The Misuse of the Emergency Measures Act Upon Freedom Convoy 2022 | Interview with John Carpay, JCCF

February 15, 2022

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John Carpay is a lawyer in Alberta, and president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. John returns to discuss the recent invocation of Canada’s Emergency Measures Act and if in fact, it is constitutionally legal to do so. He discusses what Canadians can expect next, how good or bad Canada may go in either scenario.  

On the use of this Act in Canada’s history and present day…

The Quebec Liberation Front, a Marxist socialist terrorist organization, using violent means to overthrow the elected government of Quebec, they put bombs in mailboxes, the Montreal stock exchange, in the mayor’s home. They kidnapped a British commissioner and a provincial cabinet minister. They murdered the Quebec provincial cabinet minister and held the British commissioner hostage. Pierre Elliott was asked “How far are you willing to go [to protect democracy]?” His answer was “Just watch me.” People still debate today whether this was the right thing to do with this violent terrorist group. What people do not debate about is that Trudeau senior was dealing with violent terrorists who were breaking laws. 52 years later, there’s no violence, no terrorism. You’ve got truckers causing some inconvenience.

On the response of the Freedom Convoy…

What needs to happen now is that as many Canadians as possible need to protest peacefully, exercise their Charter Rights and Freedoms. I would hope that the number of Canadians exercising their Charter Rights and Freedoms in Ottawa itself would increase. There are already thousands of people in Ottawa, but if this increases to tens of thousands of people in Ottawa I think that’s what needs to happen. People also need to contact their local member of parliament. Obviously, the prime minister’s office puts a lot of pressure on every liberal MP to do the prime minister’s bidding.

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