Tried Twice for the Same ‘Hate Crime’: Bill Whatcott

August 23, 2023

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In my interviews, I seldom talk much about my own opinions. This is because the interview is not about what I think, but about what my guest thinks. Today, however, I believe it necessary that I discuss briefly my own view of the subject.

My guest today is a committed Christian, whose faith is the driving force behind his actions. I, myself, am not a Christian, I call myself a respectful atheist. This means that I respect the faith of others without sharing that faith. I tell you this, because if I don’t, you might think that this interview is intended as a defense of the Christian faith. In fact, this interview is intended to highlight the attack in our country, upon freedom of religion, and through that, upon freedom of speech, an attack that has been growing not just over the past few years, but for decades.

Bill Whatcott, over the past 25 years, has been arrested almost 30 times, fined tens of thousands of dollars, and spent six months in prison. All for peacefully protesting abortion, and gay pride events where grown men display their genitalia in front of children. In 2016, Bill was charged with inciting hate, for handing out what were largely informational brochures at a gay pride event. He was acquitted. But now he’s being charged and will face trial again, for exactly the same alleged hate crime. As far as I can tell, for no other reason, but that those behind the LGBT narrative want him punished for disagreeing with their views.

Whether you yourself are a person of faith or not, it is vital to understand that our Charter rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech are inextricably linked. The left is trying very hard to silence Bill by denying him the right to peacefully state the tenets of his Christian faith. If they succeed, it will not be long before the rest of us, Christian, Muslim, atheist, will be forbidden by law to voice our objection to the leftist narrative and to the damage it is doing to our children.


Ontario Court of Appeal orders Bill Whatcott to go on trial again for Gospel flyer delivered at Toronto Homosexual Parade 7 years ago

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