IWR Weekly August 4th: Alberta Court Rules Vaccine Mandates Illegal

August 4, 2023

499 IWR Week of May 17th
IWR News for May 17th
Canada: Life in Prison for Thought Crimes
494 Beatrijs Penn
How to Represent Yourself and Win
Beatrijs Penn
491 Rob Verkerk Pt 2 of 2
What Makes Us Sick: Our Toxic Environment
Dr. Rob Verkerk
495 IWR Week of May 10
IWR News for May 10th:
Liberals Admit They Have “No Data” To Support Teen Trans Suicides
490 Rob Verkerk Pt 1 of 2
What Makes Us Sick: Terrain vs Germ Theory
Dr. Rob Verkerk
493 IWR Week of May 3rd
IWR News for May 3rd:
Canada’s First Prison City
489 Vanessa Dylan Covid Collateral
Covid Collateral: The Machinery of Mass Manipulation
Vanessa Dylan
487 Natasha Gonek Plandemic Tyranny
Plandemic Tyranny: When the Police Are the Victims
Natasha Gonek

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear…

  • Alberta Court Rules Mandates Illegal
  • Man Charged with Murder in Home Defense Case Wins
  • Trans Man Wants MAiD – but Told He Can’t Have It
  • Violent Crime at Historic High in Canada
  • Canada Can’t Cut the Mustard
  • E-Bombs: E-Bikes are Killing Their Owners
  • The Ongoing Collapse of Our Health Care System
  • New Study Proves Vaccines Kill Babies
  • Measles Vaccine: More Harm Than Good?
  • Zuckerberg’s Meta Latest to Listen to Everything You Say
  • B.C. Teacher Fired After Pursuing Students for Sex
  • UBC Professor Wants Kids Exposed to Adult Genitalia
  • Mosquitoes Can Now Inject Vaccines
  • De-Transitioned Girl Pleads With U.S. Lawmakers
  • The Real Reason for the Trudeau Separation
  • Fitness is Fascist: JP Sears Reacts
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