Freedom from Health Tyranny: The World Council for Health
Tess Lawrie

March 20, 2024

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Most of you are aware that the WHO, the World Health Organization, is merely the marketing arm for Big Pharma, and a partner with other globalist organizations such as the WEF in their campaign to establish global control over all of us.

But there is an alternative. Founded in 2020, the World Council for Health is not a political organization in any way. Where the WHO is focused on dictating health policies to its 194 member states, the World Council for Health is entirely an advisory organization, providing absolutely free health advice from some of the top doctors and scientists in the world.

From her home in the UK, I am joined today by Dr. Tess Lawrie, a co-founder of the WCH. Dr. Lawrie is a world class researcher and expert in evidence based scientific analysis.

In fact, Dr. Lawrie is uniquely qualified to discuss the differences between the World Council for Health and the WHO, as she worked for the WHO as a highly respected consultant for almost 10 years, until she voluntarily left in 2021 after it became clear that the WHO had no interest in promoting or protecting health.

In this full free interview, Dr. Lawrie explains how, unlike the WHO, which is now calling itself a ‘health security’ organization, double speak for health tyrants, the WCH is a health sovereignty organization, providing expert advice to people and governments around the world from some of the world’s top doctors and scientists.

Advice that is effective, health focused and that truly has the best interests of the people at heart, rather than serving the profitmongering interests of Big Pharma.


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