Goose and Maple: George Douklias

October 8, 2023

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Over the past three years hundreds of thousands of Canadians lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates. But not all employers were on board with the narrative. What was needed was way to connect unvaxxed job seekers with employers who would not discriminate based upon vaccine status.

In 2021, George Douklias and Melissa Lauchli launched Jabless Jobs, an online employment agency that did just that. George got the idea after he was fired from his job for refusing the vax. His boss told him he would fail, that no employer would hire someone who had not taken the shots.

Two years later, Jabless Jobs is expanding. Yesterday, October 7th, the new improved version of the very successful non-discriminatory employment agency launched under their new iconically Canadian name,

Not only will Goose and Maple carry on the work of Jabless Jobs in matching unvaxxed job seekers with employers, but they have also launched a business directory where you can find businesses that don’t require their customers to wear masks or show proof of vaccination.

In addition, George provides insights into the careers today that are in high demand. For the young deciding what educational path to pursue, or those looking to retrain, this interview is essential viewing.

LINK: Goose and Maple

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