IWR News for November 17th | Ethno Bombs: Viruses that target specific ethnic groups

November 17, 2023

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IWR News for July 12th |
No Graves at Kamloops School
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Your Right to the Truth |
Rodney Palmer & Randy Taylor
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Will You Need a Prescription to Not Eat Bugs?
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How We Fix Healthcare in Canada |
Dr. William Makis & Dr. Mark Trozzi
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Shot in the Heart: 100% Have Signs of Heart Damage |
Dr. Chris Shoemaker
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Canada’s Coming Digital ID
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The Criminal Persecution of Detective Helen Grus
Donald Best
Countdown to WW3 NATO vs BRICS June 25
BRICS (the anti-NATO alliance) and WW3
Special Report

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • Ethno Bombs: Viruses that target specific ethnic groups
  • Canada’s food crisis worsens as families skip meals
  • A victory for free speech
  • ArriveCan development corruption revealed
  • Canadian hero James Topp faces a court martial
  • Is TV and social media really bad for kids? New study results
  • Canadians overwhelmingly in favor of carbon tax exemptions
  • Liberal senators trying to kill farm carbon tax relief
  • Pfizer data: Sudden deaths doubled after shots
  • Horrific new data on miscarriages
  • Sharp increase in infant mortality linked to vaxxed moms
  • How hospitals faked pandemic deaths
  • VAERS is revealed to be fundamentally broken
  • Substack the latest to censor the truth
  • Canadian banks want your tax records
  • Israel fed up with Europe
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