Million March 4 Children: Mahmoud Mourra

September 28, 2023

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Recently parents across the country united in the defence of our children against SOGI, the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity ideology being taught in our schools.

Last week, people of all faiths and beliefs participated in the MillionMarch4Children at over 100 locations across Canada. While some counter demonstrators turned up, demonstrations were largely peaceful and in most cases, those marching against transgenderism being forced upon our children greatly outnumbered the counter protestors.

Mahmoud Mourra succeeded in uniting Christians, Muslims, Jews and non-believers in this common cause. The marches were earmarked by images of demonstrators of all skin colors and faiths uniting in their cry to ‘Leave our children alone’.

In this in-person interview, Mahmoud discusses the catalyst which led him to start demonstrations months ago in his home city of Calgary, and the steps and challenges that led to the MillionMarch4Children, the largest protest in Canada since the Freedom Convoy.

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