Healthy Home, Healthy Office: Patrik Pavlica

November 29, 2023

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The globalists are doing everything they can to poison our environment. From manufactured foods to Covid injections, from 5G to chemtrails, even the very air we breathe is becoming increasingly toxic.

During the plandemic, hospitals spent millions on new air purification systems and positive pressure operating rooms. But there was a simpler, easier and much cheaper way.

FN Nano produces a revolutionary coating which can simply be painted on the ceilings of your home or office, and which will instantly destroy any organic molecule that comes in contact with it, while remaining completely safe to touch.

And the company backs up their claims with before and after air quality testing.

I am joined in the studio today by Patrik Pavlica, a representative of FN Nano who explains how the product works, as well as the cost and benefits. And remember those hospitals that spent millions on air purification? Patrik also tells us what happened when he approached every single hospital and health clinic in Canada with an offer to use this coating.

Finally, during the interview, Patrik conducts a test of the air quality in my studio, with some alarming results.


FN Nano Website:

Here is the video which explains how our nano technology works:

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