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March 24, 2023

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In this week’s Iron Will Report…

  • Calgary Bylaw Prevents Drag Show Protests: $10,000 Fine
  • Are Drag Shows Really That Bad? See For Yourself
  • MAiD Targeting the Disabled
  • Oregon Opens to MAiD Tourism
  • AI’s Cutting Off Elderly Health Care
  • Hero of the Week: Cerebral Palsy Victim Defends Right to Life

And in the Member’s Version at IronWillReport.com:

  • Alarming Changes to TD Bank’s Client Agreement
  • Bank Collapses Tip of the Iceberg: Insufficient Insurance
  • Covid Conditioning: What the Plandemic was Really For
  • CSIS: “Climate Change a National Security Threat”
  • CRA Labels Cash as ‘Underground Economy’
  • The End of the Rainbow: NHL Rejects Woke Agenda
  • Gwyneth Paltrow’s Anal Ozone Therapy

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When I was in Ottawa last year for the Freedom Convoy, and along with every freedom-minded Canadian was lamenting the obscene violation of our rights that was the Emergency Measures Act, many I spoke with predicted that, for various reasons, Calgary would be next.

They were right.

I am embarrassed to report that my own home city of Calgary has become the latest site of an attempt to misuse the law to violate the rights of its citizens to peaceful protest.

Calgary, like many cities, has been host to a number of drag shows for kids. While I strongly object to these displays, and the brainwashing of children, I believe in the right to freedom of speech. If people want to hold these events, and some parents choose to expose their children to them, as offensive as I find the entire narrative, as long as the parents are doing so of their own free will, it should be their choice.

It should also be the choice of those who see the obvious harms this will cause children to protest. But not in the mind of Calgary’s mayor or the majority of city council.

Jyoti Gondek, Calgary’s latest far left mayor, and 9 of 14 councillors voted in favor of what they are calling the ‘Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw’.

The bylaw, which came into effect immediately, bans “specified protests” inside and within 100 metres of city libraries and recreation centres, following a number of protests against transgender individuals being allowed in pool change rooms and drag queen story hours for children in public libraries.

Furthermore, the bylaw was passed on an expedited basis that did not include the usual committee meetings and public consultation process.

Canadian Constitution Foundation litigation director Christine Van Geyn stated, “This bylaw is not content neutral, it only prohibits specific types of protests that the government disapproves of. The courts have been very clear that the right to freedom of expression is content neutral.”

The bylaw carries the threat of arrest and a 10,000 dollar fine. For those of you who live in Calgary, the 5 councillors who voted against the bylaw are Sean Chu, Dan McLean, Jennifer Wyness, Sonya Sharp, and Andre Chabot.

And as to the Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw. Inclusive, certainly. Safe? Perhaps for those putting on these displays, but what about the children who are being set up for a lifetime of challenges due to being brainwashed with gender confusion?



I think I’m safe in assuming that you, my viewers, would never take your child to one of these shows, so I’m going to show you what goes on there. This video is from a drag show in an Iowa high school.

One Twitter user posted this. The question asked, If it were biological women strippers doing story time instead of men dressed up as women would it still be acceptable? The vast majority of people, even those taking their kids to drag story hour would answer an emphatic ‘No!’. I make this assertion because I know that statistically most parents who take their small children to these shows are mothers. These same mothers presumably call themselves feminists and would be horrified at the idea of teaching their daughters to be nothing more than objects.

Wasn’t that the basic premise of feminism, as it was originally intended? That women should have equal rights, equal pay, and equal respect. That women are not objects.

But apparently there are some who think even teaching their daughters to grow up to be strippers is OK.

If you’re in any doubt about the direction that sort of influence will take a kid, check out this video from DragCon.

How old do you figure that boy is? Maybe 8? He hasn’t even hit puberty yet. No child at that age decides for himself that he’s going to identify, not just as a girl, but as a stripper. Kids performing at DragCon were apparently collecting money from the audience during their ‘performances’.

And this is the kind of thing that Gondek and her woke posse of city councillors are promoting with their flagrant violations of the right to protest for those who see a problem here.

That was Calgary pastor Derek Reimer being physically assaulted at the Seton Library in Calgary when he showed up to protest. He was later arrested and charged with causing a disturbance, and with ‘mischief’. The same charge that had then 49-year-old grandmother Tamara Lich arrested and imprisoned. Twice.

And what about the assault on pastor Reimer? Was anyone charged for that? Of course not. Because woke culture is just liberal ideology taken to extremes. And you know what they say about Liberals.

They’re people who believe there should be one set of rules for them, and a completely different set for everyone else.

Even when those rules lead to a risk of suicide among trans gender youth that is 16 times higher than it is for the non-gender confused.


You may remember that several times now I’ve reported on the rash of unprovoked assaults on transit across Canada. Now Canadian libraries are becoming unsafe for our kids for more than just drag story hours and kiddie porn picture books.

An Edmonton man has reported that the Sprucewood branch, which he says is fine during daylight hours, turns into a drug injection site after dark. The staff have removed the bathroom doors as people go in to do drugs and lock the doors behind them, preventing other library patrons from entering.

There was one instance where staff and security had to wrestle a man to the floor, as he was belligerent and ripped the turban off a staff member: He also bit the security guard who was pinning him down!

In British Columbia, people can now carry up to 2.5 grams of opioids, meth, cocaine, and other drugs without being charged. What could possibly go wrong?

People dying of overdoses in public bathrooms, apparently.

Vancouver Island Health is trying out motion sensing technology in washrooms to prevent toxic drug deaths.

The current trials involve the installation of highly sensitive motion detection sensors in washrooms Island Health has identified as “high risk spaces,” which will be used to monitor how long a person has occupied the washroom as well as a lack of movement.

The technology is sensitive enough to detect depressed breathing.

Each site can set its own time limit based on experience.

In addition, the devices sense only movement. There are no cameras or listening devices.

If you’ve been watching my show, you’re thinking, OK, this is where Will explains how this will be used as a surveillance device to control us all. No. To paraphrase Freud, sometimes a safety device is just a safety device. It’s not the devices that concern me. It’s where they’re being used.

Remember that the trial of these devices is in ‘high risk spaces’. Of which currently there are apparently two, somewhere in Courtenay.

The third system will soon be installed in Nanaimo Regional Hospital.

Am I the only person who wonders why the hospital is a ‘high risk space’?

It seems that Canadian hospitals object to people dying on the premises from drug overdoses, unless of course the hospital gave them the drugs under our oh so progressive MAiD laws.

Roger Foley is suing the government-affiliated Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario, for pressuring him to end his life rather than rack up a costly medical bill.

Roger suffers from cerebellar ataxia, a disease that attacks the brain and muscles. While he has Ontario’s provincially funded insurance it pays only for “basic medical and emergency services,” The 47-year-old Foley has been bedridden for around six years and needs continual help in order to eat, wash and sit up.

Said Foley, “They asked if I want an assisted death. I don’t. I was told that I would be charged $1,800 per day [for hospital care]. I have $2 million worth of bills. Nurses here told me that I should end my life. That shocked me.”

But at least Foley has a degenerative disease.

Because then there’s the case of Alan Nichols in 2019. At the time Canadian law required that patients could only legally undergo medically-assisted suicide if they suffered from a physical — not mental — ailment. Nichols listed hearing loss as his reason for euthanasia. Relatives maintain that hospital employees helped him to put in the request.

The government announced last month that the revision to the MAiD law which would have allowed people who are merely depressed to access MAiD has been delayed until Mar 17th of next year. The government says that this delay will provide them with more time to develop practice standards and training, and to allow for better data collection and sharing and is in no way motivated by public outrage over the law.

Tim Stainton, director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia, described the law as “probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people since the Nazis’ program in Germany in the 1930s.”



With Canada vying with other newly fascist states such as Australia and New Zealand to the lead the world in rights violations, we can also be proud that our world-leading MAiD programs are catching on south of the border. There are now ten states where medically assisted suicide is legal, and the state of Oregon is debating suicide tourism.

You heard that right. Lawmakers in Oregon are considering making it legal for non-residents to travel to their state to die.

Dr Nicholas Gideonse, the director of Portland’s End of Life Choices Oregon clinic, successfully sued Oregon to lift the residency requirement. It has not been codified into law, but he’s already started helping people from Texas and other “prohibitionist states” to end their lives there.

While U.S. MAiD laws still officially require that the person is dying of an incurable disease, the reality in Oregon at least is that only about 27 percent of Oregon’s assisted deaths in 2021 involved people who said they were in too much pain, while more than half said they felt like a burden on loved ones, and 8 percent committed suicide because they couldn’t afford treatment.

So now you’re thinking, well, sure, Will, but the treatment they can’t afford is for a disease that will soon kill them.

Last year, Dr Jennifer Gaudiani, who treats eating disorders, prescribed a lethal dose to a patient with anorexia. Dr Gaudiani is still practicing and has not been disciplined in any way.

Alice Bozeman was 60 when her doctor advised suicide for the lung cancer she was told would kill her within six months. Bozeman said no, and lived another 12 years, dying in 2021 at 72.

Along with the further erosion of the sanctity of human life, assisted suicide is often not the clean process our governments want us to believe it is.

The drug cocktail issued by doctors to those opting for suicide, which is often taken at home, is supposed to painlessly kill the victim within 30 minutes. But they don’t always get it right. In many cases it takes longer than that, sometimes days. Days during which the family, often present, watches their loved one gasp for breath in their drug-induced coma, trying to reassure each other that they’re all doing the right thing while waiting for that last breath.

Many disabled people in the U.S. are concerned that their country is heading in the same direction as ours, 64 year old John Kelly, who has been a quadriplegic since the age of 25 after a sledding accident had this to say.

“We’re trying to prevent Canada from coming to the U.S., and starting to kill us.”



Too late, John.

No longer are actual human doctors in the U.S. making personalized decisions in patient care for elderly people on Medicare. Instead, AI’s are deciding who lives and who dies. AI-driven medicine is fast becoming the norm, not only for seniors but for everyone.

Take the case of Frances Walter, an 85-year-old Wisconsin woman with a shattered left shoulder and a respiratory condition who was forced out of her nursing home by an AI algorithm that decided she only needed to stay there for 16.6 days. On day 17, her Medicare Advantage insurer, Security Health Plan, cut off payment for her care in accordance with the algorithm, even though she was not yet healed.

Walter was forced to return home to her apartment where she lives alone – this despite medical notes that show Walter’s pain was extreme, and she could no longer dress herself, go to the bathroom, or even push a walker without assistance.

An independent journalist investigation found that while health insurance companies have been rejecting medical claims since the time when they were first concocted, the advent of AI-driven medicine has sent these denials to new heights, particularly under Medicare Advantage, which is funded by taxpayers.

Elderly people who spent their lives paying into Medicare, and are now facing amputation, fast-spreading cancers, and other devastating diagnoses, are left to either pay for their care themselves or get by without it. If they disagree, they can file an appeal, and spend months trying to recover their costs, even if they don’t recover from their illnesses.

Now maybe we could make allowances for this if it was being primarily used for private health care companies, to balance out the point where a customer has cost the system far more than they put in. But the primary victims are those on the taxpayer funded health care program, just like we have here in Canada.

It’s not so much private insurance corporations who are trying to kill these people off. It’s the U.S. government. Seemingly following in the steps of the Canadian government, who are taking their marching orders from their WEF masters to eliminate any of us slaves of the state who can no longer contribute.



Which leads me to this week’s Hero of the Week.


Brianna Hammon, a 38-year-old with cerebral palsy, helps her family run a library for disabled people in their home town of Reno.

For Hammon, most doctor’s appointments all-too-quickly become a macabre conversation about her thoughts on writing an ‘advance directive’ or ‘do-not-resuscitate’ order. MAiD laws, she says, further erode the value of her life.

Brianna often sports dyed hair, a brightly-colored leather jacket and a lanyard tag saying ‘Do Not Euthanize’, an ironic riposte to her opponents.

Using a speech device, she advocates for the rights of disabled people and urges Nevada politicians to reject an assisted dying law, which was last proposed in 2021.

Says Brianna’s mother, Dierdre. ‘This bill has always been supported by wealthy, white rich Democrats, which really is appalling because they’re supposed to be our people. And they just don’t get it.’

Well, done, Brianna. If politicians proposing laws to kill off disabled people really want to get rid of societal deadweight, they should take themselves out.


That is all for this week’s free version of the Iron Will Report. In the member’s version, TD Bank makes some alarming changes to their client agreement; the collapse of three major U.S. banks in the space of a week is merely the tip of the iceberg; what the plandemic was really for, as revealed by the excellent book Canada’s Covid: The Story of a Pandemic Moral Panic; CSIS claims that climate change is a serious and ongoing threat to national security; the CRA labels cash as quote the underground economy; and from the world of the woke, the NHL swallows its pride; and Gwyneth Paltrow’s new ozone anal therapy. I’m not making that up.

Interviews coming up next week, Bob DuBroy on the alarming increase in paramedic deaths in Canada; and an update from Kip Warner of the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy on a conflict of interest involving B.C.’s top judge.

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TD Bank froze depositors accounts last year for those who had donated to the Freedom Convoy, so my alarm bells went off when one of my researchers sent me a link to TD’s recent document informing clients of changes to the Cardholder and Electronic Financial Services Terms and Conditions.

Here are just some of the things I found.

Under Clause 25, Transfer of Rights, they inform clients that they ‘may transfer, sell or otherwise assign all of our rights under this Agreement. If we do so, we may disclose information about you and your Card to anyone to whom we assign our rights. In this case, may means will.

The commercial paper crises of 2007 happened because banks were selling mortgages to each other. Mortgages that had been granted under cut rates, and that borrowers could not afford once those promotional rates ended. Those sales included some personal information of course. The value of the home, the borrower’s job and income, Social Insurance Number, etc.

But under Clause 25, TD is telling you that they can sell the details of every transaction you’ve ever done with them.

But they don’t need to sell your account to sell your information.

Under Clause 7, Privacy, it reads “At the time you ask to begin a relationship with us and during the course of our relationship, we may: share your information with our world-wide affiliates; and collect, use and disclose your information.

And for what purpose would they disclose your information? To sell you stuff of course.

Under Clause 2.6, TD for me, they tell you they’ll use push notifications, that is, popup messages on your phone or laptop, to provide you with marketing offers and ‘other types of information’ you might be interested in. And the only way they can do that is if they are sharing your purchase information with marketing companies.

And what about freezing accounts if they don’t like what you’re buying or contributing to?

Clause 8.3 reads ‘At any time and for any reason, we may: cancel your Card, Credentials or PIN; restrict your access to the Services; refuse to provide you with any Service; or cancel this Agreement.

We don’t have to notify you unless required by law. If we cancel this Agreement, you will: discontinue any use of your Card and PIN to access any Services; still be responsible for all continuing obligations under this Agreement; and still be responsible for all your obligations under any TD Agreements and Other Terms.

And just to make sure that has teeth, Clause 9.7 answers the question of who owns your card with two simple words. ‘We do’. We can cancel or take your Card back or require you to return your card to us at any time.

Now remember how I started this story, with Clause 25 that says they can sell this agreement to anyone they want without your knowledge or approval? Clause 9.6 makes it clear that the party to whom they sell it inherits the terms of the agreement, which means that party can sell it, and so on, and so on.

I’m not a financial expert by any means, but I’m willing to bet most bank’s client agreements contain clauses like this. For years, we’ve all been too trusting. It’s time to start reading the fine print.



Now remember the paper crises I referred to at the start of my last segment, the one that saw several major U.S. banks collapse and that started a major recession? In the past two weeks three major U.S. banks have folded.

The not much talked-about Silvergate Capital, a central lender to the crypto industry, declared on March 8, 2023, it would wind down its operations. Then two days later, on March 10, the Silicon Valley Bank, a primary lender for tech-startups, collapsed.

SVB was the 16th largest US commercial bank with US$ 209 billion in assets at the end of 2022. It is the largest bank failure since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has assured SVB depositors that they will have access to their full funds within the FDIC-fixed limits of US$ 250,000 per depositor.

But they are lying.

The FDIC has just under 200 billion in funds. That’s less than the US 209 billion in assets held by SVB and only 2% of the $9.6 trillion in total US insured deposits.

As if programmed and looking like a domino effect, on Sunday March 12,  Signature Bank folded too. SB is a New York-based commercial bank with a big real estate lending business, as well as sizable cryptocurrency deposits. SB had a total asset base of $110.4 billion and deposits of $88.6 billion as of December 31, 2022.

There are a number of theories circulating on the internet and other news sources about Joseph Gentile, who some sources are claiming was Chief Administrative Officer of SVB when it failed. In fact, Gentile was the CAO of SVB Investments. The two firms are not directly connected. There are also references to his involvement in the collapse of Lehman Brothers, but Gentile, who was CEO of Lehman, left in 2007, the year before it collapsed. Finally connections are being drawn to the fact that he was working for Arthur Anderson, the accounting firm, when their client, Enron collapsed but there is no evidence that Gentile had sufficient influence at Arthur Anderson to have any connection with that.

Nevertheless, the collapse of these banks is very likely the tip of the iceberg that will sink the U.S. banking system.

Many investors mistakenly believe that they are insured for 250,000 dollars per bank, or even per account. In fact, the 250,000 is a total insurance per depositor across all banks and all accounts. And there’s not nearly enough money in the insurance fund to cover it when more banks collapse. And they will, due to derivatives trading and rising interest rates. We’re no better off here in Canada. The CDIC, or Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation insures you for up to 100,000 of your deposited funds.  But as with the U.S., that’s total per depositor, not per account or per bank.

And when the banks fold, and the government issued fiat currencies they deal in become worthless due to inflation and over-leveraging by financial institutions trading in derivatives, the World Bank and the IMF will move in, offering everyone a minimal replacement in the form of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

If all of this is going over your head, it soon won’t.

I am in talks with Brett Oland, the CEO of Bow Valley Credit Union in Alberta. We will soon be doing a series of interviews, including one on understanding the current financial system and its weaknesses.

The good news is that Brett believes that the globalists don’t posses the technological ability to make CBDC’s work. And he has some very good arguments as to why not.

Incidentally, Bow Valley Credit Union is Canada’s only financial institution where deposits are backed by gold. Sadly, accounts are only available to Albertans but Brett is hoping the idea will catch on across the country. Revolutionary. Money backed by gold. Hm.


The collapse of the banks and the monetary system is just one part of the plan. I recently finished reading Canada’s Covid, The Story of a Pandemic Moral Panic by Professor Barry Cooper, a political science professor at the University of Calgary, and Marco Navarro-Genie, president of the Haultain Research Institute, a professor of political science at Mount Royal University in Calgary, and a former member of the board at the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms.

The book is exceptionally well researched, running to over 500 pages, but the last 40 percent of the book is the references. I will be interviewing Professor Cooper next week and we’ll bring you that interview shortly.

The conclusion which the authors draw is that the Covid narrative served the primary purpose of conditioning the masses to accept extreme violations of their rights in return for the promise of deliverance from the very fears the globalists planted in the first place.

That conditioning will then leave people open to giving up their rights for the climate alarmist narrative. This means no gasoline powered cars, severe disruptions to energy supplies and supply chains, restrictions on travel, fifteen-minute cities, and of course the just transition to green energy that can’t possibly provide the needed energy demands for our societies and will only result in further financial ruin.

Now add to this the collapse of the banking system and the next major attack of the globalists, ‘cyber attacks’ that will delete bank accounts, trash credit scores, steal financial and personal information and create distrust of cash when it essentially becomes worthless, and the masses will once again willingly give up their rights, if only their globalist masters will save them from homelessness, starvation and the death of our planet from imaginary manmade global warming.

And if you still have any doubts that the climate alarmist narrative is a complete fiction, I recommend you watch my recent interview with Tom Harris, a former climate alarmist turned ‘global warming denier’ who provides the real data to show that manmade global warming not only isn’t happening, but we’re in danger of triggering the next ice age before the end of this century. The interview I’m referring to is number 324, not 326, which we released yesterday.



But the total fiction of the manmade global warming narrative doesn’t stop the government and hysterical media from continuing their ‘oh god, we’re all going to die’ fearmongering.

The Canadian Broadcorping Castration and many others reported recently, no doubt in a fit of palm sweating ecstasy, that CSIS announced that climate change quote poses a profound, ongoing threat to national security and prosperity.

CSIS spells out several concerns presented by global warming, ranging from looming dangers to Arctic, coastal and border security to serious pressures on food and water supplies. 10c No doubt we’re going to be invaded by Bolshevik starving polar bears.

In a 2021 report, CSIS states that “There will be no single moment where this threat will crystallize and reveal itself, for it is already underway and will incrementally build across decades to come.”

And that’s the really useful part of the narrative for our would-be globalist masters. You can’t see climate change because it happens really slowly, but if we don’t take extreme measures right now, it will be too late. The perfect boogey man. No proof required. Nothing a person can actually see for themselves, but it’s going to kill us all anyway. Kind of like a virus, but with a longer time frame. Such a long time frame that it can be used as an excuse for rights violations for generations to come.

As part of their plan to save us all, the government claims that the transportation sector accounts for 25% of domestic greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and that passenger car and light trucks account for about half of the transportation sector’s emissions. Which is why they want to outlaw the manufacture and purchase of gas-powered vehicles by 2035. And I can guarantee you that if they get away with that, very shortly after driving a gas-powered vehicle will be made illegal.

Most of you know that electric vehicles actually produce more pollution than gas powered vehicles due to the toxic substances used and created in their manufacture, and that the electricity needed to run them can only come from coal, as other sources in Canada are simply insufficient to provide enough power.

They are also relatively expensive in comparison to gas powered cars, so many Canadians simply won’t be able to afford one, and power shortages will ensure that those who can won’t be going far anyway.

There’ll be no need for shelter in place orders if we allow this to happen. Our ability to move more than a few blocks from home will be so successfully curtailed by the climate change agenda that many people won’t even leave their houses.

Groceries and other necessities will be delivered by drones, and paid for with the government dole that keeps them all at a subservient poverty line.



And given all of the above, is it any wonder that the Canada Revenue Agency is now attacking cash as a tax avoidance tool, going so far as to equate cash with the quote underground economy.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the CRA report 2022+ Underground Economy Strategy states “By working to curtail or reduce the underground economy, Canadians’ trust and confidence in the integrity and fairness of Canada’s tax system can be maintained,”

I didn’t know Canadians had trust and confidence in the fairness of the tax system. Second, while the report doesn’t say how they plan to curtail the underground economy, outlawing cash would seem to be the logical tactic.

Statistics Canada says the value of unreported transactions in 2021 was $68.5 billion, a 50 percent increase over 2016 unreported transactions estimated at $45.6 billion.

The Revenue Agency despite years of enforcement activities has acknowledged tax avoidance remains socially acceptable. CRA auditors wrote in a 2020 report Strategy For The Underground Economy “One significant lesson learned is that changing social acceptability of participation in the underground economy is more challenging than initially anticipated,”

We live in a country where even people who have full time jobs are using food banks to feed their families, a house will cost you your first-born child, a third of our earnings are taken from us every year to fund a government that is spiralling our country into the ground, and these bureaucratic bean counters are surprised that ‘changing social acceptability’ of tax avoidance is ‘more challenging’ than expected.

Pollsters found 34 percent of taxpayers surveyed would “pay cash for a service to get a cheaper price.” And that 55% of Canadians believe they pay more than their fair share.



And now it’s time for the news you’ve all been waiting for, stories from the wacky world of the woke, where logic doesn’t exist and reality is subjective.


In January, Philadelphia Flyers Ivan Provorov refused to wear a gay pride jersey on the grounds of his religious beliefs. Despite being lambasted by liberal media, his jersey promptly sold out as fans opened their wallets in support.

Last week, James Reimer, a goalie for the NHL’s San Jose Sharks, citing his religious beliefs, opted out of wearing a Pride-themed warm-up jersey.

And so begins the cross checking of the woke narrative.

Blaze News reported, “Behind the scenes, multiple teams decided ditching the controversial theme altogether was a smarter move, either because of player refusal or to avoid a public relations black eye.”

The Minnesota Wild scrapped its plans for players to wear rainbow-themed warm-up jerseys during Pride celebrations.

Last month, the New York Islanders’ players did not wear Pride jerseys in warm-up, something that has been team policy for some time.

At Madison Square Gardens, home to the New York Rangers, there was a Pride Night in late January that included the pride and transgender flags being displayed prominently with the American flag, but no Pride jerseys in warm-up, leading to a reporter from the Athletic saying the Rangers were catering to “what was likely a small minority,”

Small minority.

I grew up in Southern Ontario, where hockey was a religion. That was a generation ago, but I’m pretty sure gay NHL players are still rarer than a Flames Stanley Cup win.



Gwyneth Paltrow recently stated that the weirdest wellness thing she’s ever done is rectal ozone therapy.

If you know anything about Paltrow, that’s unlikely, but we’ll take her word for it for now.

Paltrow explained it is a procedure where ozone, a powerful gas, is delivered via catheter into the colon. “It’s pretty weird, said Paltrow, but it’s been very helpful,” Most people emit powerful gases from their colon, but I guess that’s too mainstream for Gwyneth.

Benefits of rectal ozone therapy are said to be reduced pain & inflammation, increased energy, improved metabolism and circulation, stimulated immune system, detoxification, anti-aging, and fighting bacterial and viral infections.

Gwyneth says she’s very much into wellness, a journey that includes drinking ketones, which she said tastes like ‘cherry gasoline.’

Am I the only person wondering how she knows what cherry gasoline tastes like?

Paltrow is also the founder of Goop, which has faced criticism for marketing products and treatments that are harmful, described as “snake oil“, based on pseudoscience, and lack efficacy. What’s the problem with that business plan? It works for big pharma.

Here’s a recent photo of Paltrow with her daughter, Apple.

Which just leaves me asking one question. How did they find her ass?


That’s all for this week’s Iron Will Report. News items that didn’t make the cut this week but that you will find in our weekly Research Report; Byram Bridle questions how trans women, that is to say, men, can contract cervical cancer when they don’t have a cervix; Nova Scotians heckle Trudeau and tell him to get out of their province; 11 million people in the U.S. die every year from a toxic food supply; our government rejects climate pensions for coal miners. So much for the just transition; the international criminal court issues an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin; and much more.

You can access the weekly research reports as well as frequent deep dive reports with a Centurion level membership. It’s like having your very own research team.

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