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March 21, 2022

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Will reveals how the global tyrants used applied psychology to run the truckers and demonstrators out of Ottawa without giving us back any of our rights and freedoms.

Since the start of the plandemic, the globalists have used psychology very effectively to manipulate the masses. I addressed this in a previous episode of Iron Will on Everything where I talked about Biderman’s Chart of Coercion. In 1956 sociologist Alfred Biderman studied the methods used by foreign governments to extract false confessions from prisoners of war. The exact same methods are being used by the global tyrants to steal our rights and freedoms, with the willing cooperation of the masses through applied psychology. If you missed that episode, you will find a link to it below this video on our website.

I believe that the entire Emergency Measures Act scenario was also applied psychology. It got the globalists what they wanted without having to give up any of the ground they had gained.

While the attack on our rights and freedoms has been very well planned, not everything has gone the globalists way. The Freedom Convoy was not something they had planned for. It was bringing far too much attention, not just here in Canada but globally. They had to shut it down, and do so fast before it could become an effective rallying point for resistance around the world.

Trudeau, under orders from his globalist masters, brought in the Emergency Measures Act so he could justify his draconian tactics in clearing the truckers and their supporters out of Ottawa. The tyrants would have been very pleased if the Act had become a permanent state in Canada, as Chrystia Freeland publicly stated she was in favor of (and for those of you who may not know, Freeland is even more a tool of the globalists than Trudeau). But they also planned for the Emergency Measures Act to be stopped by the Senate. That it would be passed by parliament was highly likely as the Liberals and the NDP between them control the majority of the votes and indeed every Liberal and NDP MP voted in favor of keeping the Act in place. However, the globalists do not have as much control over the Senate and so when it became apparent that the Senate was going to kill it, they ordered Trudeau to rescind the Act.

Now here is the important point – the very effective use of psychology.

When the act was rescinded Canadians and people around the world who were watching closely celebrated as though we had won. But ask yourself, did we really win anything? The truckers still do not have their rights back. The unvaxxed are still prisoners in this country and our country continues it’s march toward a social credit score that will make our right to do anything dependent upon complying with the governments orders.

It would be nice if our enemy was stupid. But they are not. They have some very intelligent people working for them, building upon a platform of knowledge from past dictators and leveraging psychology very effectively to gain the compliance of the masses.

This war is far from over. In fact, I believe it is only just beginning. Everything we have endured in the past two years was only the opening move for the global tyrants.

Since the start of the plandemic I’ve have tried to foresee what their next steps would be. I believe that recently I figured out what they are going to do in the not too distant future and I will be releasing another episode of Iron Will on Everything next week on my theory – a theory which I have confirmed with a large number of experts. It is a very ugly vision of the future, but it gets the tyrants everything that they want and we can do nothing at this point to stop it from happening.

But we can be prepared. Prepared in such a way that we can protect our assets, our privacy and our health. Please watch for that video next week and the many that will follow on strategies for how to survive what is coming next.

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