The Woke Indoctrination of Canadian Lawyers: Roger Song

December 6, 2023

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ERRATUM: We would like to apologize for the error in our statement re: the year when Roger Song was called to the Alberta Bar. Roger was called to the Alberta Bar in 2014, not 2008.

You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

In 1949 China fell to communism, and their promise to the workers was much the same. Farmers were granted land to work with a promise that all their needs would be met by the government, as long as they did as they were told.

Roger Song was born two years before the Maoist cultural revolution in 1966. One of two children, he remembers that he and his family lived on 20 eggs a month, two kilos of meat, rice and a few vegetables. All provided by the government under a social credit score system.

Roger immigrated to Canada twenty three years ago. He has been practicing law here since 2008. Roger is suing the Alberta Law Society over their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda, which has been codified by the society under section 67.4 of their mandate. Section 67.4 allows the society not only to dictate that lawyers complete continuing education requirements, but what exactly those requirements are. This year’s course, titled The Path, is a five hour indoctrination video on indigenous culture. Failure to complete the course, which has everything to do with woke politics, and nothing to do with practicing law, will result in suspension of a lawyer’s license.

Roger remembers being subjected to indoctrination growing up in China. The government told people what to believe, where they could go, what they could eat, and above all, what they could and could not say.

In this interview, Roger Song reveals the startling parallels between the woke movement in Canada that is infecting our schools, our colleges and of course the internet, with Chinese Maoism. A system that promised you would own nothing, and you would be happy.

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