Healthcare Lies & the Human Touch; Video Proof of Empty COVID Wards | Ryan Clare

October 6, 2022

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  • How did Ryan’s mom end up in hospital after being double-vaxxed?
  • How did an un-vaxxed guy get in and record video in a BC Hospital Feb.12, 2022?
  • What did Ryan see while caring for his ill, elderly mother in a Covid holding area for 3 days after she tested negative?
  • How was he forcibly removed from the hospital after 4 days of caring for his mom?
  • What “dying with dignity” messages was his family sent before his mom recovered?
  • Was Ryan’s mom a medical miracle?

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Will Dove, Ryan

Will Dove 00:15
Most of you are aware the mainstream media has for the last two years been to say the least an unreliable source of information. I have with me today, Ryan Clare. Ryan, this past spring was in Victoria visiting his ailing mother in the hospital. At the same time, it was the newspapers reporting that the hospital was overflowing with COVID patients. Ryan took video of the COVID section of the hospital 0 empty. Ryan, thanks for coming in to talk about this.

Ryan 00:46
And thanks for having me. Will.

Will Dove 00:47
So please give our viewers just a bit of a rundown of your mother’s condition and how she ended up in the hospital and why you were there visiting her.

Ryan 00:56
Well, December 15 2021 last year, I got a call from my sister that you know. It was an emotional call. Our mom had been diagnosed with stage four, terminal cancer, lymph all throughout her chest, her abdomen. And she had four weeks to four months to live but they said unless you take this infusion of immunotherapy, the new treatment that we’re going to do chemo and radiation and stuff. So it’s quite a call to receive right before Christmas. And I was talking — we were all working remotely because they shut the offices down, right? So my boss said, you got to do what’s right, you got to go out and spend your time with your mom while you still can. And that’s kind of how I thought too and my sister had phoned me up because my mom in January she took the immunotherapy, early January. And this immunotherapy, they said it could give her maybe she would like 40% chance, success with his immunotherapy. And she could get six months, maybe even two years if it worked. If it did, it’s magic. And so she —

Will Dove 02:17
–How old is your mother? She was 79. At that point, she turned 80. February 26. Okay, so she’s Yeah.

Ryan 02:25
Okay, so please continue the immunotherapy that they recommended. Yes. Which I believe did happen. Yes, yes. Really January. And so following that, you know, she was living and her whole life up to this point for 79 years she was self sufficient, independent, drove, went on vacations, did her groceries, paid her bills, just you know, but now, she was confused. She was falling down. And this is after the therapy like with the cancer diagnosis don’t know what led to this is she’d had her two vaccines. And then she got her booster in October. After her booster – within that week, she started getting little bumps and lesions, kind of like grains of sand and little circles and spheres and under her skin and itching and rashes and stuff, right. So she was in and out of the doctor trying to figure out what’s going on here. What have I got. And at one point, she’d gone in and she’s rather infected somewhere on her lower end here. And they booked her for a day surgery to surgically remove whatever this mass — it was like an infection that was coming from the inside working its way out almost sort of. And we never did find out what that is. She’s still got a little bit of that now. So anyway, this is what we’re kind of thinking and they’re trying to find out. And then you know, to get this call that no she’s got fourth stage terminal cancer. Okay, so it was a shock.

Will Dove 04:02
I just want to clarify something. It was one time when she was diagnosed with the cancer. Yeah, she was not in the hospital. No, no, she hospital was only after she’d had this day surgery subsequent to the third booster shot and the immunotherapy had started at that point?

Ryan 04:18
Yes, she took the one and only immunotherapy there was going to be three of them. She took the one but it messed with her head. She wound up with encephalitis and neuropathy and she wasn’t able to walk, she was confused, bewildered. So my sister phoned me again, Mum, you know, she’s had to move in with my mom. Because she was falling down there was the ambulance came and they brought you know, she spent the night on the floor and so anyway, my sister needed help. And I drove out to Victoria, I can’t fly because I don’t have a VAX passport. So I drove up I got what I needed, going out to help my sister and my mom. And Colleen was exhausted from looking after and it’s just an emotional thing too. scary time for both of us. So she went home and I moved in with my mum and she, for about a week now she’s, she’s getting more and more confused. But I had to help she had a walker and I could help her to in from the washroom and. And she was restless. So she’d go to washroom, back to her bed, I need to get up and walk. So we’d walk to the coach to just all night. So I was sleep deprived. Coleen and she had an appointment to bring her to, for part of her to find out what this other stuff was. And the No, I think this was part of the cancer treatment they wanted. They did some kind of a scan for her I couldn’t take her, my sister, they won’t let me in the hospital. So my sister, I help my mum into my sister’s car off they went and then I got a call several hours later. They’re not coming home. They’ve admitted mum into emergency. So I’m thinking okay, well, this can’t be good. So I phoned and it was the Royal Jubilee Hospital I phoned them up. And I actually talked to a nurse that knew my mom, that she was one of her patients or whatever. And I said, Can I come down and see her? You know, I’m concerned. Yeah, you can come down whatever. I said, I’m not vaccinated. No, you can’t, you can’t come in then. And based on how things were deteriorating, and the diagnosis we had, I thought, Oh, my God, she’s, I may never see her again. I asked her, you know, is there anything that we can do? Or if not, can you say? So, you know, the nurse was she, she took pity on me or some empathy, rate, human decency, whatever you want to call it. She says, You know what? Meet me at the emergency and ask for me, and I’ll come and get you. We’ll get you in. And so I race off. The first place I drove I found where the Jubilee Hospital is, and I drove him and you know, there’s plexiglass and a certain security guard here and your wait and whatever. And then way back there. Okay. Come on, come on up here. And I go up, I explained my mom’s in emergency, can I, I’d like to go see your please. Okay. Do you have your guys your vaccination? Yeah, it’s like, I don’t have one. Like, okay. Because, you know, emergency was right behind her, you just walk through the thing, and, you know, go around and see if you can go to the, so I did, I had the same experience at the next door, they wouldn’t let me in. And I found my way around to the emergency thing. And so I now I go to the person at the door, and I said, look, the nurse in emergency said to call for her, Shirley Clare is my mom. And she found that nurse and she came and got me and brought me through and nobody asked for any vaccine. Nothing. I was just saying. Yeah, so I got in.

Will Dove 08:11
Okay, and so you got into and that was early February. Yes. Around the third or fourth, I believe

Ryan 08:17
in there. No, this is the end of January now.

Will Dove 08:20
January. Okay. So you finally get into see your mom. Yes. And you were I think you were then allowed to stay with her. What was that at a later point?

Ryan 08:31
No, I figured now that I mean, I I’m not going to leave. And but so the place where my mum was it was it was like an emergency place where you could envision maybe people being worked on or whatever assessed, but what they you know, that like that plastic corrugated cardboard, the fake stuff? Yeah, they had that all up the wall and they extended the ball up to the ceiling on both sides. And there’s a green curtain, right. So it’s like, the size from you know, your desk here to here. enough room for a bed, a chair and the curtain right at the foot of the bed. And that’s it I was in there. And of course I have to have a mask. My mom didn’t and right but everybody else and if I peek through the curtain to go you know and walk or whatever, no, you got to you have to stay in if I felt like I was in a jail cell. But of course, I have to go to the washroom eventually. So I can I use the one at the end of the hall. So I went and that was my opportunity to make some observations, right? What where am I? What’s going on here? And I took some footage. I don’t own a smartphone. I never will. But I borrowed my mom’s figured out how it worked and I took some footage of the place. What I discovered to and from the washroom, there were maybe 15 or 16 different cells like this, places for people to be – half of them were empty at any given time that I looked, there was never, it was never more than half full here. And then is the other thing I found out that this place was if somebody goes to emergency and they are in a, you know it’s an emergency, they can’t just leave them on the street if they die or whatever if they don’t have a vaccination passport. So here’s the place. All right, you need to stay in the hospital. Here’s where we’re going to keep you until your COVID test comes back either negative, positive, whatever. So everybody in here gets tested for COVID. Now, here’s your holding area until they have a room. That’s what I saw.

Will Dove 10:36
So your mom is in this holding area.

Ryan 10:39

Will Dove 10:39
It’s not emerge. It’s it’s this is a holding unit while they find a bed for her. Is that correct?

Ryan 10:45

Will Dove 10:45
Now, but I think is now How long has she been in there? Because she had, you’ve already told us she’s had three shots. So by their standards, she’s fully you know, she’s fully vaccinated.

Ryan 10:55

Will Dove 10:55
So how long was she in this holding?

Ryan 10:57
We were in there from Wednesday night. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, it was late Saturday afternoon. So four days, we were in this place waiting for a bed for her to get out of there. And she’d got the results – she was negative for COVID on her test, right. That was established. But we still waited another three days before there was room for her somewhere in the hospital.

Will Dove 11:22
You were staying with her when there’s little cell the whole time?

Ryan 11:25
Yes. I’ve been taking walks to the bathroom. Yes. So I realized that I felt healthy. I wasn’t afraid of COVID to begin with. So I said, Okay, can I please have a COVID test as well? And then maybe people won’t be nervous about me being here at all, right? And they refused. The nurse says no, you can’t have a COVID test and Okay, well, so can you ask can I go above your head? Can you ask? So you got some administrator, supervisor from the Jubilee Hospital there? And they said no, he can’t. It’s just for patients, which made no sense to me.

Will Dove 12:04
But then none of this does. Now, I just want to clarify a few things. Your mom has been admitted to the hospital. Yes, she’s got – they say – stage four cancer. And there’s more information coming on that folks just stick with us because this story gets better. So she’s got stage four cancer, she’s had a reaction to the immunotherapy. Yes, she’s now very confused when she wasn’t before. Mentally, she was fine. Just like you and I. Okay. So now she has been admitted into the hospital, you had to go through this long ordeal basically, just to get it and to be with your mother. To the extent where you now feel you can’t leave because they won’t let you back in if you do leave.

Ryan 12:39
I can’t get past security to get in there —

Will Dove 12:41
So you’ve been in there for days tending to your mother. What was your state at that point? I mean, you had to be exhausted, hungry?

Ryan 12:49
Yes. All the above. My my state….so my, you know, I’m watching my mum who I’m preparing. I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea that she’s not going to be here much. It’s actually surprising to me, Will.

Will Dove 13:14
I get it.

Ryan 13:16
She’s not going to be here much longer. I’m wrapping my head around that. She’s terminal and things are going the wrong way. And she’s muddled up. She’s trying to go to bed. She’s fallen out of bed once before I got there. Right and my sister and her anyway. She’s constantly undressing, fidgeting with her clothes and stuff and constantly getting her redressed and repositioning her in the bed so she doesn’t fall over the bed again. And she’s got an IV in her because her heart had gone into fibrillation, 176 beats per minute, they had the rate. That’s, among other things, that was an important medicine that they had to keep to keep her alive. So I was there watching over her because I think that she needed to be watched over so that she could stay alive. And I didn’t you know, I’m not angry at the hospital for this or the people that work there. They’re great. But when, you know i She just needed that level of attention where she was going to hurt herself. Right?

Will Dove 14:34
So she’s extremely confused. I think you said there was a point there where she – thought you were her boyfriend or one of her ex husbands or something. And

Ryan 14:42
it got to that time by the fourth day. Yeah, that’s right.

Will Dove 14:45
So, she didn’t even know who you were. No. Right. So we’ve painted this picture now. You’ve been you’ve been stuck here for four days tending to your mother. You’re told that she’s got terminal cancer. Now I think at this point in time they did find her a bed upstairs.

Ryan 15:03
Yeah, Saturday afternoon, finally, you know, and the orderly, they came down and wheeled around, we got a room. And they took us up to the eighth floor. I’m sticking with her. Oh, you know what, though? Can I mentioned before that? Because I am hungry by the next night. So I got there Wednesday, by Thursday night, I asked the nurse there and they got used to me being there. And they were actually happy on there, because I’m helping her. They don’t have to tend to her all the time. And looking on her because I’m they’re doing it, right. So they got more comfortable with my presence. And I wore my mask, and I was polite. And so I asked the guy, you know, I’m, I’m very hungry. I could probably use a shower. No, I didn’t say that. At that point. I said, I’m hungry. Is there? Are there any vending machines around here? says yeah, if you go out here a crowd and this is 130 at night, you go out this door, and I can I get back in? You know, this is a security. And I’ve been mentioned that I’m not vaccinated to this guy or anything. And he said, you know, what about where do I and can I get back? Yeah, this door here is open all the time. There’s no security there. You can come and go, really. So I would I went and I’m in the parking lot. It’s night. It’s not like I was sprung from jail a little bit. But it was kind of strange. It was like a ghost town. And the parking lot was vacant. Maybe there were three cars in it. But you know, it’s a parking lot for emergency. And for the hospital and stuff. Okay, great. So I walk out. And I can see the vending machines across the street in the other building. I go over try the doors. It’s locked up, I wander around a little bit. I’m very hungry. I can’t get anything. So I go back to this double door and I go through and back in it says there’s I can’t get to the vending machines. Would it be possible I only live I’m staying at my mom’s house. It’s a half hour drive. Can I drive there and get myself something to eat, have a shower, grab a book and come back? He says yeah, absolutely. Take an hour and take it out. We whatever. Just do it. Yeah, I’ll let you back. You know, he didn’t need to let me back in the doors open. And that’s what I did.

Will Dove 17:10
Okay, so I want to backtrack just a little bit. This, this holding area, or how many of these cells I think was the best word for them to describe how many cells were there in this area?

Ryan 17:20
Well along this side, 1,2,3,4,5,6…maybe eight along this back wall. And then a couple of maybe six on this side that they weren’t walled off. It was just like a recliner chair and a thing and people were separated like that with just a curtain between them. And how many people were in there. I never saw more than six, maybe seven out of the — so. It wasn’t at capacity.

Will Dove 17:47
And I believe that while you were there, they did actually have a COVID patient come in.

Ryan 17:52

Will Dove 17:53
And you overheard the conversation with the doctor and patient?

Ryan 17:56
I did.

Will Dove 17:56
What was said?

So I heard Okay, I’ll try and replay it in my mind here, the doctor. Okay. He says, Good evening. And what brings you in here this evening, and it was a girl didn’t see her. Sounded young. She says, Well, I’ve had a fever I’ve got I’ve been coughing and sneezing and aches and chills and you know, the stuff that everybody’s talking about nonstop and the paper for the last —

Will Dove 18:24
— which to those of us who are saying kind of sounds like a mild case of the flu or a bad cold to me, but keep going.

Ryan 18:31
Okay, so he says okay, and how are you now? Yeah, well, she went I didn’t hear it. She wasn’t coughing or sneezing or anything like this. You took her temperature and you know, she’s well you don’t have a fever. Now she’s Yeah, I’m starting to feel a little better. But I’m concerned because, you know, I’m just, we’re being told. And he asked, the doctor asks have you been vaccinated? He says, Yes, I’m double vaccinated and boosted. Okay. Well, you’ve got Omicron I’m not concerned. Go home, get some rest, drink some fluids. And of course, if anything, if your situation deteriorates, come on back to emergency if you need to, obviously, but I’m not worried about you. Off you go.

Will Dove 19:18
So that was the in the four days that you were sitting in there. That’s the only COVID patient you heard of. And the rest of the time you didn’t hear anybody coughing.

Ryan 19:28
I, the average age of the people when I looked around what they were they were all people just like my mum in this holding area. They were elderly, suffering from old people problems, cancers and heart conditions and, you know, dementia, maybe and there was one homeless old guy that was there. I don’t know what but I didn’t hear anybody coughing or sneezing or anything. And here’s the place where we’re waiting to be tested to make sure we don’t have COVID So it’s safe to let us into the rest of the hospital wherever. The one that was the one person the one case where and she wasn’t coughing or sneezing either had COVID Omicron – a flavor of COVID Off you go, and me I can’t get tested. So now I’ve been in the hospital for four days. No symptoms, no nothing. And when it’s discovered that I want to get to the eighth floor, once discovered, I don’t have my VAX, out you go

Will Dove 20:28
So, please tell us what happened at that point.

Ryan 20:30
When I got thrown out?

Will Dove 20:31
You’re upstairs at the floor with your mom, the nurse finds out you’re not vaccinated. What happened then?

Ryan 20:41
Can I tell you a little bit leading up to that?

Will Dove 20:44
Please do

Ryan 20:44
Where we got to, I figured we’d be at maybe a cancer part of the place or what it would no, where it was like an old age, because I walked the floor with my mask, of course, but I was looking, I was looking on every chance I could getting information. Everybody on this eighth floor was 70 – 80 years old.

Will Dove 21:05
So you’re in a geriatric ward general geriatric ward.

Ryan 21:08
And that’s what I’ve said, when we went into it off the elevator too it didn’t say cancer didn’t say what? No, this is the old. And that’s why we were waiting so long, because like most people are that are going to the hospital or elderly. And yeah, maybe they’re at capacity for the elderly. Right. And at night, this is Saturday night now. There were more people during the day, but for the evening shift, there were two nurses, for how many patients? I think 100 the eighth floor. Okay. So when my mom was getting progressively more confused, worse, now she doesn’t know who I am. And she’s angry at me. The nurse did come in again, I’m helping them so they appreciate that. Okay, this guy is taking some of the workload off of us. We don’t have to worry about this room as much. He’s there. So she showed me that the coach because I’m sitting on the coach says, look, the coach pulls out like this and made a bed didn’t show me how to get comfortable. Great. So I made myself comfortable. I still couldn’t sleep but I would nod off but then my mom would be trying to get out of bed. And at one point she had wrestled with her IV. And there was a big tennis ball fluid. This is her heart fibrillation, life saving stuff. It’s not getting where it needs to be. So, you know, when you were and my mom was confused, she’s saying, you know, calling me John, which was one of her ex husband just climb into bed with me and upset that I won’t and you know, and there’s another point where If she wants to get up because she has to go to the bathroom, right? Well, she’s soaking wet. And, and other things, you know, she needs attention to here. And the button has been pressed for half hour. Nobody comes. Like I can’t. It’s my mom. Right? So I found out where the supply room is. And I went in and I got what I needed. And I changed my mom. Because nobody else was doing it. And so I’m at a point where I’m scared that I’m losing, I’m scared of what’s going on. I’m scared of how I’m being treated. And I’m exhausted, I haven’t eaten properly. And I’m frustrated with the lack of you know, and I come out. I just needed a break from my mom because she’s, she can’t help and she’s angry with me. So I go, I just need a break and I come to the door. And the nurse’s station is right there and the nurse happened to be there the night nurse and I look up and she looked at me Are you okay? And she says you need to go home and get some rest and take care of yourself a bit. I know you’re trying here. But you’re gonna wind up a patient as well in the hospital and you’re not doing anybody any favors that way. Right? So go home, get some get some sleep or not that that was a pivotal moment in this experience. Right? I thought okay, I got lucky with the one nurse that got me through the situation. I tried it out here. I said you know, I’m not vaccinated. If I go and take care of myself, I don’t think I’ll be able to get past security and get back into see my mom again. I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again. If I do leave, and I don’t think she’s going to. She needed so many things to look out for and I know I’m helping. I’m not hurting, I’m helping. And I’ve Been here for four days. I’m not coughing, I don’t have any symptoms. You wouldn’t ask me. But surely I would have had something by now there was somebody that had called me that came in and out. I would have thought it by then or something, but I don’t have it. I’m fine. My mum doesn’t have it. Just let me can I go out and anyway, she’s, she didn’t have much to say to me after that. And for the rest of the night, this was about 1230.

Will Dove 25:23
This was the night of the day that your mother was moved from the holding area up to the geriatric ward.

This is our first evening in the geriatric ward out of the emergency.

Will Dove 25:32
Okay, so now you’ve had a conversation with the nurse, she’s telling you to take care of yourself. I’m sure she was right at that point. So what happened?

Ryan 25:41
Oh, it’s been a blur from there. But I know I didn’t stretch out on the couch and I keep an eye on my mama and I’d have to get up and help her with it. They tried to get the IV in her again. They couldn’t. She’s got little veins and stuff. And they were going to try said you know what, the morning nurse will do it. Okay. So it was a long night. I nodded in and out of sleep, I’m sure of it. But anyway, the morning comes seven o’clock, there’s a shift change. 730, the new nurse the day nurse shows up comes in the room says, Hey, what do you do in here? We don’t allow visitors after a certain hour. You’re not. You stayed the night. You’re not supposed to do that. Well, the Night Nurse actually showed me how this coach pulls out into a bed. It’s kind of an invitation to stay. I’m helping them out. Okay. Pause. And then she says, Well, I understand you’re not vaccinated. Yeah, that’s right. You’re going to have to leave. And I might just, I think I called myself, I don’t think I know, I called myself a bad name. Which I regret, but I directed at me that you You’re treating me.

Will Dove 27:04
You know, what did you say?

Ryan 27:07
I can’t say it, Will, I said, I used every possible when I was born, in the southern states in, in the 60s. If you were of a certain color, you’re welcome into certain parts of a restaurant. Or if you went onto a bus, you had to sit at the back of the bus. Well, now, I can’t get on the mode of transportation and airplane, I can’t get on at all, let alone a section for me. I can’t get into a restaurant and I’ve been treated this way. So I said, You know what I am? Please forgive me. I am the nigger, chink, faggot. Whatever I am, I’m the derogatory.

Will Dove 27:54
Every group that was discriminated against when we were young. And that’s how you were being treated.

Ryan 28:00
That’s how I’m being treated. I’m a 55 year old man. I’m not harming anybody. I’m actually helping here.

Will Dove 28:08
Now I don’t think you should be embarrassed about the words you use. Because you’re making a very good point. We grew up in that environment, you grew up in the southern US, I grew up in Southern Ontario in a small town. And people if you’ve watched some of my interviews, I relayed this before, I did an interview not too long ago with a couple of black Canadians on their opinion of critical race theory. And I came right out and I said, I would have been very concerned for a black person moving into that small town that I lived in, in southern Ontario, because they wouldn’t have been safe there. But we’ve grown up, we understand that that’s wrong. You don’t treat people that way. You don’t. But that’s how you’re being treated.

Ryan 28:42
That’s what my point was. But I said a magic word. That N word is a magic word. And there’s a few of them. That’s one of them is a powerful word. But given what I’ve gone through, and I wasn’t directing at her or anybody else, or that the any particular race or anything I’m saying I’m being treated this way. So very, very soon after that, these enormous black clad zip tie handcuff face-mask purple glove army boot wearing thugs were at the door. And you need to leave right now, sir.

Will Dove 29:25
So I want to make this clear, because you could you mean you and I are both but a similar size. We’ll find out and come on now. The point is, neither of us are huge hulking guys. And they bring in these two security goons, both of whom are probably well over six feet. And the way they’re talking to you sounds to me that there’s a clear threat of violence here that if you don’t voluntarily leave, they’re gonna throw you out physically.

Ryan 29:51
Well, yes. And I think because maybe I showed some emotion and use that magic word, they’re like this is unacceptable and we — I understand they have all kinds of types in the hospital. And maybe we got to keep our nursing staff and everybody else safe. And we won’t tolerate any language with our staff and the rest. I do empathize and sympathize to a point, they’re there to do a job and they’re not there to think all they know is a nurse phoned them up, and we have a problem. And I’m the problem and they’re gonna get me out as quickly as possible.

Will Dove 30:25
So I’m assuming at that point in time, you’re left, you had no choice.

Ryan 30:28
I said can I please say goodbye to my mother? Because I didn’t think I’d ever see her again. No, you need to leave immediately. So I had some belongings I am picking up, and I kept my eyes on them. And I did. I leaned over my mom, I kissed her on the forehead. And I mean, I said goodbye for what I thought was the last time I’d ever seen her.

Will Dove 30:50
I mean, you’re, you’re clearly very much I’m getting emotional. I’m trying to picture this. You’ve been there for four days, caring for your ailing mother. For as far as you know, she’s dying. And you’re being treated like a criminal like a criminal, and being threatened and thrown out of the hospital. You want to say goodbye to your mother, who you may never see again. And these goons say to you, no, you can’t do that. Did you ever think our country would come to a state like this?

Ryan 31:19
I remember that’s etched on my mind forever standing out on the sidewalk afterwards. You know, I don’t even have a parking ticket. I went to school. I got educated I work. I pay my taxes and here I think I’m being good to my mom. I try to be a good dad. I try to be a good citizen. I just wonder. No, I was just I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe the way I was being treated.

Will Dove 31:56
And yet, and I want to juxtapose this in the four days you were there, the one COVID patient who came in was sent home?

Ryan 32:03
Yeah. the one who was a verified actual, with this existential threat to all of mankind.

Will Dove 32:16
So let’s fast forward a little bit because you did go back to the hospital. I did later not to the hospital. I was never allowed to go back to that hospital. And I never did and I won’t. There was a point while the finger when I drive by it. Okay, the point while you were there, though, where you went into what was supposedly the sort of emergency COVID holding area entrance area. And you took video.

Ryan 32:37
Oh, that when I described earlier, when I was leaving, those cells have a 14 or 15 or however many where my mum was being kept for the first four nights. There was a medical like an army medical tent white metal frame thing with metal doors on it. Right outside the door. It was an addition to the wing that we were in. And there’s tables and chairs around it. Empty, empty.

Will Dove 33:08
Yes, both want to run that video. Now. These are the videos that Ryan took with his mother’s cell phone while he was there. And keep in mind as you’re watching this, this is at the same time that newspapers are reporting that the hospital is overflowing with COVID patients.

Ryan 33:23
It is on Saturday, February 12 Victoria Jubilee Hospital there’s the emergency room kinda like a ghost town. I’m gonna walk right into the right into the right into that COVID isolation place in the middle of a pandemic. Let’s see what it was in here. It was the emergency COVID….. here’s the here’s the COVID place. Friday, February 11 is yesterday’s paper. Today’s the 12th ….Where’s….where’s the Pandemic?? February 12, 2022 in Victoria, coming out the isolation ward in emergency straight out and into the street…where or where is this pandemic? I don’t see a hospital that is bursting at the seams and crowded and people banging on the doors waiting to get in. Please take me in on dying of COVID. Where? Where are the patients? Here’s my car. Let’s find out.

Will Dove 36:41
What was your impression? This had to be incredibly surreal for you. As you’re walking around taking these videos, and at one point in time you were you even took a shot of the sign that said, No, you can’t record anything here. But there’s nobody there to stop you because the entire tent was completely empty. Right? Nobody’s there. The parking lot is empty. Nobody’s there. You walk past emergency. There’s no ambulances there. But the newspapers are telling people, the hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients? Well, you didn’t see any the one COVID patient you’re talking to four days you were in the hospital was sent home?

Ryan 37:18
That’s right. Right,

Will Dove 37:20
I have to ask this right. Can you interpret what the newspapers reporting? Is anything other than outright lie?

Ryan 37:27
No. No.

Will Dove 37:30
Because if the only thing that nourishes my mind, and I studied journalism, when I was younger, there’s two possibilities here. Either they are outright lying, whoever is writing those stories knows they’re lying, or they’re being fed this information from somewhere else and they’re not bothering to check.

Ryan 37:47
That’s right. It’s combination of the two depending on who you are. Some people I suspect are paid off. Others are useful idiots. So a combination of the two yes, that was going on.

Will Dove 38:02
And of course, the one of the real tragedies to this is that there are have been elderly COVID patient who have died from that virus because they were afraid to go to the hospital.

Ryan 38:14
While this white tent was rather a menacing looking place. They didn’t have to have post security on there because everybody’s terrified of dying of COVID. Well, who’s going to try that door and go in with all the coughing COVID people,

Will Dove 38:27
Exactly, of course, it’s empty, reveals it’s completely empty, completely empty. There’s no one in there.

Ryan 38:33
But people are afraid this way. And they’re guided by that, rather than looking for themselves and bother. Now, I will say this for the health care people in the rest. I have no problems with the nurses. They’re wonderful. Were they were they overwork? Yes, I believe they were

Will Dove 38:54
Obviously, I think you’ve got 100 patients on a geriatric ward and two nurses, right? That’s insane. That’s insane. I was never a nurse. But I was a paramedic when I was younger, and I did a hospital practicum I was in the hospital for several days. So I can tell you if you want to give proper care to a geriatric ward, you need at least one nurse for every 10 patients. And that’s on the night shift. The shift you need more than they should have had 10 nurses in the night shift too there’s no possible way these people could be getting the care they need.

Ryan 39:24
No and I can’t say for certain but I think there’s a very good chance that my being there and my sister when I wasn’t able to be there ultimately, eventually, I think we probably saved her life by getting you know she would have fallen out of bed. She would have been naked on the floor waiting with her IV not you know, she needed somebody to look out for her and that’s what I was doing.

Will Dove 39:52
Now, there’s another little side story to tell here. Because you were pressing the button for assistance. And it would be half an hour 41 that somebody would show up until they found out you’re not vaccinated. What happened?

Ryan 40:04
I pushed the button, you know, link and immediately bonk off.

Will Dove 40:12
Stations and all this one, and they’ve just turned it off. Yeah. Basically they’re saying, we’re not going to come into that room as long as you’re there.

Ryan 40:20

Will Dove 40:25
That is no way to treat people?

Ryan 40:33
No, no, no. And I think there’s a lot of elderly people, perhaps where maybe for one reason or another, maybe they don’t have kids, or maybe they’re unable to go there and help them out. I think that a lot of them possibly did pass away. And if they did, it would have been blamed on what?

Will Dove 40:53
of course, because everybody dies and COVID these days. Now, there’s, so eventually your mother is released from the hospital? Because she apparently she is she starts to recover her senses. And, and you get a phone call. From your mom. Yeah. Get me out of here. I don’t want to die. I want to go home. Yeah. What point was that?

Ryan 41:18
Well, I after I got thrown out, I stayed at my mom’s place for about another week, wondering what you know. Maybe she’ll get released or my

Will Dove 41:26
sister’s staying with your mom now?

Ryan 41:28
Well, she’s got her family and stuff in Victoria. So I had, she was the only you know, I my wife and kids in everything are here in Calgary. So I had nothing better to do. I had my work. I could stay right in the room with her. I intended to watch over and my sister has her dogs and our chickens and or whatever it is your kids and her job stuff.

Will Dove 41:48
But your sister is vaccinated. So they’ll let her in the hospital?

Ryan 41:51

Will Dove 41:52

Ryan 41:53
Yes. Sorry. I… You were asking a point. And I think I took us in different directions.

Will Dove 41:58
So now I mean, your sister wasn’t capable of being there with your 24/7 like you were but then of course, your reason was that if you left they probably wouldn’t let you back in.

Ryan 42:04
They know they would not let me back in. Okay, I know where you were taking me now. So, after a week, there’s no point in me staying here. I cleaned up my mom’s house. I drove back to Calgary. A week after that, I get a call is my mom on the phone. Right. I’m like, Mom, you know, and she’s saying, Get me the hell out of here. I you know, get me out of this hospital. Okay, and I talked to my sister was can we get her out of the hospital? If you do it? You know, is there something I can then I could help you look after her again? Or what’s the situation? So yes, my sister arranged she got all the did all it’s a lot of work that she had to do to get her house prepared with the overhead crane thing over abandoned hospital bed and commodes and an assistant there was a nurses that would come in every four times a day for a half hour or whatever it is. So she moved back in and she got mom out. And I showed up on like I drove out. And when she you she for her first night back in her own house. I was there and I lived with her for three months after that. So that she said Get me the hell —

Will Dove 43:20
— about mid to late February when Yes, she got to the hospital. Yes. And then you went back and you stayed with her for three months?

Ryan 43:26

Will Dove 43:26

Ryan 43:27
She did she says look, I don’t want to die in a hospital. I want to be in my own house. My own room and my own surroundings. Great, you know,

Will Dove 43:38
so what was your state as you were there with her for those three months?

Ryan 43:43
Well, she had all kinds of strange like, there was one – I had several sleepless nights where she had like this ghost pain in her just terrible pain in her foot and her legs. And she wasn’t walking she wasn’t able to walk right but so the story that we heard and here’s, here’s a I’m just thinking about what might have happened with this immunotherapy. She’s got cancer all through her is the diagnosis now is immunotherapy, her own immune system attacks all of these cells that are not supposed to be there. And I think cell death in whatever there’s probably a build up of because it was all through her right. So maybe this created a toxic environment in her and it caused this encephalitis and neuropathy. And then once you say altered, —

Will Dove 44:34
— I want to clarify what you mean as the immunotherapy is all through her, because folks, I promise you, there’s another shooter drop here. Your mom was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer you were told you four weeks to four months to live, but now you’ve been living with her. You’ve been there for about four months. And she is still alive

Ryan 44:53
like April, I’m thinking well, by April that’s four months. Well now we’re into May and so on. Like while she’s, she’s getting a little better and actually, you know, I started, I remember to push with her feet on my hands and you got strength there, mum. I think we can get you, we can get you out of bed. You know, it’s we got physiotherapy coming three times a week and we tried to strengthen her up and things were actually starting gradually, she was a little bit less confused. She wasn’t hallucinating as much. She wasn’t, you know, there were times that she would yell out in the night and she thought she was falling or she’d see she was hallucinating and all kinds of strange things. But it started to get better over these three months that I’m living with her. So yeah, I I’ve been away from my family most of 2022 At this point, right. I’ve only been in town for a couple of weeks. My son’s gonna graduate in May, from high school. You know what, I’ve been away. I’m torn. Like, one of my son’s is he’s got some health issues and stuff, too. And he’s like, man, you know, so I’m gonna go. And she seems well enough, I drive back because I can’t fly back and forth. I’m going to get back in the car drive for call hours. And and I do and I go to my son’s graduation, I’m thinking I’ll be here for a week, maybe I’ll stretch it push my luck. I’ll stay for two weeks and recharge. And I’m gonna go back out and I can do this, you know, I get a call from my sister. Mom’s had a test. She is 100% cancer free. There’s not a trace of it in her. I’m still kind of in shock bracing. Which is wonderful. But I went and but I’m still reluctant to believe is like, I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Will Dove 46:49
No, it can’t be the immunotherapy because they told you out right all that might do is virus and time. So she wasn’t miraculously cured of cancer by the immunotherapy that was obviously making her very ill.

Ryan 46:58
I don’t know. Well, I honestly don’t know. But you know what I do?

Will Dove 47:03
Because if you’ve been watching my interviews, you know, I had stage for cancer, at one point, it doesn’t vanish on its own, it doesn’t happen. So, there’s two possibilities. Either your mother is a medical miracle, right? Or she never had cancer,

Ryan 47:21
She never had cancer. Now, if she was a medical miracle, and you were Pfizer, Johnson, drug company X. And you’ve got this new cure, where you’re taking people with stage four terminal cancer, they got four weeks to go. And now there’s no trace of cancer anywhere. therapy, and shouldn’t she be on the front page of every paper in the world?

Will Dove 47:28
Yes, she’s completely cancer free? Well, then we just cured cancer, you’d think that, as you said, it would be in the front page of every paper in the world? Shouldn’t it be, but it was a big deal? No, nobody said a word about it. Other than to inform you that suddenly, miraculously, your mother’s cancer free.

Ryan 47:57
So is it possible that remember, when she started all of this, it was after her booster, where she had these rashes and skin things and bumps and stuff going on? Maybe they have an – here’s okay, now let’s, I’m going to theorize a little bit. And I have nothing to back any of this up with. But there’s I think that there’s an experiment going on all worldwide. And there’s different batches. And they’re injecting us with different things.

Will Dove 48:23
But what we notice is if you go to, you’ll discover that there’s only a small handful of batches that are responsible for over 90% of the severe adverse reactions. So no, they’re experimenting.

Ryan 48:35
Right? Now. Maybe they’ve got maybe they’ve got a an injection that either gives you cancer, or it simulates, and it looks at all the potential purpose of cancer, and maybe they have also the antidote. Let’s try all these drugs out. We’re a bunch of lab rats anyway. So maybe by this, she’s doing this. Give her this and see what happens. Oh, it worked. Yeah. Great. Great. Next. I don’t know, Will. We know for I don’t know what the hell is going on.

Will Dove 49:01
I know from interviews I’ve done with other experts is that these supposed COVID “vaccines”, they suppress the immune system in many ways. One of the things it does is it ties up the CD8+ cells and the CD8+ cells are a frontline defense against cancer. The fact is that cells in our body are turning cancerous all the time. But our immune system finds those cells and destroys them, you only develop “cancer” when the immune system misses them, and they grow into a tumor. So we know that these injections are crippling that frontline defense against cancer, which is why we’re seeing so many new cancers coming out. People who had cancer before they were cancer free, that comes back, people who’ve never had cancer suddenly developing very, very aggressive cancers following these injections. So in this case, you know, when I when I first heard that your mom had cancer, and that she was triple vaxxed. I’m thinking, Well, okay, maybe they gave it that’s what happened. But now we’ve got this miraculous recovery, this banishment of the cancer. And I think we’re back to what we said before, either your mother’s a medical miracle should who should be on the front cover of every newspaper in the world, because, hey, we’ve just cured cancer, or she never had it in the first place. Now, here’s the thing. If it’s B, you can’t make that kind of a mistake. Remember, I’ve been through cancer, when when they feel that it’s cancer, what they’re going to do is they’re going to send you into do a CT scan with a chemical that make your tumor show up on the CT scan. That’s what they did. Okay, you can’t you can’t screw that out. That’s not possible. Maybe this injection would simulate that if the body were flooded with tumors, they’re going to show up. So we’re back to that.

Ryan 50:43
So you’re telling me there’s a miraculous cure for cancer is the only more reasonable explanation she never had cancer in the first place, and how did it not dye? And that’s the test that she took, right?

Will Dove 50:57
Which means, okay, so Well, I want to pursue this just a little bit farther, because there’s a very important fact we haven’t discussed yet, okay. We know that they’ve been their word is euthanizing elderly, sick people. My word is murdering them. And during the time that your mother was sick, and you said she was getting constant notices on her phone, from I think it was Death With Dignity or something, basically an organization that’s urging people to be euthanized.

Ryan 51:28
Yep. And my sister, I don’t have any of that technology. I don’t have a phone that — she’s got her iPad are better than the stuff that technology and she’s taps away on that constantly. That’s how she knows what’s going on in the world. These things, these messages, they were telling her and my sister, my sister got these messages, too, that you need to consider this Dying With Dignity. And my dad’s cousin, my mother’s I guess they’re my step cousins, whatever they are, they’re 70 in their mid 70s. They’re having these conversations with myself and my sister too, that you know, you should really consider doing this. And I sure wouldn’t want to lie in a bed wearing a diaper and a gown. But you know what? She’s actually up and walking now. She’s moving her. But she was being persuaded. And my sister too. They were talking about and my mom did she had some of these tearful things. And I they were seriously considering having this done.

Will Dove 52:33
But now I want to encapsulate the entire story. Diagnosis November last year, December 15, started the cancer December, she was diagnosed with stage four, terminal cancer given four weeks to four months to live. Yeah, here we are August of 2022. Yeah, eight months later, your mom’s back home, she’s cancer free. She’s walking around

Ryan 52:58
with a walker. And she’s not where she was before all this started. But she’s operating a hell of a lot better shape from the last time I saw her,

Will Dove 53:04
So let us let me sum this up for you, folks. And I’m going to let you make up your own mind about this. Either Ryan’s mother is a medical miracle and they’ve discovered a cure for cancer that they’re not telling anyone about, or she never had cancer in the first place. And as I’ve already pointed out, it’s impossible for any staff at a hospital during the CT scans to get that wrong. I saw the scans from my own cancer, and believe me the tumors glow in the dark on the scans, you can’t miss them. So if it’s possibility number two, she never had cancer, that means a whoever did the scamp lied. And B to add to that she’s receiving constant messages, urging her to be euthanized. I’m gonna let you make up your own mind about which one it is. But think about that. And think about the state that our country has come to. Because if it’s either one of those things, it’s extremely disturbing. Ryan you’ve been though, there’s no other way to describe this but an ordeal with a health with a “supposed” health care system that should have been caring for your elderly mother. But in actual fact, it sounds to me like they stuck her in a room urging her to take her own life and providing absolute minimal care. Now I know you said you want to lance the nurses not doing the best.

Ryan 54:33
I want to make that clear and I get that are short handed and I think it’s above them that have made the situation that it is.

Will Dove 54:40
Not the nurses who were the problem is the hospital administration is the problem. But cutting staff is governments that are the problem because they’re firing – this is a BC of course where John Horgan’s government fired a whole bunch of health care workers refusing to take these vaccinations, right. So they’ve created this problem, and they were already short handed going into they were already shorthand. I’m going into it. Yes. So now we’ve got this this deplorable state, in our hospitals of what passes for health care for very sick people. And, and you being treated, yeah, as you said, you know, there’s ugly words, like those ugly words that we don’t like to use anymore, because we recognize how wrong they are. But that’s exactly how you’re being treated as you’re they’re trying to look after your mother. So I’m going to ask you, Ryan after being through all of that, in your own words, because I have said it quite a bit, which I try not to do in interviews. It’s not about me, it’s about you. Would you please share your final thoughts with our viewers about everything you’ve been through, and how they treated you and how they treated your mother?

Ryan 55:46
Well, final thoughts, I guess, if I could make any change, after looking at this and seeing the contradiction between what I read in the newspaper, and what I see in media, and what I have – my own observations in the actual real world, unmediated reality. If I could do anything it would be to slay, to end the media and the newspaper and get people to stop., you know, treating this like a church, a religion. I think from my perspective, the zombie apocalypse happened 10 years ago, and I’m sorry to say, the people that get all this thing the cell phone is has replaced the Holy Bible is I’m sure there’s more of these than there are. Here is the source of absolute truth. If they see you here, it says so there, and the media says it and it says it in the paper than that’s the truth. What I see with my own eyes, doesn’t matter. The only possible explanation is that I’m a lunatic, or I am a science hater. Belief in science is the most unscientific sentiment you can express. Okay. Democracy has, we don’t have it doesn’t exist. It’s been dead for a long time. And I blame the media. Right? What good is democracy? Maybe we have it, but what good is it if the majority are irresponsible, thoroughly brainwashed children.

Will Dove 57:41
And as you’ve demonstrated, with the videos that you’ve shown, you’re not a lunatic? Because you’ve got proof right there. Proof positive. But at the same time, with the newspapers reporting to these hospitals were flooded with COVID patients. There was no one there utterly empty.

Ryan 57:57
Can I ramble on a little bit more. And, you know, you’ll edit what you need to and so on. My wife, I got two other things. Okay. My son was in, he’s got some digestive problems. So I was also frequenting the Children’s Hospital here in Calgary, and we would drive right up during this existential pandemic threat to humanity. No problem finding a parking spot, we just show up in we go, you’d put your view and we’d walk right past the respiratory unit. Which empty walk past it, and, and go to the what, at what point in time was that? In the middle of this pandemic. Last summer, last summer. When again, the whole the

Will Dove 58:48
— Everybody has to get vaccinated, we’re all gonna die COVID-19 The hospitals are overflowing. You’re walking past the respiratory rate. There’s no body there.

Ryan 58:54
Rock star parking in we go in the same as when he’s getting his day surgery procedure is going, you know, there’s stall after stall after stall. It’s empty. And then there’s my son and maybe one other kid in this place. So the facility itself has lots of room. Maybe they’re short staffed. I’m sure they probably are. But so it’s. So there’s one other contradiction again, I’m pointing out where there’s contradictions from what we’re being told in the mass media and what my actual observations in unmediated reality, tell me. Another thing I went to every Saturday for two years, give or take, but let’s say every Saturday for two years through anti lockdown anti vaccine mandates if you want to get a vaccine Go ahead. I don’t care don’t tell me I have to so I go every weekend and and stand shoulder to shoulder in close proximity in unmasked unvaccinated all of us. While the paper saying that it’s us we’re the guys that are filling the hospitals.

Will Dove 59:58
Yes, it’s these demonstrations are super spreader events. But so why aren’t any of it dead?

Ryan 1:00:04
I’d ask that question every week. Do you know anybody? Have you had any symptoms? You know? Has anybody been to the No, I feel great. I’m fine. And week after week we’re showing up here. You’d think that at some point with hundreds, sometimes 1,000s of people in these things would gather. You know, one or two coughing guys show up. Whoa, whoa, why aren’t we all on respirators in the hospital? Never. And I don’t like I’ve kind of an introvert, I would walk in front of the crowd and smoke a cigar. That was kind of my way of staying out of it. I would walk through the streets and pick up masks, soiled, wet, Saudi dirty, discarded. Things that were on people’s face. with my bare hands. I picked them out of the street. And I would have 100 like a beehive of masks.

Will Dove 1:00:56
Crawling with bacteria.

Ryan 1:00:58
Probably yeah. You know, but. And at the end of my walk, I picked these out of the shrubs in the snow and everywhere else. At the end of my walk, I put them in the garbage can. And I drive home, I smoke my cigar, done the thing and went on this walk I remember one guy in particular. Go protest in your own neighborhood. Stay out of mine. Yes. And I told the guy said, Look, I’m doing me a favor. Enjoy the parade. It takes about 40 minutes for us all to walk by you. It’s an interesting bunch, you know. And then after we’re done, the place is cleaner than when it was when nobody else is here picking up this contaminated waste. I’m doing it for you. Be thankful. It’s just 40 minute. So again, why did I not? Maybe it was foolish, and maybe it was a risk. But I put my money where my mouth is. I don’t believe what the media is telling me. I should have been in the hospital or dead or something. I have … 2019 I had what I believe was COVID. I’m not saying that the virus isn’t real.

Will Dove 1:02:03
No, no, no, no way. And we never claim that this organization we know the virus is real. It was made in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. I think my wife and I probably had it in early 2020. We had mild flu, both of us at the same time, which is unusual. We hardly ever get sick at the same time. So that kind of made it stick out in our minds. Okay, maybe we had COVID It was a mild. We were sniffling a little off for a few days, we got better.

Ryan 1:02:29
In my experiences of not social distancing, not masking, not walking down, not vaccinating, not doing any of the things that I was being told to do. That’s the last time I’ve had so much as a sneeze or cough or cold, runny nose, anything I have not had a sick day since December of 2019. And that was the environment I lived in walking the streets. So my experience my personal observations do not jive with what they are telling me in the newspaper. And that’s why I think people got to lift their heads out of that and maybe start looking for themselves

Will Dove 1:03:12
And I agree with your sort of thinking but they realize nobody’s experienced jives with what they’re telling us. Ryan, thank you so much. Thank you for coming in and talking about this. I know that a difficult discussion for you. But it’s so important that we reveal this truth that we reveal not just the COVID lie but the fact that the mainstream media is lying outright to people. Thank you.

Ryan 1:03:38
Thank you Will.

Will Dove 1:03:39
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