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The Full Story of Angel’s Café – Interview with Cathy Jacobs

All donations received on our website December 24th and 25th will be passed on to Cathy and Angel’s Café. Donate Here On how it came to be called Angel’s… “As…

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Exclusive! Frontline Tech Reveals High Number of Vaccine Injuries in Our Hospitals | Anonymous Interview with Lola

‘Lola’ is a technician in a major Canadian hospital. In this exclusive interview Lola reveals the marked difference between what the media and government are telling the public and what…

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A Common-Sense Crusade | Interview with Lynne Nelson, host of The Filthy Truth

Lynne is the host of ‘The Filthy Truth’ Blog and most importantly, she is a mother. Using various social media platforms Lynn uses critical thinking to question the mainstream narrative…

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Why the Courts Won’t Rule on the Violations of Our Rights | In depth & in person with Leighton Grey

On Canada’s founding principles… It’s important to understand that Canada fundamentally is intended and is designed to operate as a constitutional democracy. That’s the structure of Confederation. That’s how our…

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Exclusive! 17 Year Old High School Student Confined to Wheelchair After Second Shot – Interview with Jasmine Comeau

Jasmine was a perfectly healthy Grade 12 student who just wanted to have a normal grad year. After getting the second shot she immediately began to experience side effects. These…

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Government Can Now Seize Your Property and Remove You From Your Home | Interview with Patricia Monna, Nurse and Owner of Wellness Center

Patricia is the owner of a holistic wellness center in Calgary, Alberta, although she was once a registered nurse. As the government began responding to COVID19, Patricia questioned the laws…

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