Your City Council Has Been Bought Off

July 26, 2023

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A few months ago I interviewed Tom Harris, a former climate alarmist turned whistle blower on the real facts behind climate change. And the fact is that manmade global warming simply is not happening.

Climate alarmism is part of the globalist agenda. A means to terrify ordinary people into complying with draconian restrictions on their rights and freedoms.

Recently a viewer sent me a link to a video, a short presentation made by a resident of the city of Peterborough to the city council. That video is proof that you don’t have to be a scientist to understand the real science and to speak out in defense of our rights.

Maggie Braun, like Tom Harris, used to believe the climate change narrative. She studied ecosystem management with hopes to work for the U.N. in finding solutions to the climate crisis. But then she started asking questions and doing more research. It wasn’t long before the lie was revealed.

A lie that is being used to undermine our sovereignty and hand control of our lives over to the globalist agenda. Not just nationally or provincially, but right down to the level of our local city councils.

Another fact that Maggie discovered is that most of our cities are now in fact private corporations. Corporations which receive substantial funding from globalist organizations to buy compliance with their agenda.


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