Roman Baber in Calgary April 2022 – The Dangers of WEF and Digital ID

May 16, 2022

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Roman Baber in Calgary April 2022 – The Dangers of WEF and Digital ID
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Roman Baber is a former Member of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament. He is running for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada because he will not “sit back while Canadians are losing faith in Canada’s democracy and Canadian opportunity.” He was removed by Doug Ford from the Ontario government caucus after calling out the collateral harm of lockdowns in January 2021.

This footage is from one of our volunteer Freedom Reporters who was at his talk in Calgary in April.

Some of his key points:

– It’s a Principle of democracy that we should be suspicious of government and we should not give up on this principle

– Karl Marx said “You will own nothing and be happy” 150 years ago. It was not a Klaus Schwab original. The damaging socialist ideologies of WEF and the pervasiveness of them are what are the real problem describing a half-baked utopia eroding sovereignty.

– Academic free speech is key and taking the case to Canadians – they will choose against collectivism.

– Get rid of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland.

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