Why the Depopulation Agenda is Real and What We Can Do About It | Dr. Mike Yeadon

November 28, 2022

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Dr Mike Yeadon, a retired pharmacologist, was previously vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory at Pfizer and is co-founder and former CEO of the biotechnology company Ziarco. He has more than 30 years of experience leading new medicine research in the pharmaceutical industry.

“I can only reach the people who are on this call. Let’s say you’ve got ten people in your network. They’re not on this call. I will never reach them. They’ll never hear of me. The mainstream media will never tell them the truth. It is you, the people on this call. Only you can reach that last mile.” 

“I’ve tried the lecture and it just doesn’t work, you bludgeon people and they glaze over. They either shout at you or they walk away. Whatever, keep trying, I’m imploring you. It’s the most important single thing you can do. Because imagine if half the people knew what was coming, I just don’t think they would tolerate it. But if there’s a few inconvenient things people will just keep evolving and we’ve seen this in the past with oppressive totalitarian regimes like Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, people just keep adapting.”

“So persuade others, keep your knowledge up to date, know some of the lies. Because I think one of the most powerful things I’ve said accidentally was ‘What is the right number of times for your public health officials and governments to lie to you about something that could cost you your life?’ The answer is zero.”

What can we do about it?

  1. Persuade others that something awful is happening and keep trying, then try again. Change what you’re doing to try.
  2. Ask questions such as Why do you think this? Or, What do you think is happening? Keep your knowledge up-to-date and share the lies that the government has told us.
  3. Refuse mandatory digital ID. The perpetrators can only succeed with our compliance. If enough of us simply refuse, they will not be able to succeed. Even if it inconveniences you, refuse. If they offer a ration for which you require a voluntary digital ID and you agree, it will be meat and eggs today, all foods tomorrow.
  4. Refuse Genetic Vaccines. It is not a conventional vaccine and is intrinsically dangerous and not necessary. Even if there was a properly researched, safe and effective injection, it wouldn’t save very many lives because the very people who are vulnerable are not capable of benefitting from it. We know this from the flu vaccine which has not reduced death. Early treatment is what we should have done.
  5. Refuse Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). When you pay with a debit or credit card, the merchant’s computer only asks… Is this cardholder good for the money. They don’t send the inventory of what you are buying to a central computer and ask for an authorization. With a CBDC card, it will look and feel the same but they are checking, has Mike Yeadon already had 3 sausages this week? Is he too far from his home? Has he said bad things about the government? And it can be done in real time which is why 5G is required.
  6. Fight the Withdrawal of Cash. It is your guaranteed on ramp to anonymity and freedom. Make every transaction you possibly can, cash. Even if you sacrifice your meager 1% cash back on your card which is the bribe to keep you hooked into that system. Also regard it as throwing a handful of sand in their eyes. They do not know what is being done with cash but with CBDCs, they will and will have the power to control it. When services and goods are required, paying cash ensures that no one knows who acquired them, where they were, and what else they’ve acquired. There is no legitimate reason to get rid of cash. If we can keep cash, they can’t take over.
  7. Build your network as well as your knowledge. More and more people know that what is going on is not legitimate, is not a public health emergency anymore. Find people who live near you and imagine how much better you will feel when you go to sleep tonight.

They can only succeed if we acquiesce.


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