Plandemic Tyranny: When the Police Are the Victims
Natasha Gonek

April 28, 2024

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During the lockdowns and the height of the Covid plandemic fearmongering, many of us came to see the police as jackbooted Nazis, enforcing violations of our rights to support a false narrative.

But while there are some bad apples in every basket, many officers were doing their best to defend our rights, in some cases even refusing orders from higher up to arrest or harass citizens for violations.

What we did not know, was the extreme abuse that the officers and other employees of our police services were themselves being subjected to by management.

Coercion to take vaccines against their will. Violations of their medical privacy. Ostracization and persecution in the workplace. And in many cases these abuses went well beyond what people in the private sector were subjected to.

Natasha Gonek is a former investigator for Health Services. Last year she was approached by dozens of employees of the Edmonton Police Service, including many officers, to investigate the Human Rights Abuses and violations of the law that they were subjected to under the auspices of the police department’s Covid Pandemic Response.

Abuses which were, in many cases, not just violations of OH&S policies, but in fact illegal under the criminal code. And the administrators who put the policies in place knew that.

After reviewing some 9,000 pages of Freedom of information documents, Natasha reveals the shocking details of the treatment that Edmonton Police Service officers and support staff were subjected to. Since releasing these documents just a couple of months ago, Natasha has received many calls from officers with other police departments across the country, including the RCMP, telling her that these same abuses and violations of the law, happened in their police services as well.


Both the Executive Summary and the full Final Analysis in PDF format:

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