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Lawyers Stand Up

Lawyers Stand Up

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Lawyers Stand Up

We are asking every elected representative to take a principled stance for the people of their communities by supporting the referral of all Covid measures and workplace policies to their Court of Appeal by way of the Reference procedure to determine if they are contrary to the law and, in particular, our Charter of Rights of Freedoms. The Prime Minister of Canada can also use the Reference procedure to have a determination of the constitutionality of federal Covid measures by the Supreme Court of Canada.


We are your neighbours, members of your community, and we are lawyers.


We are asking our fellow lawyers and all Canadians to stand with us by signing your name.

mounties for freedom

Mounties For Freedom

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Lawyers Stand Up

To serve and protect, we stand united against the forced and coerced medical intervention of Canadians and against the discrimination faced by those who have exercised their right to decide on their bodily autonomy.

Sign their open letter to the RCMP Commissioner.

Save a Life • Recover Our Rights • Fight for Justice

With 5 million Canadians already projected to die by 2028 from the Covid 'vaccines', we are working desperately to spread the truth to prevent further deaths. We are also fighting to recover our rights and freedoms.

Your donation will save lives.


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