Iron Will on Everything: The Next Major Step in the Globalist’s Plan – Hundreds of Millions Will Die

March 28, 2022

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Will details what he believes will be the next major step in the Globalist’s plans which could happen late this year. Knowing what is coming is the first and most important step in being prepared.

Since the beginning of the plandemic I have tried to anticipate what the global tyrants next move would be. Being in the position that I am, I am privileged to be able to access the knowledge of many people with far more expertise in their various areas than I could ever have.

My recent trip to Ottawa was well worth the time, money and effort. While my producer and I arrived the day after the truckers were forced out, I was still able to meet with a number of freedom leaders in person and to have some very deep and meaningful conversations. With that knowledge, I believe I now know what the global tyrant’s next major step will be. What I am about to present to you is entirely conjecture. I don’t possess a crystal ball any more than anyone else does, but I have discussed my theory with some very knowledgeable people, among them Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Mark Trozzi and the steering committee of the World Council for Health, which is comprised of doctors and scientists from around the world. All have agreed that my theory is not only possible, but probable.

First we must begin with a recap of what we know.

We know the Covid-19 virus was made in a laboratory. And we can conclude logically that the so-called vaccines were not developed in response to it, but were already made. It takes years to produce a vaccine. It stretches the bounds of credulity to the breaking point to believe that four major pharmaceutical companies all released very similar vaccines within weeks of each other, unless of course they were already made, simply waiting to be released at the right time.

We also know that Bill Gates, one of the primary agents behind the Great Reset and certainly behind the so-called vaccines has stated more than once that there will be more pandemics. In addition, Gates donated 350 million dollars to CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations for a quote rapid vaccine development program that will create new vaccines in 100 days or less. This is science fiction, but a useful fiction for the globalists to get the masses to believe that this could actually be done.

The goal of the globalists is two-fold. To bring about a totalitarian global government, and to massively depopulate the planet. This is of course just a polite way of saying, kill as many people as possible.

While everything we have seen so far is undeniably horrific, the Covid-19 virus and the vaccines have brought them nowhere near these goals. Certainly the Canadian government and many others are cooperating with the World Health Organization to bring into place federally issued international vaccine passports, and an obscene number of people have died and will continue to die as a result of being injected with what amounts to a bioweapon. However, these changes are gradual. And to this point, they have had to be in order to gradually erode the resistance of the masses to having their freedoms stolen from them.

However, I believe we are about to enter a new stage in this war. A new attack by the globalists that will be neither gradual nor rely upon mere fearmongering over a weak flu. What they need is a shock and awe tactic. People literally dropping dead in the streets. Children and healthy young people dying. This will create the mass panic they need to impose the final steps of their plan to establish a tyrannical global government enforced with social credit scores.

They created one virus. They can create others. They created bioweapons marketed as vaccines. They can create others.

The plan I am about to lay out for you requires the globalists to use only technologies that they have already demonstrated they have, and know how to use very effectively to achieve their goals.

I believe that late this year, or at latest by late next year, at the start of the flu season, they are going to release another virus. It will be a coronavirus, and not just a variant but a whole new strain. A strain of the virus designed to kill the vaccinated in large numbers. It has to be a coronavirus, as only coronaviruses use the spike protein as the entry key to the cell and this is what the so-called vaccines do. They destroy the body’s natural immunity to any form of the spike protein not covered by the injection.

They will call it a biowarfare terrorist attack. Perhaps they’ll blame it on the Russians, but really it doesn’t matter who they pick as the scapegoat as it will simply be more lies anyway.

This is how I believe the scenario will unfold…

You will hear stories in the news of a new virus somewhere in the world, it doesn’t matter where but likely somewhere in Asia, a virus that is killing its victims in large numbers. A 10 to 15 percent death rate among the infected is not unrealistic. And this time it won’t be just the elderly and infirm who will die. It will be young people and children. Anyone who has been injected with these bioweapons will be at grave risk. Given that at the time of the release of this video, over 5 billion people worldwide have received at least one dose and that those people will have no resistance to this new strain of coronavirus, it is likely that hundreds of millions will die in the first wave.

I say first wave because I believe there will be a series of these viruses. Each designed to bypass the immune systems of the vaccinated, and for each there will be a new vaccine, which will do exactly what the current vaccines do – make the victim sicker, weaker and more susceptible to the next pandemic.

Governments around the world will close borders, shut down airports and seaports and order people to stay at home for an extended period. We already saw this with Covid-19. It will make no sense as the virus will already be in their country, spreading and killing people. Isolation will only delay the inevitable. But science and common sense will not be considered as the globalists leverage the widespread panic and fear to implement martial law in countries around the world. If you try to flee to another country, you will be met at the border by armed soldiers who will tell you to turn back or they will open fire. And they will mean it.

But it gets worse. Think about the segments of our populations which have had the vaccines pushed on them the hardest. Health care workers, police and military. The health care system will collapse. As supply lines are shut down there will be rioting and looting as people will fear not having enough food. And with the police and military rendered impotent by the virus governments will call in outside forces, U.N. troops, to restore order.

We already saw this in Ottawa when U.N. troops landed in North Bay Ontario to help enforce our government’s illegal actions in forcing the demonstrators out. People on the ground were later confronted with police who wore riot gear, their faces covered. They would not respond to questions. Is this because they didn’t speak English, or if they did, their accents would give them away?

There are 2.7 million Chinese military personnel and you can be sure that they are not vaccinated. The Chinese government knows what these bioweapons do. They are hardly going to cripple their own military.

So, troops will land to restore order. But they won’t be leaving. Ever.

From this point, it will be very easy for the global tyrants to force compliance with a one world government, with controlled countries operating under martial law with no end in sight. And people will comply. They will comply because their children are dying and they will grasp at any straw to save them. They will comply because if they don’t they will starve. And ultimately, they will comply because there will be so few of the unvaccinated left, that if they don’t comply, they will be rounded up and placed in prison camps. No doubt awaiting the final solution.

If you think this can’t happen here I will remind you that history is full of examples of people who lost their freedoms because they believed that ‘it can’t happen here’.

It is no coincidence that Canada has ordered more vaccine shots per capita than any other country in the world. Or that Trudeau and Freeland are proteges of Klaus Schwab. The globalists have identified Canada as one of the countries where their plans are most likely to be met with success. And once they have iron control over many first-world countries, conquering the others will only get easier.

Some believe that there is nanotechnology in the vaccines that will be activated by a 5G signal, or by chemtrails. We don’t know if this can even be done, but even if that is their plan, the effects will mimic a virus, so whether it is my theory or one of these others, the end result will be the same. Countless deaths, global panic and rioting, martial law, social credit systems, government controlled digital currency, and a society in which all rights, even your right to board a city bus, will be governed by your compliance with government orders.

We cannot stop this from happening. The best attack in a war is one in which it does not matter what your enemy does, they are going to lose. They just haven’t seen it yet.

We can’t stop the deaths, but we may be able to defend our rights and freedoms.

In the coming months I will be releasing a series of interviews and videos on how you can protect your privacy, assets and health. Technology is a double edged sword. The globalists are using it to steal our freedoms, but we can use it to protect them. You only need to know how and I am going to do my very best to provide you with that information.

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