Their Plan to Rule the World: What You Didn’t Know
Ivor Cummins

March 17, 2024

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I have had the honour over the past two years to interview some of the top scientists, doctors and authors in the world. But I also believe that journalists are an untapped resource. Most of us aren’t experts in anything, but because we talk to so many people who are, on such a wide variety of subjects, we are often in the best position to see the big picture.

Ivor Cummins, known online as The Fat Emperor, has been telling the truth since 2018. Back then, his focus was mostly on health issues, however in recent years he, like myself, has been exposing the lies of the globalist agenda, from The Great Taking to immigration, from the attack on the family unit to Covid vaccines.

Ivor joins me today, and in the course of this interview, gives the best plain English summary of the globalist’s plans I have ever heard. Not just what they are doing, but why, and how all of the smaller pieces such as transgenderism, climate alarmism, food insecurity, rampant immigration and much more serve only to support their ultimate goal. To own and control everything.

To paraphrase the now infamous World Economic Forum ad, “You will own nothing, and we will be happy.”


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