The New Abnormal: Genetically Modified Humans | Dr. Robert Verkerk

April 26, 2022

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Special Report

Dr. Robert Verkerk is the author of numerous papers and an accomplished speaker involved in many initiatives the world over. As a scientist he has long been at the forefront in opposition to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Rob shares his evidence-based research of GMOs and the mRNA technology being promoted under the guise of ‘safe & effective’ vaccines. Rob explains the potential for transhumanism and the long-term effects of this technology on the evolution of humanity.

On the lens of South Africa…

You will have seen, South Africa, the most developed nation in Sub-Saharan Africa, is now becoming a springboard for mRNA technology. What we need to do to look after our health is pretty much down to what we choose to do in each 24-hour cycle and over weeks and months and years if we get that right we often have good health outcomes. What’s been happening is we essentially relinquish this sovereignty and hand it over to the medical establishment. We used to hand it over to our primary physician. Now we hand it over to institutions and increasingly these institutions hand it to a panel of essentially inter governmental organizations that have got a plan for us. They tell us it’s all for our good. What’s been happening in South Africa is a lens of what’s happening everywhere else. It is about buying into the plan because if they don’t buy into the plan….

On the Hypothesis of the Globalists’ Plan…

I think there are many reasons why vaccines are a useful delivery system. People will become very fearful over an existential threat that can impact their health. So, if you manufacture through behavioral control systems, a sense of fear of death, which was done very well in the industrialized world, particularly where people are not very resilient. They become very susceptible to that as a way of protecting themselves. We’ve got to remember with any control system, you’ve got to have an incentive. It’s like a carrot or a stick that gets people engaged with it so they had both. The stick was you’re gonna get really sick or you’re going to die. The carrot is you’ll be able to play in society in a more normal way. The problem is that the carrot didn’t work so well, people became disillusioned.

On Theory Versus Real World…

The rate of incidents based on the testing that’s being done you’ll see that right now the level of cases that much of the world is exposed to is far higher than it’s ever been and yet we don’t have much of a covid problem. When you look at hospitalizations, a lot of the deaths we see are just deaths that are associated with covid. From all the evidence we can see from clinicians on the ground, we would suggest a far bigger problem right now in relation to illness is related to jab related harms. Because there’s a relatively small group of clinicians around the world who are prepared to get their heads around the fact this thing is real, they have a disproportionate workload. They are having to deal with all the people who can’t see their regular physician, their regular physician has put their head under the carpet.


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Will Dove 00:17
I have with me today Dr. Rob Verkerk. Dr. Verkerk is the founder and director of the Alliance for Natural Health. He is also a co chair of the Health and Humanities Committee of the World Council for Health. Dr. Verkerk has a broad range of knowledge on all things COVID from the virus itself to the so called vaccines. But he’s joining us today to speak about the recent proposed International Pandemic Treaty from the World Health Organization, which, if it gets passed in 2024, will almost certainly be yet another step towards global government and further infringements of our rights and freedoms. Dr. Verkerk, thanks so much for joining us.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 00:58
It’s an absolute privilege to be here with you.

Will Dove 01:01
So I was reading this article, that and we’ll post a link to the article folks beneath this video on this pandemic treaty. And the first couple of things that just hit me that I found very worrisome. Unanimous agreement among the 194 member countries. Now we know that the cabinets of many countries have been penetrated by for lack of a better word agents of the World Economic Forum, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, but that’s hardly all 194. And I have to find a way I, I am very concerned by this. Could there – why do you think there wasn’t at least some countries in there who looked at this, and went but wait a minute, what are you planning to do with this?

Dr. Rob Verkerk 01:45
Look, this is just a reflection of what we’re seeing in communities around the world. There is a cost to be a tall poppy. And one of the one of the issues when we’re living in a post colonial era. So we need to be looking at continents such as Africa to see what’s really going on. And if you look at the way in which the Imperial West is entered those countries, exploited the people, given them labels. And this is what UN agencies are all about, you probably followed all the work on sustainable development goals. These are kind of major targets that are seem to be the imperialists now giving a helping hand to these countries. Now, essentially, it’s all about creating dependence. So what we’re dealing with is this sort of layered problem, where not only are we as individuals being asked to give up our sovereignty, so we can, as Klaus Schwab would say, enter into social contracts that are all about the collective about doing good. Heads of national governments around the world have got to deal with the same issues. So they’ve been caught in a process. Cyril Ramaphosa the President of South Africa is a good example. You will have seen, you know, South Africa is the most so called developed nation in Sub Saharan Africa, is now becoming a springboard for mRNA technology, I was the only representative of a non governmental nonprofit organization at a political event would be now four or five years ago in Brussels. And the reason why I went along is because it was the International Association that looks after all of the pharma companies. It was their 50th birthday party. And the theme for this birthday party was looking at disease prevention. Now I’ve got a bit of an interest in disease prevention, because most of us know that all of the science on disease prevention tells us what we need to do to look after our health is pretty much down to what we choose to do in each 24 hours cycle, and over weeks and months and years. If we get that right, we often have good health health outcomes. Don’t buy into the plan. Because if they don’t buy into the plan, Ramaphosa made some big changes as he saw the numbers of COVID coming down and thinking he could release himself from it. All of our colleagues, all of our medical colleagues are saying, Guys, it’s looking good, we’re probably going to do what the UK is doing, everything’s got to look good. And bingo, within a very short space of time, because of deals that he’s doing, there’s money involved, follow that money. Then we heard that these mRNA centers were being established, then we looked at what was happening in terms of development of cellular software, that is all about the post COVID environment. So check out a guy by the name of Gustav Praekelt, who is deep in with the World Health Organization, who is developing this amazing piece of software that allows people in Africa who are kind of most they’re all mobile first, that they may not have enough food, but they’ve got a they’ve got a cell phone. And, and the cell phone is the device that allows people to be controlled and surveilled. And what they’ve decided to impose in South Africa, is you’ve got to show via this app, or your vaccination certificate, or a negative COVID test that let’s face it, you’ve got to pay for privately. So you’re not going to do it unless you have a lot of money. And that’s the only way that you can enter public events, cultural events, social events, sports events. So if you want to play in society, you got to play the game. And this is exactly the same problem that the heads of government have. They go, Oh Christ, what is the cost of being a tall, poppy and standing up, it’s easier to do as everyone else is to be part of the group.

Will Dove 06:55
I want to tie together two things that you said there that I think are very important and very related. First of all, you’re talking about this massive push to set up these production facilities for mRNA vaccines in South Africa. And the digital tracking that they’re also putting in place. And it most of our viewers are well aware that the lowest COVID infection rates in the world, and the lowest vaccination rates are in sub Saharan African countries. And so that right there, to me, that’s the great big sign that says this has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with a method of control. So my next question for you would be if this is all about a method of control? Why the vaccines, because that seems to be the foundation of it. You know, they’ll bring in these digital IDs, this social credit score, and your social credit score drops if you don’t get your job every six months, like they tell you to. Why the vaccines?

Dr. Rob Verkerk 07:52
Well, you know, I think there are many reasons why vaccines are a useful delivery system, first of all, people are very easy to a lot of people will become very fearful over an existential threat that can impact their health. So if you manufacture through behavioral control systems, a sense of fear of death, which was done very well in the industrialized world, particularly where people are not very resilient, because they have bad diets, they’re not physically active enough. So they roll up their sleeves, they become very susceptible to that as a way of protecting themselves. But of course, it only works for as long as they can hold that, that these are the magic solution, we’ve got to remember with any control system, you’ve got to you’ve got to have an incentive. It’s like a carrot or a stick that gets people engaged with it so that they had both the stick was you’re gonna get really sick or you’re going to die if you get this virus, and the carrot is you’ll be allowed to play in society in a more normal way. And the problem is that the carrot didn’t work so well. People became disillusioned. And then they had they had more and more of these things. And then it became fairly impossible to be able to hide the extent of jab related harms, which are, you know, is still an emerging story. And I’m pretty sure that even what you and I know about is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re beginning to see new onset autoimmune diseases, exactly the sort of things we were predicting one or two year years ago. Now developing that, of course, the other advantage of a vaccine is you can put in other materials, but I’ve been pretty open minded as a scientist over the possibility of there being undisclosed ingredients, but it wasn’t until I was actually investigating the data coming out of a lab, for which I was entirely aware of the if you like the chain of custody of the sources of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccine vials and have seen the Raman spectroscopy and a very diverse range of graphene related and I will say related because the spectra were just a little bit too broad to determine exactly what type of graphene product was in there. But it’s very clear. And I’ve also tracked the science of using graphene, let’s remember graphene was only discovered in 2004. And essentially, it’s a sort of mono layer, molecular layer of graphite that has these remarkable properties being many times many hundreds of times stronger than steel, has incredible electrical and electron conductivity potential and it has been well trialed in major studies, looking at how you can actually control behavior and control particularly the brain of mammals. And it’s interesting when you look at the research trail, a lot of it stops roundabout 2016 2017, I kept a pretty open mind to it. But obviously… we now have too many independent reports, the unit studies in the UK that I’ve been involved in very closely in looking at, we’ve got Campras’ work from the University of Almeria in Spain. And then of course, you’ve got all the pathology work that’s been going on people like Professor Arne Burkhardt. In Germany, we’re seeing things happening to people’s blood in post mortem pathology examinations that have never been seen before you’re talking about we’ve all spent decades doing it. We see all the evidence for micro clots. So we know that there are things in the environment that are probably coming through the jabs that are causing physiology to change in different ways. Now, another alarm bell, we have to always look at when there’s a knee jerk to something. And you may remember back in 2020, as soon as so called conspiracy theorists made the link between 5G and the jabs. They were amongst the first to get discredited, de-platformed. ridiculed. They were right in the firing line. And I sit back and look at this and say, Well, why we’ve had lots of conspiracy theory before. And that’s one of the reasons there isn’t an absolute link between wireless technologies. While we’ve all been locked down as well. If you follow the international registers for objects that are being put into outer space, it’s not just Mr. Musk, that throwing up there, there’s a ton there are 1,000s of satellites going into orbit in order to prepare us for the thing that we were all thinking about beforehand, which was the Internet of Things. That’s rather interesting that they talked about things, because it does seem that those things include biological things, as well as things like driverless cars that so people who have subscribed to being part of this so called Safe in-group would like to think that if you relate this idea of 5G and vaccines you are, loopy loo, but there is a very strong trail of credible science, as well as a very strong motive to see that actually happening. So I would say that’s probably a fairly significant risk, or justification for what for why jabs are being pushed so hard. And then Africa, you know, Tedros, in the speech, that he launches the pandemic treaty, he says ‘We have to hit this 40% threshold’, why 40%? what science delivered 40% for the globe? We’re already actually you look at the global averages, because the industrial world has gone way above that. We’re already above that. But it’s Sub Saharan Africa and the poorest countries that often have the most resources in the ground, that are the ones that have not been interested because frankly, they’ve got other issues to think about, like making sure that population are fed and everything else. And I think alongside that, we’ve got to be looking at what’s happening with power grabs on land, we have to move beyond the COVID conversation here really important. So the fact that the New York Stock Exchange has launched a new category of assets, called the Natural Asset Companies NAC’s, that basically handover the ability to private entrepreneurs to control river systems, forests to exploit ecosystem services for their benefit, I happen to be an environmentalist as well. I’m so deeply disillusioned with the way in which environmental arguments have been manipulated. So even the climate change issue is a manipulation of the real problem, the real problem is actually loss of biodiversity, the fact that we’re in the midst of the sixth great mass extinction, we’ve been told it’s a carbon emission problem. But we’re not told, we could, if we were to reinvigorate agricultural soils around the world and turn them back into living soils, we could actually turn all these soils back to carbon sinks that we wouldn’t have a problem with it. The real issue is people like Gates, who want to grow monoculture plant based diets with lots more whole grain cereal hitting that soil so hard with glyphosate as a herbicide, and fungicides they are killing that microbial life and style. These are all issues that are part of this control system of controlling humans, controlling the land, controlling the oceans. You need a state of emergency, one is a pathogen another is a war. We’ve got two of these things happening right now. And that’s why we have to be eyes wide open. Yes, absolutely. And Rob, I want to get back into the tracking and control potentials in these injections a little bit. But first, I want to back up just a little bit. Because once again, you were talking about these huge manufacturing facilities that putting into South Africa for these mRNA vaccines. We here in Canada, many of my viewers are aware that our prime minister has ordered more dose, more doses per capita of these injections than any other country in the world enough to inject every Canadian 10 times over. So you put these things together. And what you see is they plan to keep manufacturing this stuff at a ridiculous rate. So here’s the question I have to ask because you and I were discussing this before the interview, a lot of people are waking up, they’re seeing what’s going on. They’re saying, Look, none of this makes any sense. Now, it’s not enough of us yet to turn it around. But certainly a lot of people, and even people who are buying into it are getting to that second third dose going no, I don’t think so we’re not after how sick I got after the last one. So how do you think and this is the question, seeing that they’re setting all this up? How do you think they’re going to keep this narrative alive? My hope is actually the whole thing collapses. And I think it you know, if we can improve our ability, between all of us to communicate with what we think of as the movable middle, the 40% of the planet, who knows there’s a problem there, but they can’t quite put their finger on it, they can’t quite identify it, the whole system will crash and burn in terms of vaccines as a mechanism to control the population. But we know that there have many other things that they can do to us, they can control us through energy, they can control us through cyber attacks through so called solar flares, they can control us through geoengineering, I mean that there’s plenty of that going on, the most obvious way to control us is also through our food supply. And so we’re beginning to see that happening. People are getting very worried about where they’re going to get their food from. So my sense is one of the reasons that they are motivated to keep stockpiling and using mRNA, even for COVID is because people have been willing in the industrialized world to line up like lambs to the slaughter, just look at the jab rates. And you know, I wish people would just spend a bit of time looking at official data. You know, make it a habit, at least once a month to go on to our world and data, and check out what’s happening in terms of profiles in relation to case rates, hospitalizations, death rates, and then map that against what’s happening with vaccination coverage. And what you’ll see consistently and there are a bunch of peer reviewed papers that support this, there is no relationship, there is no relationship between the two. So when we’re dealing with a pathogen, whether it comes out of a lab, whether it’s emerged naturally from a zoonotic source, makes very little difference. In the end, there will be an equilibrium in this host pathogen interaction. It is normal for this relationship to become a more friendly relationship over time, always going to be messy early on, and it was pretty messy. But what we see now, if you look at the case rate, our world data, very usefully converts that to cases per million population. So we’re actually looking at apples and apples, not apples and oranges. So you can see the rate of incidence based on the testing that’s being done. And you’ll see that right now. The level of cases that much of the world is exposed to, is far higher than it’s ever been. And yet, we don’t have much of a COVID problem. When you look at hospitalizations, a lot of the deaths we see are just deaths with, that are associated with COVID. From all the evidence we can see from clinicians on the ground, we would suggest a far bigger problem right now, in relation to illness is related to jab related harms. That is the real problem. Because there’s a relatively small group of clinicians around the world who are prepared to get their heads around the fact that this thing is real. They are have a disproportionate workload, because they’re having to deal with all the people who can’t see their regular physician, because their regular physician has put his or her head under the carpet and refused to admit that these problems are related. And I think the other problem we’re seeing is that long COVID is being used as an umbrella to cover everything up. So they can say because by now we’re two years in most people in the industrialized world with it will either have had COVID, or they will have had a jab. So hey, if they’ve got an ongoing problem, because they’ve had COVID, you know, they may have had the jab more recently. The development of the symptoms may have occurred soon after receiving their second, third or even fourth jab, but it will be called Long COVID. Because back in 2020, or 2021, there’s evidence on their medical record that they were infected by SARS COV 2. There was a positive PCR test, even if it was a false positive. So that’s the game that’s being played, and people are still buying into it. This is what I find so fascinating about Africa. When you’ve been screwed over before, in the colonial era, you’re actually awake to what’s going on now far, far more awake. And so it’s something of an illusion, you only have to speak to people in Kenya, I was actually born in Kenya. I’ve done a lot of work between Kenya and Zimbabwe. We have a doctor friend in Zimbabwe, now who’s got for criminal counts against her, and that she’s fighting in court, based on the fact that she’s supporting the use of ivermectin, she will not be stopped, she’s going to continue with this. She has saved many, many lives. She has a lot of people in Zimbabwe behind them. But again, their president is in the back pocket of G7 G20. These are the guys who are controlling through the club of billionaires that are among the real puppet masters here. That’s the scenario we’re dealing with, but they have plenty of other tricks up their sleeve. And that’s what we all got to be ready for.

Will Dove 22:53
Right and mentioning this, this doctor that you were talking about in the course you may or may or may not be aware of this, probably you are through your associations with WCH here in Canada, if a doctor prescribes ivermectin, they’ll lose their license.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 23:07
Yeah, it’s the same, it’s the same almost everywhere. So this this is already the harmonization harm with a capital HARM of these measures, only happens because our friends in Geneva the very guys, this is the subject were loosely talking around the pandemic treaty, because they are controlling things from Switzerland, we have to be able to stand up this is this is the key. I find it very interesting to look at psychologists like people like Ervin Staub, Staub, who is the psychologist Hungarian born US, largely educated, who has studied genocide, more than any other human being on the planet. He was six years old, in Hungry, where he nearly got taken by the Nazi troops. And he was saved by a bystander on the street. And so he’s famous for the ‘bystander effect’. And essentially, by looking at a genocide from the Holocaust to what’s happened in Rwanda, or the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, etc, he sees a common pattern. And the common pattern is, you get sold an ideology that’s faulty. And you even know it’s faulty when you first see it. But because there are advantages of being part of that in-group, you kind of stay with it. There at the same time, there’s always going to be scapegoats, people that are targeted, and of course, in our case, with what’s happening now, the anti vaxxers have become the classic scapegoats what you do to maintain this false ideology as you make it really uncomfortable to be part of the output. So you can see what Ramaphosa is doing in South Africa, even though they don’t have a COVID problem. If you want to go to the stadium and one of watch a football match, or you want to go to an amazing that the South Africans love their music, and they love outdoor events. But in order to do that, even though they don’t have a COVID problem, you’ve got to show that you’re playing the game to be part of that in-group. So then make it as uncomfortable as possible. Now, we have to learn to be comfortable as part of the out-group, it’s one of the most important things that any of us can do, it’s a little bit like we do a lot of work in nutrition and health. It’s like helping people to understand that if they’re carrying a bit too much weight, learning to enjoy being hungry, to not think of it in a negative terms. So you can actually start to increase your fasting interval. So you can start pushing your body slowly into a place where the dormant fat burning process, the beta oxidation, your fatty acid starts kicking off again, we all come into this world with it. But if we keep eating every few hours, the system just goes to sleep. So we got to reawaken it. And a big part of that is helping people to not immediately grab that chocolate bar, that candy, that piece of bread, that piece of toast when they feel hungry. And we got to do the same here, if we are to be comfortable in the out-group. And the beauty is that people like yourself are connecting all of us together. So we have our own networks now where every month we’re seeing that all of these networks are growing. And that’s the really positive thing. If we would put a finger on it, where are we in terms of so called awaken people in the Western world, I think it’s probably definitely over 10%, maybe close to 20% now, but we need to be able to get to about double that before the edifice that we’re dealing with really starts collapsing.

Will Dove 26:52
And I agree very much. So in fact, as somebody who has been in this fight since very early on, we started into this back in summer of 2020. And I think the people who understood what was going on, were maybe 2%. And now I agree that now you’re probably somewhere between 10 and 20, depending on where you are. So we’re definitely making inroads. We have a long way to go yet. And I want to back up once again, Rob to some things that you said earlier, when I had prompted you with the question of how are they going to keep this narrative alive. And as you were speaking, two things occurred to me that I confess have not occurred to me before based on what you said, one possibility that these injections because of what they do, and I’m not going to get into that in this one, because many of our viewers know that they damaged in a compromise the immune system. Basically, they’re creating long COVID. So there’s one possibility that they’re trying to give all these people “long COVID” to convince them that you have to keep getting these injections to protect your health from this long COVID. But then the other thought that occurred to me as you were speaking, and as I said, this thought had not gone through my head before now. Do you think it’s possible that they’re priming people to accept mRNA vaccines for everything?

Dr. Rob Verkerk 28:03
Oh, yeah, I touched on the 50th Birthday party of the International Association of Pharmaceutical Companies back in, I think was 2017 2018. And I mentioned that it was about disease prevention. And the whole thing was on vaccination for disease prevention. And the absolute crystal core of their approach is mRNA vaccines. So what we’ve got to remember is, it is a Trojan horse that introduces something that people like myself, I mean, I’ve been involved in looking at the issues around human health, and the environment and agriculture for 40 years now. So I’ve been right at the heart of the organic regenerative agriculture movement into the regenerative health movement. We really understood the problems of GMO crops, many of us have been in the front lines of that battle for 20-25 years. What is extraordinary about this is that we now have GMO medicine. Essentially mRNA vaccines are a form of GM medicine. And yet for the average person, they’re being told these are like the smallpox vaccines or the measles vaccines. And of course, I think many of us are familiar with how some of those data have been manipulated in the first place. They are nothing like them. We’ve been involved in this from the day it started. In fact, if you go to our microsite for all our COVID content, which you can get to on You will see all of the 200+ very detailed articles we’ve written on this subject since before Tedros announced the emergency pandemic status in essence they – this has opened the door to transhumanism in my view. mRNA is a vehicle whereby as soon as you’re able to control the proteins that your body produces, in its first instance, it happens to be a modified spike protein of a Coronavirus that is a result gain of function of research. But once you do that, you’ve got a bunch of things you can do. There is a whole host of diseases right up there are diseases of the brain. So Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s. And the question is, are those the only mechanisms of controlling those kinds of diseases, we’ve got to understand the, the process of disease causation to see how they’ve happened. And of course, typically, they’re not, we need to change behavior, we need to change the environment in order to reverse many of these diseases. And we can get to them early enough when we note a change of function. Before we’ve seen deep seated pathology. This is right at the core of the work we’re doing on our approach to how we build new health systems that actually are about building and creating health rather than managing disease, which is the existing system. So yes, mRNA is a Trojan horse for GM technology, in medical form, that people are now already subscribed to without even crossing their mind or not even having a public debate, we couldn’t have a public debate, because any debate was already censored. They’d seen to that, shut down the very systems that we would have used would have been either social media, or they will be in live events We could do neither. We were either censored on social media and there were no live events because we’re all locked down under house arrest. It’s a hell of a Trojan horse. And again, I think it’s really important that people understand where that’s leading to, if people haven’t already read Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, have a look at it. I was going to conference up in London the other day. And it reminded that, in the two and a half years since this all began, how extraordinarily bonded people are to that digital device, I was sitting in a pretty busy railway carriage, I saw two people probably in close to 100, who weren’t staring at their phone. Now, look at what Schwab has placed as some of the technological developments for transhumanism. This is where you start blurring the boundary between the digital, the physical, the technical, technological, and the human, the whole thing becomes a blur. And you are able to implant mobile devices in people and imagine once you’ve subscribed to having your mRNA jab for every condition that you’re likely to face. And someone says, Do you know do you find it a bit cumbersome to use sometimes leave your cell phone at home? How about if we plant it in your brain or in your shoulder or somewhere in your body? And then you don’t have to? And you know, all the information will be available to you? I mean, how many people are going to say yeah, just do it to me.

Will Dove 33:19
It’s remarkable how many people probably would say yes to that. And you’re right, you were talking about how people become so attached to these devices here. And I can recall, you know, I’m 56 years old, and I’m a fairly tech savvy guy, because I was a web developer before I started doing what I do now. About three, four years ago, back I went to a social meetup. And I didn’t bother taking my phone. I knew where the pub was, there was no need to take my phone. And when I told the people there that I hadn’t, I didn’t have my phone with me. Everybody 35 and under was absolutely aghast that I had left my house without my phone. It’s just it’s insane that they won’t go anywhere without that someone of your age group.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 34:04
Talk to talk to a 15 year old. I mean, 15 year olds literally have a nervous breakdown if they’ve left their phone behind.

Will Dove 34:12
Yes, I have two teenagers. I’m familiar with. Yeah. So

Dr. Rob Verkerk 34:16
So again, think of the commonality here. The commonality is get yourself addicted to the technology, so you can’t do without it. Once you’ve done that, you find the next way of creating further technological addiction. That’s why so often when we look at the solutions, you know, for me, nature is our greatest teacher. And so we can say to someone, you know, you need to detox from some of the stuff that’s been sold to us. We are being enslaved by the technologies that we’re becoming dependent on. Just give it up for a weekend. You know, spend some time in a forest and see how you feel, try living for a month. barcode free with your food. So you’re not eating processed foods where you’re looking at nutritional labels all the time, because you’re just buying whole foods, and you’re making it from scratch at home. A whole bunch of people have forgotten how to do that. And the more we give up on those basic fundamental things, you gotta remember our genome is relatively unchanged for the last 20,000 years or so. So one of the reasons people become so interested in Paleolithic diets, Paleolithic lifestyles, the reality is that some of this technology is sold to us to enslave us to make us controllable, it’s fine, if we choose to do it very often, you know, we become disempowered. What they want to do is to disempower all of us as many of us as we can, including the people of Sub Saharan Africa.

Will Dove 35:50
Yeah. And of course, the GMO, as we were talking about earlier, is a major concern, we’ve got Bill Gates talking about genetically modified, for example, lettuce, where if you ate that head of lettuce, you’re gonna get the equivalent of a dose of the vaccine, they want to put it in our food, for God’s sakes, to the point where you can’t avoid it. And then, you know, taught and I don’t want to go too far down this rabbit hole, because I want to get back to the tracking and the possible control mechanisms. But you know, talking once again, about this birthday of these pharmaceutical companies, and how Yeah, Pops, possibly they’re pushing towards these mRNA vaccines for everything. And I want to just point out to our viewers, you probably know this. I didn’t. It was pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t see it until somebody pointed right at it. Moderna – MODE RNA.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 36:39
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And it’s just as soon as you see it, the name comes from Yeah, absolutely.

Will Dove 36:44
Yeah. That’s obviously what their entire company is about. Is using these RNA vaccines to yes, certainly not protects people. We know it doesn’t do that. So it’s certainly for another purpose. So with that little segue, I want to get back to the how these injections could be used to trap people or even control people. So the first question I’m going to ask, I’m going to play devil’s advocate on these questions. If you don’t mind, Rob, because I’ve had these conversations before. Why would they need to track us with a vaccine, when they can already track us through these?

Dr. Rob Verkerk 37:17
I think because you get you get a double hit of it, you you’re able to track people in every possible way. If you’ve got graphene running through your body, and you decide to not have a cell phone, you can you can track that individual. So you have a much more sophisticated, you got real live tracking. At the moment, these two devices are separated, we know from Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, he wants to see implantable cell phones, they’re already there, they haven’t got them. So a shortcut to that is having injections. I think the other part of the injection process is because they want to force us to regularly just succumb to the system. I mean, this idea of lining up rolling up your sleeves and having whatever they want to put inside your bloodstream. From a biologist’s point of view, it’s a strange thing to do. We have an unbelievably sophisticated mucosal interface between ourselves and the outside world. It runs from our mouth to our backsides. And it is a highly intelligent system that discriminates between things that are good for us and bad for us, things that are self that are non self things that it should let in and things that it shouldn’t let out. The minute we decide to puncture our bodies. You remember in the beginning, we knew that this was a deceptive trick at the start, but they were under this idea that you could use the deltoid muscle and allow the entire immunological reaction that was going to go on with mRNA within your deltoid muscle. Yet, we discovered some months later, of course, Dr. Byram Bridle’s work was central in that when he revealed the Japanese study. And note there was a Japanese study in the Japanese language that was central to the Pfizer dossier for the emergency use authorization of the Pfizer jabs. And it already showed that in laboratory animals and in human subjects, when you injected the deltoid muscle, it would go into circulation. It’s not that we don’t have a blood supply, we just lack major arteries. And of course, you will know that some countries have used the aspiration technique to check whether you are in the blood supply or not. Where that is used such as in Denmark where it’s always used. Actually, you have a lower apparent adverse event rate so but that the Japanese Studies showed very clearly it goes into circulation, it goes into the lymphatic system. That’s why we see large amounts of it in the spleen. But it also goes to the liver, which is where all toxins are detoxified. And then it goes into reproductive organs such as ovaries. So, you know, if you are producing a spike protein to which the body is reacting, and you get an immunological response to that, and that is happening in a reproductive organ of a developing young female, you tell me how you can be sure that there isn’t going to be a fertility impact downstream. Frankly, that’s been one of my greatest concerns from the outset, the way in which medical research has been manipulated under the guise of fast tracking these jabs for the public good is patently madness, it is the single most irresponsible event in public health, bar none. And we still don’t know the full consequences of it. Because we’re only two years in, it’s an extraordinary process. But yes, mRNA proteins control are really the instructions for life, and mRNA technology, as well as CRISPR gene editing test technology, which is happening hand in hand, a lot of the therapeutics they’re looking at are CRISPR. This is all GM technology, in medicine. It’s already here with us. And most people think we’re just dealing with the same medicine, as we were in 2019.

Will Dove 41:27
Rob, you’re I gotta tell you, right now, you’re one of those wonderful guests. And I mean that sincerely. You give me so many good questions to ask. We could be here for hours going down different rabbit trails. So you’re making me to work to keep us on track. But I’m going to keep us on track. Because you just once again, it could be free flying. So it is it is but I I’m the guy who’s who has to keep us from going too far off the path. So I want to I want to come back, because there’s so many questions I could have asked off of everything you just said. But what I do want to ask is, we know that yes, there’s graphene in these injections, that’s been proven. We don’t know exactly how much or what sort of graphene it is whether it’s graphene oxide or trioxide? Or what is it?

Dr. Rob Verkerk 42:10
We also don’t know that there in all the jabs. It does appear that there are some vials, so that the ones that we were looking at were deliberately selected from an adverse event hotspot, because we knew in that area, there was a whole batch that was likely containing it. So it does seem that not all there is an experiment going on within an experiment as it were.

Will Dove 42:32
Yes. And that’s a very good point to make. And of course, we know from the research that was done behind the website, that No, not all batches are equal. Some are much worse than others. I interviewed a lady just last week, who was severely vaccine injured. And when she went and looked it up, sure enough, it was one of the worst batches that she got. And what I’m getting at is that we know that at least a lot of these vials have some very strange things in them, of which very qualified people have looked at and gone. I don’t know what this is, but it sure as heck isn’t supposed to be there. So the question I have to ask is, what would you theorize would be the method of tracking from these injections?

Dr. Rob Verkerk 43:11
I mean, everything points to graphene as being the perfect mineral substance to be able to do that. The peculiar part of that is this is a case of adulteration. adulteration in the field of medicine, used to be one of the most criminal offenses in the field of cowboy pharmaceutical manufacturing. Now, it’s sanctioned. Graphene has all the properties that you might want to be able to do this. One of the difficulties that all of the studies have had is that you may know if you look at analytical chemistry, it is much, much more difficult to go in and find anything that’s there, you’re going to find a known needle in a haystack, it’s relatively easy. So you know, if you’re using a spectroscopy, technology, gas liquid Spectroscopy, or chromatography, or Raman spectroscopy, for example, you’re looking for a particular signal, a fingerprint that relates to a particular pattern of light emission, in the case of Raman spectroscopy, so you see it, what you don’t see is maybe things that would not respond to that fingerprint, that signal. Doing any of this work is costly. Doing it in labs that are accredited labs, is really challenging, because if the labs get found out because they’re not part of the in-group, because they’re doing work they’re not meant to be doing and because their research funding is controlled by people who would rather these disclosures were never made is very difficult. So for example, the laboratories in Cambridge that we use for the unit study are absolutely sworn to secrecy. They did the work. They did the work because they were so sure that there would be no graphene in the products like any of us. They’re bought into this idea, it has to be a conspiracy theory, they couldn’t possibly get away with that. And when they found it, they said, Christ, we can never do this, again, everyone has been sworn to absolute secrecy as to the identification of the lab. So it’s very difficult to find accredited labs to do the work are prepared to take the risk just as it’s difficult for a physician to speak out and say I gave ivermectin to my patients and saved her life. Good medicine, good manufacturing practice, good responsible drug manufacturing and enforcement and regulation is game over. Typically what would have happened if someone had even had a slight suspicion that there might be an adulterant in a product is you’d knock on the door of the regulator and say, guys, check this out. We’ve done some kind of dodgy analysis, we think they might and they would, they would happily go and check. Because historically, it is cowboys who’ve been adulterating. Now we see the biggest companies in the world at the heart of the world’s largest drug adulteration program that’s ever been seen.

Will Dove 46:07
And I would suggest that it’s okay if you want to throw the conspiracy theories. And I don’t think this is a conspiracy theory, because it the logic proves it. We know the COVID 19 virus was made in a laboratory. And I would propose that these so called vaccines were not made in response to the virus they were already made. It takes years to make a vaccine. And yet we had four major pharmaceutical companies all come up with very similar vaccines within weeks of each other.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 46:34
It’s the, once you have the code, the genome that you’re targeting, and you have sorted out the technology for delivery, you gotta remember that the delivery technology for the mRNA cargo is are these LNP is these lipid nanoparticles, which, incidentally, if the same products were in the food supply, you would have to have a years of testing as nano materials to be able to show that they’re safe in the food supply. As a scientist involved in the food area, I’ve been involved in looking at natural nanoparticles and going through kind of novel food processes and nano material processes, because some of the engineered non natural and nanoparticles can be very harmful, just like the ones that are in these pharmaceuticals. But these are games straight into someone’s bloodstream, or into their lymphatic system, they have not been subject to the scrutiny that we would have expected once you have that delivery system sorted. And of course, we’ve seen in the Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca type, the Institute of virology in India is actually the largest manufacturer in the world of the AstraZeneca type vaccine that’s been delivered in huge numbers to people in India, that is using a genetically modified common cold virus of a chimpanzee. So that that is the Trojan horse that carries the genetic information into the DNA that then manufactures the spike protein. So that system had already been developed, it had failed spectacularly a number of times. And then of course, you’ve got the add five adenoviral system that’s being used in a number of the vaccines as well, which had its first rather unfortunate outings with a step trial for HIV one back in the early 2000s. And that had to be stopped. It was very soon seen that of the gay men that we’re being exposed to the vaccinated ones, we’re having much more serious AIDS than the unvaccinated. And that same ad five vector is still being used. They say that it’s been manipulated a bit further. We live in this world where genetic manipulation and gene editing has become absolutely normal. And the extraordinary thing about it is that the public who had an issue about GMO corn, GMOs soy, largely, they don’t know they still think these jabs are attenuated vaccines from the 80s 90s and from even before that time,

Will Dove 49:13
and I’ve commented that on myself, it’s just mind boggling to me that we’ve got people out there who will absolutely flip out if you tell them that that tomato might have been genetically modified to I don’t know, repel insects or something. But if you hand them a head of lettuce, that’s gonna give them a dose of mRNA vaccine, they’ll happily eat a salad from it.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 49:33
It’s called cognitive dissonance. And I think the way the technique that has been used there is to separate the frontal lobe of the brain from the midbrain. So you expose people long enough to a state of chronic fear. That’s why we’ve seen this morphing between having everyone ramped up in a state of fear over COVID to now being ramped up in a state of fear over a World War because of what Putin is a major invasion of Ukraine. So it keeps this elevated state of fear going, that basically puts us into our primitive brain. So that we remove the reasoning rational, critical thought part that the frontal lobe which humans are famous for becomes disengaged. For many people, that’s why they’ll eat that lettuce and roll their sleeves up for an mRNA. And say no to Frankenstein fish, or GMO tomatoes.

Will Dove 50:32
That is something I’ve addressed on my show before with other guests is how the mechanisms within the brain that produce that fight or flight response, or it’s like a scale between that and your cerebral cortex, if that fight or flight response is active, the cerebral cortex is not. And your higher brain functions are shut off. And they know this, and they’re doing this on purpose, to scare the crap out of people to stop them from thinking,

Dr. Rob Verkerk 50:56
Which is why I’m a huge believer, get up in the morning and do a four minute Heart Rate Variability test any sports ECG belt that you use, link it up to a cell phone, dare I say, with a program like Elite HRV, that’s the one I use and measure your morning, sympathetic parasympathetic activity you need, a lot of people need to be reminded that they’re staying, you know, day to day to day in an elevated sympathetic state. And when you’re in that sympathetic state, you cannot function properly. You also, you know, the very fact that the common we’re very used to this idea of fight and flight being the adrenaline activated sympathetic state. But we’re less used to hearing that the parasympathetic state that we need to get into when we relax is also the rest and digest mode. And if we’re not in that parasympathetic state, and we’re sitting down at our dinner in front of television, either watching COVID News or watching news on the war in Ukraine, or what Trudeau is doing to his people, we’re not going to be extracting the nutrients that our immune system needs out of our food. So light a candle, Put on the music, disengage from it, go for that forest walk. We have to use these tools and techniques to keep ourselves resilient in these times.

Will Dove 52:21
Yes, also very, very good point. And that’s something that I myself, spent a fair bit of time studying with the workings of the human brain and the various frequencies. And of course, it’s, it’s a spectrum, but they divided into categories with gamma, beta, alpha, theta delta. And you’re absolutely right, when I was talking about that fight or flight, well, we’re talking it was being up in the gamma, the very high frequencies, your brain is you’re ultra sensitive to everything that’s going on around you. But your higher brain functions like creativity and all that that’s just shut off. That’s your brain doesn’t have the resources for that. And then you get down into theta and delta, which are REM sleep, or even deep sleep, where there’s nothing going on your brain is just repairing, once again, the higher brain functions aren’t there. So the only time when people can think clearly is when they’re engaging those alpha or beta frequencies. And outside of that, the brain really isn’t doing you any good in terms of analyzing what’s really going on.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 53:14
Have you have you noticed how people are now struggling to read Have you have you seen how many people in here we are doing an interview on video because it is the medium that people can still receptive because they’re getting information from an auditory visual, they’re connecting with human beings talking. But we’re hearing this from lots of people around the world that people are struggling reading books we were talking about in relation to South Africa. As you start explaining to people, the more detailed problems that were in the mix when they’re in written forms, people can engage with it, they literally just check out

Will Dove 53:52
Your cause me to make a confession with that. Because I produce video content as my biggest contribution to this fight for our rights and freedoms. But I myself hate watching videos. It’s too slow. If I’m watching videos, they’re typically I’m watching them at one and a half or double speed. And I much prefer reading if there’s a transcript. I’d rather read the transcript because years ago, I trained myself to speed read. And I can absorb the information far faster that way than sitting down and watching a video. But you’re right, people have gotten to this point where they just want to sit there and have it spoon fed to them. Without realizing that what they’re doing is they’re killing their analytical functions. They’re gonna remember almost none of it and understand even less.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 54:37
I hate to say we may be because I’m the same, but I hate to say we might be reflecting our age a little bit.

Will Dove 54:43
Probably true. Yes. All right. So once again, I’ve allowed us to go down a little rabbit trail here. Rob, I want to come back to let’s say the monster in the room. Not just tracking, control, and I’m going to be honest, I myself very skeptical and he Here’s why. Because if there was some mechanism, say, a 5G signal that could activate something in these injections, we know that there are scientists out there who were on our side of the fence who have gotten a hold of these vials, they’ve examined them. And yet I have yet to see anyone subjected to some sort of signal and have something happen within that vial or sample as a result. And so, where I’m questioning it, in my working quest, the intent of these people at all, if they could do it, they absolutely would. My question is, is it scientifically possible? And this is an area where I’m certain you have more knowledge than I do? So please,

Dr. Rob Verkerk 55:41
Look, it’s absolutely scientifically possible. And it’s been demonstrated very clearly in experimental animals that you can control behavior using a wireless signal in animals that have been injected with reduced graphene oxide. So you know, a lot of people will say, even the idea of magnetism in graphene, you’ll see fact checkers to say, well, it can’t be magnetized. When people say, well, they can they can see these magnetic substances. But of course, there are forms of graphene that can be magnetized, you can see that the peer review. So the principle is definitely there because it’s been demonstrated, it’s they’re published in the peer review. The second part of your question relates to you haven’t seen people’s behavior changing. Now, what are you expecting to see, you would need to do some pretty interesting controlled experiments between unvaccinated people and vaccinated people to see what kind of behavior change is there? We certainly know anecdotally, if I was going to develop an experiment, as it happens, a group of us around the world are looking at an experiment of this time, you would start to look at a whole range of different behaviors, thinking patterns, choices that people are likely to make when they are under behavior control, mind control, compared with people who are not, we get very interesting insights when you look at people who are working in the bioenergetic. area. And what they will see is that people who have been repeatedly vaccinated, seem to have a lower resonance. So the bioenergetic frequency that is part of life, all matter resonates, vibrates, has a frequency. And the bottom line is that when we are at a lower state, and you talk about frequencies in the brain, but we can look at frequencies in every cell of our bodies. We can lower our frequency. So do we know that there is a control mechanism that might be mediated through changes in frequency? But I think it’s probably too early to say that we categorically know. I wouldn’t necessarily expect that we would see people immediately running to the feet of Justin Trudeau for example, and saying, Look, you are the Messiah, which is probably what he wants people to do. But it wouldn’t be as obvious as that it would be more subtle. When people become locked into consistently believing the ideology, when the ideology, and let’s think back to Irvin Staub, even when it’s becoming apparent that that ideology is flawed. For example, the notion that COVID-19 so called vaccines have been responsible for making the problem caused by SARS COV 2 go away, is a deeply flawed ideology. There is no evidence for that. So there’s part of it has to do with the natural evolution of a virus that was almost certainly created in the lab over time. Part of it is to do with the change in the host, we have a situation in the UK, for example, blood bank data suggests that well over 98% of the UK population now have IgG antibodies for spike protein in most countries, it becomes difficult to say how much of that is to do with exposure to local vaccines versus naturally acquired immunity. What we know is that the natural immunity is taking an ever larger proportion of the population, particularly as Omicron moves, we can see just from the rate of it out there. So I think we’re in this in this strange dynamic where ideology that underpins it has already fallen apart, but people are still buying into it. The question is why? And I think the final thing I’ll say on that is if a real major behavior or mind control mechanism was to be used, it wouldn’t be implemented on day one or in year one, or even on year two. It would be part of a long term program. And surely the first part of the program is to see can we get away with putting this stuff in jabs and getting it into people’s bloodstream and how harmful it is? Is it when this stuff is not part of our normal blood supply or lymphatic supply? Can we get away with it? And so, to me, it’s would be a plausible first step, even if the long term goal was a much more dramatic system of behavioral or mind control.

Will Dove 1:00:18
Right, and I want to pursue that control just a little bit farther, because I know that this is something our audience is very, very interested in. And no, I never, and I preface my own statements by saying if they can do it, they absolutely would. I was just skeptical whether or not they had the scientific ability to do it. But you’ve said that there have been studies done with animals that have shown that yes, you can’t, we’re not talking about being able to program people to the point where they’re going to go and start worshipping Trudeau as their Messiah. But and you’re right, he would love that. What I think then, based on what you’ve just said, is possibly something like this, because we were talking about this brainwave frequency and how if you’re a certain frequencies, it’s shutting down the higher brain functions, do you think that it could be used to produce a state of putting people basically permanently into those frequencies, basically causing a fear response constantly. Even when there’s nothing to be afraid of

Dr. Rob Verkerk 1:01:08
The ability to be able to program, graphene is absolutely there. You know, the ability to be able to program water is there, we’ve got used to this idea that silicon is the medium for programming, but any of these substances can be programmed. Again, I’d suggest people go and look at Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, and you start looking towards his technology 22, 23, which looks at planted memory can occur, and how gene edited humans would soon be walking about us. And of course, it what it does is it skips the step of classic robotics that so many people grew up with so many of us our age group, felt we would be surrounded by human like machines, without necessarily really realizing that the robots of the future would look almost exactly like us, they would just be programmed differently. So that’s where we move towards this realm of transhumanism when you look at the overall data that we have available to us, and you look at motive and you look at available evidence, and you look at the kind of soundbites that come out of the World Economic Forum, we look at the linkage between WEF and WHO it is pointing towards a view that Transhumanism is the end goal. And part of that is because they know that they’re destroying the planet. On one hand, we’re told, we’ve got to grapple with this catastrophe that they call climate change that focuses us on a limited part of the problem, which is carbon emissions, for which they have a technological solution and a financial solution. And a system that can impart a system of control via the financial systems through central digital currency, for example. So it’s all there. And you know, yes, I think Transhumanism is the ultimate plan, another extension of that plan to look at exploiting other planets and space getting off this planet because we’ve created a sewer out of it. I come from a background where I believe that it’s, it’s not too late. Nature has the most extraordinary capacities to tolerate abuse. Most of the so called Climate Change predictions have been incorrect, because we’ve failed to understand the role, for example, the microbial kingdom, in being regulators of nature, so the biosphere, and this comes back to this sort of principles of Gaia, James Lovelock, etc. The biosphere is the organism itself. And the organism is always going to do its darndest to survive. And if that means our species is seen as the source of evil, we may have a few problems. And I think we’re seeing those problems now. I think if enough of us understand the direction that the so called, elite are taking us in, we don’t have to play that game. But it does mean every step of the way we’ve got to dissociate from the coercive tactics, the regulatory systems, the control systems and surveillance systems that they want us to play part of be proud of being in that out-group. And understand that in that out-group is enough support, knowledge, understanding to live a healthy, fulfilled and purposeful life.

Will Dove 1:04:41
So Rob, I’m going to circle back now and people who watch my interviews will recognize that this is my style. I may seem to have been going off on rabbit trails, but what I’ve really been doing is building towards the point. So just to summarize for our viewers, where we’ve gone in this interview, we started out with talking about South Africa, the manufacturing capabilities, they’re, they’re setting up for these mRNA vaccines in an area of the world that has the lowest COVID infection rates anywhere. We’ve talked about how they’re pushing these vaccines on children, who also are at almost no risk from this disease, and collusion that’s going on between the pharmaceutical companies to do all of this. And then we went into the possibility of this is being used to track or even perhaps, control people. And now I want to tie all that together, in your opinion, what you think, bringing this back to this global pandemic treaty from the World Health Organization. And I want to read a quote that you put into your article from Tedros. Because I have to say this quote scares the living hell out of me, because he was talking about what form this treaty would take in response to potentially new pandemics. And he started out by saying, Well, certainly not lock downs as a, you know, a first means of response. And you responded to that saying, but that’s exactly what you did. Well, I’m just I’m just gonna read it: “A tailored and comprehensive package of measures that strike a balance between protecting the rights, freedoms and livelihoods of individuals, while protecting the health and safety of the most vulnerable members of communities”. Well, first of all, this is nothing but marketing speak. There’s nothing of real substance in here. But if you read between the lines, I mean, he starts out by basically talking about violations of rights and freedoms. So informing us right there, there’s going to be violations of rights and freedoms period, and says protecting the health and safety of the most vulnerable members of communities, which they have failed to do, obscenely. Of the of the top 30 most affluent countries in the world, Canada has the absolute worst record for protecting the ageing vulnerable population from this disease. While injecting more people with this vaccine, then I think there’s maybe five countries in the world that have higher injection rate than we do. To me, this sets off all kinds of alarm bells, of what this pandemic treaty, what kind of powers it’s going to give them.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 1:07:07
I think the way to look at it is they know that if they allow emergency measures to be maintained, they have set themselves up a system that they can’t keep that going forever and a day. If a particular pathogen that’s a target pathogen becomes endemic, omicron, I believe wasn’t really part of the plan. So you know, Tedros also said the emergence of the highly mutated Omicron variant underlines just how perilous and precarious our situation is, what he could have said, is the emergence of Omicron has shown us how fantastic nature is and how amazingly resilient people’s immune systems as well, we no longer have a pathogen that’s putting huge pressure on the hospital system, causing people to run a serious risk of losing their lives as a result of this virus. It could have been something to celebrate. And this is for me, where the alarm bells really start ringing, that they’re using Omicron and the surveillance systems that the this is why I’m drawing attention to Gustav Praekelt’s work and the work that WHO is doing on the post COVID surveillance. They want this to go on and on and on for an endemic disease and it’s having worked a lot in Africa. You know, you can understand why so many African people are very suspicious. They go, we know we have a malaria problem, we know we have a TB problem. We might even know we’ve got an HIV AIDS problem. But one thing is for sure we do not have a COVID problem. Tedros also says things like we are living through a cycle of panic and neglect. Now who created the panic, they created a panic. They created pandemic status to provide emergency powers to governments. They cannot continue to do that. Our real concern is the WHO Pandemic Treaty that’s planned to be built into the Constitution to be unanimously supported by 194 UN member states. We’ll give them continued powers to control people. You remember how SARS COV 2 nearly destroyed economies and livelihoods around the world. We could never allow such a thing to happen again. And one also has to bear in mind that as I mentioned before, they always have other tricks up their sleeves. So it – we’ve been suspicious of the fact that they are working on a Marburg virus now, Marburg is an unpleasant beast again, manufactured in a lab, it was a lab escape. It is much more deadly than SARS COV 2. SARS COV 2 is neither particularly deadly, nor is it particularly transmissible. I mean, measles is way more transmissible than SARS COV 2 even Omicron is they could have other candidate pathogens that they could release any other time. So, yes, this, this basically would give them the ability to control populations in much in the way that they’ve been controlling us over the last two years.

Will Dove 1:10:23
And you made the other very good point in the article. And you alluded to it just now that there’s no hard and fast definition or set of rules for what constitutes a pandemic, they can just announce something’s a pandemic anytime they want to. And there’s your fear all over again. And as COVID-19 has proved, there doesn’t need to be any actual science behind this. It’s a weak flu, but they’ve got the whole world, over 5 billion people now who have lined up for these shots.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 1:10:49
Another key point to remember is the is in the surveillance process, the use of PCR and other antigen surveillance methods to continue to look for this particular pathogen. So you may know a little bit about Bayesian theories, essentially, it’s very well demonstrated that the prevalence as the prevalence of a particular diagnostic parameter reduces in this case, the incidence the prevalence of SARS COV 2 the false positive rate increases dramatically. So by continuing to use an antigen testing method, and notice this is now built into Ramaphosa’s new system that has been completely supported by the WHO. They do plan to continue using PCR testing, or rapid antigen tests that will have dramatically problematic false positive rates. So by continuing to use that system, the problem will never go away. Because as the true positive declines, the false positive rate goes up. And you can have a perennial pandemic, whenever you want. The idea of being able to use the democratic system now to affect change to get our governments to U turn on this. I think the chances of being successful, they’re very, very slim. We’ve all signed up thinking that our elected representatives can represent us that system we’ve seen over the last few years it is broken. If that system was working anywhere in the world, we would have already seen some objections during the voting that occurred the end of November 2021 for the pandemic treaty. So there are reasons that people are signing up for it. And a lot of it is linked to money and what the IMF is doing and who how the world’s resources are controlled and divvied up, which populations are more controlled than others. I think one of the areas that has some merit is looking at legal actions. Our colleagues in the law and activism committee are the World Council for Health are absolutely looking at that area. It may be that a number of international treaties that relate to human rights are basically breached by the pandemic treaty. We you know, we’ve got to look at inalienable rights such as human dignity, that actually human dignity, the case law around human dignity, suggests that free choice is actually related to that. And then we’ve got to look at issues such as medical informed consent, and what happens to a system as we see an ever more authoritarian system take over our lives. So this essentially, a pandemic treaty is a passport to unbridled authoritarianism at any stage because of a potential threat, and no doubt they’ll try and use the disaster that was largely one of their making, called the Coronavirus pandemic, as a reason why they’re going to do it. So legal action is a real possibility. I want to end on something more positive than that. The really important thing all of us can do is understand that for most of the time in our lives, in our 24 hour cycles that we live 365 every year, we are our own bosses we still have while people are getting used to this idea that they’ve already lost sovereignty, they’ve already lost bodily autonomy. In many cases we haven’t we just think we have there’s enormous amount that can be done by respecting that sense of dignity, that sense of sovereignty, and controlling what you put in your body on your body. What foods you choose to absorb whether you decide to trust municipal water supply, that might be fluoridated, or have lots of Spike protein in it, and decided to put a reverse osmosis filter in the way of it, and then re mineralize or energize your water after that. So there’s many things that we can do that really are about our own health, we’ve got to also think about where our data is held. And one of the big projects we’re working on is building a blockchain system for health data, that there’s really about health data, not just medical records, but health data, because health data is going to be one of the new currencies. One of the mechanisms that happens within surveillance is measuring where you are on your health so that people who have particular health profiles will get a particular set of choices that are determined by authoritarians. Now, if we do not allow that data to go into that those hands because we control our data, if our data is sovereign, as our bodies are sovereign, they cannot control it. So we’ve got to remember how much autonomy we still have. And we’ve got to stop ourselves thinking that we’ve already lost it. Because that’s like saying, we’ve given up you know, we’ve got everything to fight for. And what we need to be fighting for today is really our children and our grandchildren’s future. So we’ve got to do it. Our fathers and forefathers have often done it for us. We are an unusual those of us, we’re about the same age. Well, you know, we’re quite rare beings in the countries that most of us have lived in, there hasn’t been a war, our parents and grandparents, they faced wars, and they gave up they risked an enormous amount to give us the freedom that we’ve enjoyed. And guys, it’s now our turn to stand up. And we’ve got to do our darndest to create a world that’s suitable for the next generations. And we have not we’ve far from last this battle, I think we’re making headway every day and we can – Will, you’re doing a great jab getting the word out so important that people understand what’s happening. So it’s time to stand up for our rights.

Will Dove 1:17:00
And I agree, completely Rob. Our governments have no power but what we give them and we don’t give them power won’t be elected them. We give them power when we choose to obey them. And so I agree, I think it is unlikely that we’re going to win this through the usual democratic processes. They control our governments, their rigging elections, we may see some victories in the courts. And I certainly hope we do. But what is a guarantee is that when enough of us simply refuse to comply, simply refuse to participate in the narrative. It ends.

Rob Verkerk
That’s it.

Will Dove
Dr. Verkerk, thank you so much for your time, your expertise. And you and I were discussing off camera doing more interviews. So I’m very much looking forward to having you back on my show so we can cover some more topics.

Dr. Rob Verkerk 1:17:48
Will, it’s been a great pleasure and a huge thanks from all of us in the ANH team for what you’re doing, getting such important messages out and I’m looking forward to talking to our joint friend Dr. Mark Trozzi, who is doing such a fantastic job in Canada, given up his work in ICUs, to do the work of sharing information around this so really important, but huge thanks for all of us too, Will, thank you.

Will Dove 1:18:19
Thank you

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