Old School Freedom | Ed Kallio

June 5, 2022

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Old School Freedom | Ed Kallio
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This is an excerpt from Will’s interview with Ed Kallio. This excerpt will be used in a new fundraiser for a Billboard campaign in Canada being started by Ed Kallio called Billboards4FreedomCanada. In the excerpt Ed talks about how we need to go OLD SCHOOL to bypass the rampant censorship we are experiencing. We also believe in ending censorship, especially scientific and medical censorship so the Canadian people have this critical information about their rights to informed consent and can make informed health decisions.

We are proud to support this initiative!
Watch for more from Ed and his team on this campaign!

If you’d like to support this initiative too you can go to:

View the full interview with Ed and Iron Will here: https://strongandfreecanada.org/iron-will/defending-your-rights-with-common-law-ed-kallio-lawyers4truth/

Billboard campaigns have been successful in the United States: https://www.banners4freedom.com/

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