IWR Weekly Oct. 6th: WEF Suggest Death Penalty for Climate Deniers

October 6, 2023

506 James Roguski The WHO Amendments
The WHO Amendments: Back from the Dead
James Roguski
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IWR News for June 7th
Has Global Depopulation Already Started?
502 Robert Malone Psychological Biowarfare
Psychological Biowarfare and Disease X
Dr. Robert Malone
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Canada Under the WHO’s Health Care Dictatorship
Dr. Ben Turner
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Is the WHO Pandemic Treaty Dead?
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Will Billions Die?
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
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The Forever Pandemic
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
501 IWR Week of May 24
IWR News for May 24th
Canada’s Coming Digital Prison: Life Under Digital IDs

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:

  • WEF: Death Penalty for Climate Deniers
  • WHO Secret Meetings for International Health Regulations
  • Over 100 Cyber Attacks in Canada over the Past Two Years
  • Violence Against Teachers
  • CRTC Requires Podcasters to Register
  • Proof of 5G Harms
  • How They’ll Use 5G to Change Your Genes
  • Mainstream Media Admits to Record Cases of ‘Died Suddenly’
  • Health Canada Hiding Vaccine Harms – Unsuccessfully
  • Proof Childhood Vaccine Schedule Causes SIDS
  • Heart Attack Deaths up Almost 50%
  • New Study: Covid Vaccines Damage All Hearts
  • Vaccines Kill 5 For Every 1 They ‘Save’
  • Poll Shows Over 50% Will Not Take Next Booster
  • Health Canada: 74% of the Vaxxed Now Have VAIDS
  • WEF: Water is the Next Covid
  • Woke Paranoia: CBC Reporters Fear for Their Lives
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