The Making of a Bioweapon: Dr. Mark Trozzi

January 3, 2024

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Almost four years after the start of the plandemic, it is now an open secret that the Covid vaccines are in fact a bioweapon, despite governments and media continuing the ‘safe and effective’ narrative. Almost daily, new data comes forward proving that they are anything but.

Recently a whistle blower in New Zealand released the government’s secret data showing the undeniable link between deaths and the jabs, to the extent that some batches have a death rate 20x higher than the general population. Recent data from the UK government shows that the vaccinated there now account for 96% of all deaths, across all age groups, despite only 70% of the population being vaccinated.

And the truth continues to come out. DNA in the shots discovered earlier this year by Dr. Kevin McKernan has since been verified by several other highly qualified researchers. SV40, a strand of the simian virus, metal contaminants, and very recently a protein very similar to spider silk that may be the cause of the highly unusual and never seen before blood clots found in the veins of those killed by the vaccines.

There is hope, though. Effective treatments have been found for spike protein toxicity and researchers around the world are working at reverse engineering the vaccines to understand their full effect upon the body and to find ever more effective treatments to at least reduce the damage.

Dr. Mark Trozzi has been fighting the war for truth since 2021, at the cost of his career and the probability of financial ruin at the hands of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

In this interview, Mark brings us an update on all the recent discoveries about the vaccines and what each discovery means in terms of effects upon the body, but also his optimism that effective treatments for those who were coerced and deceived into taking the vaccines will continue to be found.


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