Lies My Government Told Me | Dr. Robert Malone

December 6, 2022

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Dr. Robert Malone is widely known as the inventor of the mRNA platform. He has worked tirelessly to bring people the truth about the dangers of the so-called covid vaccines, which are in fact not really mRNA vaccines (Dr. Malone explains this in the interview). In addition, he discusses how the globalist agenda is controlling the message, not just in mainstream media but on the internet, going beyond mere censorship to working with social media platforms to craft the narrative. Finally, Will and Dr. Malone explain how the injections are causing the epidemic of the vaccinated, and why Covid 19 isn’t going away – ever.


Lies My Government Told Me

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Dr. Malone, Will Dove

Will Dove 00:07
My guest today is Dr. Robert Malone. Many of you know that Dr. Malone is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine platform, and that he has been working tirelessly to raise awareness of the disastrous consequences of their use for vaccination against COVID-19. Dr. Malone is a medical doctor and pathologist with expertise in immunology, virology and molecular biology. It is a safe statement to make that there is no one in the world better qualified to understand the reasons why these mRNA vaccines should not be used. After over two years in this battle, to bring people to truth, Dr. Malone has published an extensive book titled “Lies My Government Told Me and the Better Future Coming”, which is being released today in a paper version, or the ebook version has already made the best seller list. This book runs over 500 pages and covers a diverse range of topics as well as chapters from eminent guests such as Dr. Pierre Kory, and Dr. Paul Merrick, the cofounders of the Front Line COVID Critical Care Alliance, Mattias Desmet, the author of the “Psychology of Totalitarianism”, Edward Dowd, the former Blackrock fund manager turned whistleblower, and many others. Dr. Malone, it’s a pleasure to have you on the show.

Dr. Malone 01:26
Likewise, thank you for the opportunity to talk to you and to your audience.

Will Dove 01:31
Now, as I said, folks, this is a very extensive book, I had to be honest with Robert, when it came on, I myself have only gotten about halfway through it. So I’m going to allow him to fill in any details. Obviously, there’s no way in one interview, we could cover the whole gambit of this book. And so with Roberts kind cooperation, we’re going to focus on just two chapters. And the first one has to do with the control of the message, especially here in Canada, we’re all aware of the censorship bills that are being pushed through by our government. But it goes far beyond this. This has to do with how the CDC, the WHO, the WEF, the governments are colluding with social media platforms to control the information you get. Dr. Malone,

Dr. Malone 02:19
This is a topic that is coming up a fair amount lately. And of course, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has just put this in hyperdrive in terms of the importance and the amount of information. Another key information feed that is currently developing still is the lawsuit from the attorneys general in — States Attorneys General in the United States, against the US federal government, for they’re colluding with social media to suppress free speech. The best way I can summarize this in a single sentence, is that all of us have experienced military grade information warfare technology, psychological operations technology, deployed against the citizens of their own nation states. There’s never been anything like this in the history of the Western world, at least that I’m aware of. And I’ve been through multiple outbreaks. All of my colleagues have just been gobsmacked by watching this amazing. I mean, in a sense, you have to give him some credit. This is been an a, an amazing campaign that is globally coordinated, that has been deployed. And I’m still unclear where the capital is really coming from for this. Is this really coming from the WEF, and from the, you know, the big investment funds? The management of all this, is this coming just from the US government, and its surrogates? That’s hard to square the circle on that, because we’re seeing the same messaging, the same strategies, the same harassment techniques, as as we talked about in the book, deployed globally. There is a hidden hand in and I can’t say who it is, or or how it’s being deployed, that is behind all of this. Certainly the Trusted News Initiative is one aspect of that. this is the BBC led organization that in a sense, functions like a trade organization supporting corporate media, the old school corporate media, and it appears to have backing from British intelligence among others in what they’ve done. There has never been anything like this that I’m aware of. It absolutely has been pre planned event 201 at the Johns Hopkins Center, that’s basically a CIA shop event to a one remember was funded by two main entities the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Economic Forum. Something that’s often overlooked now and you know, as we go back and retrospect, increasingly understand the importance of the World Economic Forum and of course, you in Canada have personal experience with Chrystia Freeland, and your Prime Minister. In terms of these both being a World Economic Forum, young leader trainees, they had been through a five year indoctrination program, they really aren’t functioning as Canadian citizens, they are functioning as agents of the World Economic Forum, in my opinion, what we’ve seen, particularly with Canada, also, unfortunately, Australia, and which was Jacinda Arden in New Zealand, Canada, in particular, has basically become a captured vassal state of the World Economic Forum. It no longer really has any autonomy. It’s no longer really a sovereign nation. It is a vassal state of this trade organization of the 1000 largest corporations in the world that very strongly advocate for corporatism. In the recent speech from Klaus Schwab. At the G 20. event, he spoke about the need for nation states to become more closely allied with corporations. And he spoke about this logic that the future as he sees it, in his he’s busy trying to shape all of our futures, the future that he sees, is one in which he used this metaphor, the fast fish, instead of the big fish eating the little fish, the fast fish will eat all the other fish and nation states need to get on board with lining up with corporations if they want to be one of the fast fish, otherwise, they will presumably get eaten. the hubris of this is profound. None of these people are elected. And as I like to say to American audiences, and I don’t think I’ve had a chance to really talk about this in in Canada, but you’re keeping a straight face there. Hey.

Will Dove 07:20
That’s because I’m a western Canadian. So we don’t say here. We allow the Eastern Canadians to.

Dr. Malone 07:27
Okay, Canada has shown us what the future under the WEF looks like. Unfortunately, the decision to weaponize the banking system that was deployed, I think, probably prematurely out of frustration. I think that Mr. Trudeau really just kind of lost control, in many ways. But I think also personal control and perspective, when the Canadian truckers were lined up and honking, God forbid, incredibly threatening action. They had all of those far right wing crazies there with their children holding hands and singing songs. They lost it, right? He lost it. Chrystia Freeland lost it. And Canadians will remember, I hope forever, that press conference after Trudeau finally capitulated because the Canadian banking system was telling him that he was crashing the whole thing. As a consequence, people pulling out their capital, because they recognize that the Canadian banking system was no longer safe harbor. Do you remember Chrystia Freeland, in that press conference? She was decompensating. Psychologically, it was clear, I follow in watch Mr. Trudeau, and Arden and others, and I’m struck at their complete lack of empathy. What are the characteristics distinguishing a psychopath from a sociopath, is whether or not they had empathy as children, you know, whether innately, they were empathetic individuals, or were they kind of disassociated from the rest of humankind and just focused on themselves. I’m increasingly wondering whether the WEF Young Leaders Program is selecting for individuals that have these personality characteristics of not not having human empathy, and not really being able to connect with people. And that enables them to function in this kind of environment where they’re being asked to do incredibly inhuman actions, and they seem to do so with a smile on the propaganda standpoint. As I said, what we’ve experienced is weapons-grade information warfare, directed against the citizens.

Will Dove 09:53
And I believe you’re absolutely correct that they are selecting people who are psychopaths who have no empathy, and I appreciate, very much, your statements, and I find it very significant that you who are not a Canadian, were able to express something that I’ve been saying to my viewers for a very long time now. Canada is an occupied country under the control of a foreign power, we are no longer a sovereign state. And so they followed the totalitarian playbook, which is control the message, the media. The mainstream media, that was easy to do is buy them off. And here in Canada, it’s so obvious, they’re not even trying to hide it. Trudeau brags about the money he’s given to the mainstream media, it’s over a billion dollars now, to get them to say whatever he tells them to say. But you made reference, again, to the fact that this was all pre planned. They had the message ready to go but they knew they had a problem with social media, because that was where people like you and I were gonna go to try to tell people the truth, and they had to defuse that. And they were planning this in advance before the pandemic was ever announced. And I want to read just as proof of that, and this is not conspiracy theory, folks. Dr. Malone has substantiated all of this in his book, you can look up the references. I want to read this very short passage. The press release: “World Health Organization welcomes the commitment by Facebook to ensure that users find facts about vaccines across Instagram, Facebook, search groups, pages and forums where people seek out information and advice.” Doublespeak for ‘we’re going to control what you can see.’ But here’s the important thing: that press release, dated September 4 2019.

Dr. Malone 11:33
We’ve had a series of clear unequivocal statements having to do with the collusion between the World Health Organization and, of course, the Trusted News Initiative and the various national authorities, national health authorities about anticipating and then deploying this strategy of information control. As you’ll recall, in one of the opening chapters of the book, we talk about the experience of Jill Glasspool Malone, my wife and I, with her little book that she, you know, over 100 pages, referenced rigorously by a PhD and an MD, so we’re well qualified, both knowledgeable and experienced in infectious disease. And in February, we wrote a book and published it in the first week in February actually wrote during January 2020, that was focused on how to prepare and protect yourself from the novel Coronavirus. In March of 2020. Amazon deleted the book without any appeal, and without any details about why it had been taken down. And when we finally got any kind of a statement, they use the phrase that had been foreign to all of us, I think up until that point, but now is become normative: “It violated community standards.” What Jill did was – and it’s in the book – is she tracked down the publication’s at the time with the New York Times, The Washington Post, etc. The detail the various conferences and collusions. It’s – the documentation is clear that there has been both planning or deployment of these strategies of controlling information and controlling social media, going back to Event 201 and beyond. And then we have a series of clear documents in the lay press describing the collusion between the World Health Organization and national health authorities and leaderships in various nation states. We – there’s no question that the document record is clear that there has been a concerted, pre planned effort to control not only corporate media, as you say, through these very easy channels of just paying them money, they’ll do whatever their highest bidder asked them to do, but also to operate with social media to constrain information access. I protested in front with others in the medical freedom community in Ireland and Dublin – protested in front of Twitter headquarters, making the point that Twitter’s censorship and that of the other social media platforms is directly responsible for preventing informed consent. They have blocked the ability of people to obtain the necessary information for them to make informed medical care decisions. And as I had predicted months and months ago, it’s now a little meme that people circulate. There will come a time when public health officials all over the world would take the position that it was your choice to take the vaccine they have no responsibility The responsibility is entirely on the population and their children. In fact, that’s now coming to pass. We have some clear unequivocal statements coming out of India right now, that are basically taking the position you can’t sue the government because it was your fault, you took to product. And I suspect that we’re going to see this logic deployed widely as one of the fall backs as it becomes increasingly clear about the failure of the products to perform and their toxicity associated with use. The government’s can’t afford to be open and transparent about what they’ve done to all of us. So we’re gonna see this this weaponization of information against us continue, because they have no choice. They’re already so deep. The one thing that I find fascinating right now, it’s kind of a little bit of inside baseball but Elon Musk has recently been tweeting out some fascinating statements, including that Twitter has manipulated the outcomes of at least two domestic US elections, and I suspect many others globally. But he is also a acknowledging and indicates his intention to release the receipts basically the documentation about the collusion of Twitter in censorship to prevent free access to information. And as you may know, just a few days ago, he revoked the Twitter policy on censoring information about COVID-19. Although I’m still not on Twitter, I was kicked off almost exactly well, it was a year ago, late in this month, about two days, right before the Joe Rogan interview. For some reason, both Twitter and LinkedIn kicked me off without any prior warnings or flags or any of that, and permanently banned me. I think that for those of us like you and I that are awake, not woke, we’re very facile with this, we’ve been living it. We know what’s been going on, we’re aware of it for the persuadable middle, those folks that are just been going about their lives. All of this is a little bit shocking. It’s hard for them to process and think many people that they’ve been manipulated so thoroughly, but the data are clear.

Will Dove 17:25
Before we move on to the next subject, I just want to read a couple of other excerpts from your book or refer to them very briefly, because it’s very relevant to just how crafted this narrative has been. It’s not just they’re influencing social media, they’re partnering with them to write the narrative and things that you pointed out in your book, a statement from Senator Blackburn, which has since been confirmed that Fauci and Zuckerberg were emailing each other to craft that narrative, that there was a statement that came out September 28 2022, in the W E. F meeting, from the global communications representative Melissa Fleming. And here’s the this is a quote, folks. “We partnered with Google” for example. If you Google climate change at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources. Then we’ve got Facebook admitting that the “fact checks” are just opinion as if we didn’t know that. And Zuckerberg contributing $35 million to the CDC, along with millions of dollars of free advertising. It’s open collusion, to give us this message, and then to censor anyone who speaks out against it.

Dr. Malone 18:42
We are in the midst of global information warfare, unrestricted information, warfare. And a lot of people kind of get wrapped around the axle thinking that it’s about them. For instance, oh, I’ve been shadow banned. You hear that right. For me, or I’ve been de-platformed. What they don’t understand is that these social media platforms, particularly Twitter, are weapons. They are designed as weapons. They’re designed as information gathering tools for the intelligence community, they have been weaponized against us. And the sense of personal outrage or umbrage. Oh, it’s not fair. This isn’t right. Those kinds of thoughts, that type of thinking is completely irrelevant. It is so outdated. This is warfare. This is warfare against us. It is unrestricted warfare. There are no rules of engagement here. They can and will do anything because they believe the ends justify the means. That’s where we’re at right now, is a situation in which the ends justify the means they will do anything. They believe that what they’re doing is just it’s necessary to preserve life or to advance whatever their goals and initiatives are, which seem to be a kind of a globalized, centralized utilitarianism with a Marxist angle to it. And they seem to believe that if they only can control information thoroughly enough, and also get sufficient data on all of us, then they can optimize the world. And this is a profoundly arrogant position. And it is absolutely built on the thesis of a plan; centralized controlled economy, a command economy that would ostensibly be run by these 1.,000 largest companies. And functionally it’s only about 250 companies that comprise the control of the World Economic Forum. And of course, their ownership, which pretty much boils down to BlackRock, State Street Vanguard and Bank of America. And, of course, the central banks, the Bank of International Settlements being the king of the hill. And of course, now they want to deploy the central bank digital currency, they want to deploy an alternative digital currency to the fiat currency that we’re all familiar with, that will allow them to as, as Mr. Trudeau and Freeland demonstrated, will allow them to control our ability to engage in economic transactions. And they will specify to us how and what we will spend our digital currency on. And when we will spend it, that’s the near-term future. This is the future that our children are going to have to deal with.

Will Dove 21:44
And that cycles back to something you said early on in the interview talking about the fast fish and this assertion that governments need to work in conjunction with corporations if they want to survive. Well, that’s just an doublespeak for be controlled by

Dr. Malone 22:00
Absolutely. I take considerable pains in the book, as somebody, as an undergraduate that spent a lot of time in political science and taking those kinds of coursework. There is a language and of course, our language has been perverted by the press for a variety of reasons and by information warriors. But I think it’s important to establish language that is well grounded in scholarly work. And the language that defines this kind of structure is corporatism. That is one of the political science terms and corporatism is fascism. The definition of fascism is not young men aping Nazi Germany, marching around Charlottesville, Virginia with Tiki torches, that is young men play acting, fascism is corporatism. And that is precisely what we are facing right now is a corporatist fascist takeover of the entire world. It’s been engineered, and as a Canadian, you will probably share my outrage, that the great reset was not developed and announced by Klaus Schwab. It was developed and announced by King Charles the Third, we must resist these people. They are barking mad. They’re crazy. They have no idea what they’re talking about. Technically, these books that are being put out; The Great Reset and Yuval Harari’s books are incredibly naive. But it reveals the hubris and the only thing that is supporting these people is we have these power brokers, you know, Larry Fink and BlackRock, for example, King Charles, and these leaders that believe that they have the right and the knowledge to impose on all of us and shape this future for us, this dark transhuman, Fourth Industrial Revolution future, and they have no clue about what they’re really talking about. And are you willing, you and your audience, I know you aren’t willing. But are the listeners willing to become indentured servants in a world managed by the same jokers that have created this huge global fiasco? Because they’ve proved over the last three years that they are incompetent. Are you willing to give up your future and that of your children, to let these people have their way with you, and to live in a world in which you will own nothing and be happy because they own everything? That is the model is one in which control of property and assets becomes more centralized. And we all exist in a business model that’s basically rent-based, rent-seeking behavior in which we pay a fee. And they allow us to have whatever the asset is, for whatever duration of time they believe that it’s appropriate for us to be using it. And when they think that we no longer need to have that asset or Tesla or whatever, then they will pull it away and give it you know, transfer it to the next poor soul that has to pay rent for it. That’s the business model behind the famous statement ‘You will own nothing and be happy.’

Will Dove 25:32
Dr. Malone, thank you very much for your book, for your comments, for your time for this interview. As you summed up there at the end, we are facing this tyrannical totalitarian attempt to take over all of us to control us all. And the answer is simply refuse to comply. Just don’t do it. The book is out today, December 6 in paperback. It’s been out in digital format for a while now. I urge you to read it. Dr. Malone, thank you.

Dr. Malone 26:01
Thank you so much for your time.

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