Protecting Your Kids: Parents Rights in Canada
James Kitchen

March 10, 2024

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If you’ve been watching my weekly news shows, you know I enjoy making fun of the woke. Last fall I showed you a video of a ‘trans king’ insisting that parents don’t have rights. In fact, such videos aren’t hard to find. A quick search on Youtube or X will turn up several of these people, who are either woefully ignorant of the law, or who are knowingly trying to deceive Canadian parents into believing they have no rights where their children are concerned.

I had been willing to ignore the woke insanity as being harmless and amusing, until, just a few weeks ago, NDP MP Randall Garrison stood up in the house of commons and insisted that parents don’t have rights.

But in fact, parents do have rights in Canada. Under several different layers of the law, from provincial Bills of Rights, to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and even under international law such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In addition, there have been a number of landmark cases in Canada in the past 25 years where courts have upheld the rights of parents to make decisions for their children.

I am joined today by constitutional lawyer James Kitchen, who has been fighting for our rights in the courts for years.

James will explain exactly which laws protect the rights of parents in Canada, which laws a number of provincial governments are violating with legislation that silences teachers when kids express a desire to go by a different pronoun, or even to begin the chemical process of transitioning. In addition, James explains how parents can effectively fight for their children and for their rights as parents to see their kids protected from harmful ideologies.

Parents in Canada do indeed have rights. By the time you finish watching this interview, you will know what your rights are, and how to use those rights to protect your children.

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