The Corruption of Our Courts: Leighton Grey

October 11, 2023

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Our courts, especially in the last 3 years, have frequently ruled in favor of clear violations of our constitutional rights.

Leighton Grey is a constitutional lawyer, and has fought successfully against the Government of Alberta, most recently in the landmark case of Ingram vs. the government where Justice Barbara Romaine ruled the Covid mandates in Alberta to be illegal.

But that does not mean that Justice Romaine is in favor of upholding our rights. Her decision is far more a testimony to the cleverness of Leighton Grey, and his legal partner, Jeffrey Rath.

The fact is that our courts have been captured, and many judges are willing enforcers of political corruption, rather than the impartial arbiters of justice under the law that they are supposed to be.

In this interview, Leighton explains how we lost our hold on the judiciary, but more importantly, how we take it back, and secure for ourselves and our children, a just future, where everyone is equal under the law.

LINK: Grey Matter | Return to Reason

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