N.S. Data Proves No Pandemic: Shelly Hipson

September 24, 2023

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I’ve had the privilege to interview many of the top doctors and scientists in the world, but sometimes top quality data comes from everyday people. People who simply decided to dig. To get the facts, and then to bring those facts to the rest of us.

Shelly Hipson of Nova Scotia is one of these.

For the past two years, Shelley has submitted dozens of freedom of information requests to the Nova Scotia government on their covid policies and response.

What she has found is nothing less than the statistical proof, directly from the government of Nova Scotia, that there never was a pandemic. In fact, in 2020 deaths in Nova Scotia were lower than what had been predicted the previous year, before Covid was even announced.

Furthermore, the data she has acquired through freedom of information requests shows the shocking toll the vaccines are taking on the population.

There is no pandemic. The shots are not safe and effective. And Shelly has the government data to prove it.

LINK: ShellyHipson.ca

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