WHO Proposed IHR Amendments ‘Null and Void’?: James Roguski

January 24, 2024

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On May 27th of this year, the World Health Assembly, which is the executive decision-making body of the World Health Organization, will meet in Geneva for the 77th World Health Assembly to discuss and we must assume, approve the over 300 amendments to the International Health Regulations proposed in 2022.

Amendments, the contents of which we still do not know, because the WHO is keeping them secret. According to their own rules, they must at least let the Assembly delegates have copies no later than January 27th.

According to Article 55 of the WHO’s own rules, they must provide copies of all items to be discussed at annual World Health Assemblies at least four months in advance so that delegates will have time to review them prior to the meeting.

But there’s a problem.

The WHO has admitted that they will not have finalized the proposed amendments by the deadline of January 27th. Will they then pass them on to next year in order to be in compliance with their own rules. Of course not. What they will do is ignore their own rules.

But that may in fact be good news. At least for us, if not for them.

James Roguski is undoubtedly the world’s leading expert on the WHO and the International Health Regulations. He has been keeping tabs on the WHO daily for at least the past two years and publishes frequently to his Substack on what he finds.

James joins me today to reveal the ways in which the WHO is cheating, violating their own rules, and in so doing, rendering any decision they make about the proposed amendments null and void.


James’ Substack Article: https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/follow-the-damn-rules

Call James Roguski: +1-310-619-3055

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