The Invasion of Canada: Paul Fromm

January 21, 2024

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Our country is under attack on all fronts, but especially in two areas. Freedom of speech, and the diluting of our culture through Trudeau’s immigration policies.

Those of us who publicly object to the attacks upon our rights or the giving away of our country are often accused of hate speech. We’re racists and white supremacists.

Paul Fromm is one of these. Every Wikipedia article and a number of mainstream media reports on Paul accuse him of being a neo-Nazi white supremacist.

The truth is of course quite the opposite.

Paul is the founder of a number of organizations whose purpose is to defend our rights and preserve our culture. His regular newsletters are well thought out, perceptive arguments on such topics as freedom of speech, the real purpose of the Israel Hamas conflict, the attack upon Christianity, Trudeau’s green agenda and the Great Takeover, the giving away of our country through rampant immigration.

Paul is perhaps, if anything, the embodiment of what it is to be Canadian. Polite, soft spoken and rational. A person who knows who he is, what he believes and most importantly, why he believes it.

To paraphrase Paul, he’s not anti anything. He’s pro Canada.


To subscribe to the Free Speech Monitor or the Canadian Immigration Hotline, to get samples or a booklist, write:

P.O. BOX 332

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