutes of Health, several different branches, including BARDA, the branch that deals with biological threats. So you know, I’m known, I’m known to people at the FDA, the NIH, they know me. And I can tell you, not a single one picked up a phone call.

Will Dove 15:26
So we think we, we had well established that you were eminently qualified to be an editor, to be a president of this board that you were on and you’re just being summarily removed from these positions, or having these positions dissolved with no interaction, no notification in advance. They’re just sending you a letter or an email saying, you’re gone. Please continue with your story here.

Dr. McCullough 15:51
That’s right. And so it just picks up from there. I had branched out into social media because we started to see corruption. In the medical literature. I’ve been stripped of editorship. So after my November 19 2020 US Senate testimony, I opened up a Twitter account, it was under the name COVID-19 Treatments, it had a green emblem to it, people began to rely on it as a source of peer reviewed abstracts and manuscripts. I would make a graphical

abstract of what the study findings were, key videos on scientific presentations. And then Twitter ultimately permanently banned that account, suspended that account. And so I joined in a multi plaintiff lawsuit against Twitter, and lead attorney Matt Tyson led the case. And recently Twitter prevailed. And they prevailed. And they stated that our lawsuit was a strategic lawsuit against Twitter’s public participation in COVID-19. Instead of Twitter executives coming out and giving their own analysis of what’s going on, they claimed that they had the right to terminate accounts, manipulate accounts in order to in a sense shape the COVID conversation. Now separately, American First Legal through court action has received documents, so they know Twitter and Facebook were actively meeting with this CDC to shape the false narrative. This is all coming out. And so what happened was I had started a personal Twitter account I restarted I, again, had a very consistent tweeting policy, where I was just showing the science, no hyperbole. I did not respond to anybody on Twitter, I didn’t, we treat. I didn’t use hashtags. This was simply getting the information out. I developed a huge following about 512,000 followers. But I had data from my tech team, that millions of people are on my feed. In fact, we screenshot Twitter actively had an unfollow program. For me, they’re actively unfollowing followers off my program, we had documented that. And then what happened in the last week is there was some instability in my account, multiple other accounts, where followers were subtracted and added back up. But you know, for me, it was about 2,000 to 3,000 followers. And my team was telling me that they thought bad bots were being subtracted and added when the announcement that Elon Musk purchase of Twitter was back on. So somehow that was related. It coincided. And then on Thursday night, October 6 2022, my cell phone blew up. People said what’s going on? Twitter drained all my followers out of my account, they zeroed out my account, no warning, nothing. And then after that my account was suspended. So my legal and tech team engaged with Twitter. We couldn’t, we couldn’t back up my account. I couldn’t get the information. This was I had 1,000s upon 1,000s of scientific citations and in graphical abstracts on Twitter, key videos. It was all gone and they wouldn’t let me back it up. Now, Twitter’s you know, backed off somewhat and my team is engaging with them. And hopefully this will be resolved. Shortly after me it was Surgeon General Joe Ladapo from Florida had posted a study done by Florida, demonstrating 84% excess rate of cardiac death in young men ages 18 to 39. He just posted the science, Twitter took down that post and actually suspended his account. It’s been subsequently restored today. But these acts of censorship against scientific disclosure of what’s going on. I think everybody should be alarmed.

Will Dove 19:47
And I thought to ask the obvious question, Peter, that I know is occurring to our viewers, because you mentioned that all of this happened almost at the exact same time that they were announcing that Musk’s purchase of Twitter was back on. Do you think that they’re trying their damnedest to silence you and others before they lose the ability to do so?

Dr. McCullough 20:09
That may be the case. I’m certainly open to talking to Elon Musk, you know, I’m the only person on the Joe Rogan Experience who got more views, downloads and repeat views than he did. So we’re kind of up there as to public figures. I’d be happy to talk with him about it. He must be seeing what’s going on the media was relying on my feed, you know, Dan Bongino on UnFiltered hit me on it because I was relying on your feed and now Twitter’s suspended this. We have seen unprecedented acts of now financial reprisal. And you’re I know you’re gonna ask, well, who’s behind this? Well, I tell you what I would say look at the most recent PayPal incident, Pay Pal, the Financial Services Exchange Company put out new terms of service in the last few days. It said that they were going to penalize accounts $2,500 US dollars if the account holder was spreading COVID misinformation. Now, this was publicly stated it came out in terms of use. And the immediate questions where Wait a minute, people don’t post information on PayPal. It’s not a social media network. Does PayPal have doctors? How are they going to adjudicate this? How are they going to actually link up PayPal users to other people posting other information outside of PayPal? Wait a minute. I mean, this was astounding that this announcement came out quickly. People started to drain their PayPal accounts, closer accounts. I did so and then within a day or two PayPal says oh no, no, we didn’t mean to do this. I think the PayPal incident is very, very important. And I hope attorneys out there listening immediately file Freedom of Information Act requests you go in what was going on did PayPal executives themselves decide to do this? Or were they approached by a government agency or a non government organization? What happened? The PayPal incident is going to be key. What we know what Twitter and Facebook is that it was the CDC, the CDC was actually meeting with Twitter and Facebook. What was going on with PayPal? What government agency or non government agency was involved, if any? Because this is very important, because if it was PayPal a few days ago, is it going to be Bank of America or Citibank or TD Bank? Bank of Nova Scotia? What’s going to be next?

Will Dove 22:33
Right. Dr. McCullough, thank you so much for telling your personal story for relating everything that has happened to you, I want to finish with this. Because you are hardly the only scientist or doctor who has been attacked and slandered this way. But you are by far one of the most eminent and you’ve been fighting since very early on in this plandemic, to bring people to truth. So I’d like to ask you, what would be your advice to other doctors and scientists who are being attacked in the same way?

Dr. McCullough 22:59
I think the doctors should ask themselves two questions. I asked myself these very early on in the pandemic, I saw this going across the United States. The first question is, do I have responsibility? The answer is yes. As a doctor, a doctor in position of medical authority, of course I have responsibilities to this. How about every other practicing doctor and mid level provider? That means Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, and I would extend this to nurses and other allied health personnel. Do they have a responsibility? The answer is yes, they do. Because they’re medical experts. They have healthcare knowledge. And the second question is, does it matter? Of course it matters. At this point in time, large numbers of people with the Covid 19 vaccines are suffering injuries, disabilities and deaths and I mean large numbers. A recent Zogby survey, a representative survey of Americans, two thirds of Americans took the vaccine 15% have some new medical problem that they’re dealing with due to the vaccine, so people responded. The CDC V Safe data just came out acquired by NGO ICANN through court orders CDC was not revealing this data, people on their cell phones were reporting side effects after they took the vaccine. They were told to do so in the consent form. What we found out is 25% of Americans who took the vaccine were incapacitated the next day and the day after they couldn’t go to work. We’ve never had a vaccine that incapacitates the population. This was a stunning finding and then 78% of Americans in the CDC V Safe data have to go to the ER or be hospitalized or see a doctor because of a vaccine side effect or injury. lead attorney Aaron Siri went on Fox News PrimeTime and told America this. This is stunning. And now the deaths are piling up. Our CDC says 14,000 Americans have died within a day or two or so of the vaccines. And this is a gross under reporting. It may be, it may be as much as 1% of reality. The data by Jessica Rose published in American Journal of Public Health Policy and Law suggests a 31 fold under reporting, we’re looking at 500 to 6,000 Americans that may have lost their life after the vaccine. And what I’ve said now, is I’ve said any person who’s dying, who does not have an antecedent illness, that’s a cause of death. And it’s a death of unknown cause. It’s due to the COVID 19 vaccines until proven otherwise. Now, if the family comes out and says, You know what, they never took a vaccine, we can remove that from a consideration. But if the family doesn’t come forward, a reasonable safe, conservative regulatory assumption is that since the majority of Americans and Canadians have taken the vaccine, it’s a reasonable step to say the vaccines have caused this death until proven otherwise, clinically or by autopsy.

Will Dove 26:03
Yes. And you made reference to the fact that the VAERS data is a small fraction of what’s actually out there. I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Rose a little while ago. And one of the most shocking things that she said was, and by the way, folks, Dr. Jessica Rose is an expert and absolute expert in analyzing the VAERS data. She said that she believes it is entirely possible that there may be millions of unprocessed reports. This means doctors who have filed these reports, and they haven’t processed them. Which means what we’re seeing, there was an estimate done by a Harvard study a number of years ago that said that the VAERS data might represent as little as 1% of the actual total of what’s out there. But knowing from Dr. Jessica Rose telling us that there could potentially be millions of unprocessed reports it might be even smaller than that. Right now, we’re sitting 31,000 deaths reported in VAERS.

Dr. McCullough 26:54
Right, so Will, people have asked how big the number can be. I don’t even want to go there. There’s an analysis by Pentas autos through December of last year, it’s a year old now. suggested maybe 178,000. The Rows Multiplayer 31 would put it at 500 to 600,000. Currently, if it’s a 1% underreporting is 1.4 million. I can tell you, if we look at the lives lost to the vaccine, and avoidable lives lost with the respiratory illness, this is the largest loss of life in history worldwide. This beats all the wars. This is worse than everything in modern history.

Will Dove 27:33

Dr. McCullough 27:33
And so I was just on the Steve Bannon War Room Show, and he says, well, what’s the biggest thing political candidates should do? I said, Americans want to know the stance of every political candidate for the vaccines. Are they for the vaccines? Are they questioning the vaccines? Are they against the vaccines? We need to know. The vaccine is the single largest issue on people’s minds? No one wants these vaccines. It’ll be a holiday American Canadian worldwide holiday, the day the vaccines are pulled off the market.

Will Dove 28:02
Absolutely agreed. Folks, as always, you will find the link to Dr. McCullough’s Substack directly beneath this interview. On our website, you will not find a more reliable source of information than Dr. McCullough. Peter, once again, thank you so much for your time.

Dr. McCullough 28:19
Thanks for having me.

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