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The Iron Will Report | Friday, November 12

Start your weekend with a laugh. In this week’s report… • The small flaw in Pfizer’s plan • California Governer Gavin Newsome • 40% of Canadians are ‘conspiracy theorists’ •…

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Ethics, Democracy, and Groupthink: Julie Ponesse, the Ethics Professor Fired for Practicing Ethics

Dr. Julie Ponesse taught Ethics at Ontario’s Huron College for over 20 years until being dismissed from her position for refusing to cooperate with Huron’s mandatory vaccine policy. She has…

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Censorship 2.0 and the War on Truth: Dr. Paul Alexander & Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr. Alexander recently published an essay titled “The Attack on Scientific Dissent Becomes Ever More Brutal”. Dr. Alexander is a world-class epidemiologist. Among his many other qualifications he is also…

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Pastor Artur Pawlowski | In Depth and In Person: His Entire Story

Pastor Artur Pawlowski is best known for his street church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and for the constant persecution he has suffered from the Covid ‘authorities’ for practicing his Christian…

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Why The Tyrants Always Lose | Iron Will on Everything, Episode 1

  In this new segment, Iron Will on Everything, Will explains why the tyrants always lose, and how he is absolutely certain we will win back our rights and freedoms….

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A Deep Dive into the Real Facts About Natural Immunity: Immunologist Dr. Steven Pelech

Dr. Pelech has been a professor of immunology and neurology at the University of British Columbia for 33 years, and is one of the founding members of the Biomedical Research…

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How to Defend Your Rights, Job, Business & Education: Marilyn Burns, Litigation Lawyer

For the parts on defending your rights, skip to 36:45 Marilyn Burns is a litigation lawyer with 25 years of experience. In this interview she provides detailed information on: Our…

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The Iron Will Report for November 1st, 2021

In this week’s report: Travel restrictions: We are now prisoners in our own country Further evidence that the ‘covid concentration camps’ are just rumors Embarrassing government data – for them…

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Exclusive! ICU and ER Nurse Andrew Brannan reveals the truth about the vaccines and the ‘pandemic’

Andrew Brannan worked as an ER and ICU nurse in Canada for 18 years until his recent move with his family to the U.S. to escape Canada’s Covid dictatorship. Previously…

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Your Rights Under the Charter: Brian Peckford, sole surviving architect of the Charter

  *For the parts on the Charter, skip to the 54:00 minute mark. Mr. Brian Peckford is the sole surviving architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, served…

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The Surveillance State: Practical Steps to Protect Your Privacy

  Vincent Gircys is a retired OPP officer who, as the Canadian rep for the international organization PoliceForFreedom, is in touch with thousands of officers across Canada and is working…

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The Iron Will Report | October 25, 2021

A further update on our new toolkit to push back against universities mandating vaccines for students. A lawyer is working on the letter and we hope to have it ready…

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“This tyranny is worse than the tyranny of Nazi Germany” says Holocaust survivor

See below for links Patrick Coffin is the host of the Patrick Coffin Show and the creator of the Truth Over Fear Summit, which featured over 30 lawyers, doctors and…

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“They wanted more control – they’re going to have less at the end of this.”

Dr. Pamela Popper, author of the exceptionally well-researched book Covid Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened and What’s Next talks about the timeline of how the Covid ‘pandemic’ was planned,…

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“12-Year-Olds and Elderly Ladies are Being Pepper-Sprayed.”

Josh Needham, an Australian citizen living in Brisbane and formerly a resident of Victoria province where he lived with his family just outside of Melbourne has witnessed the worst of…

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The Iron Will Report | October 18, 2021

An update on our new toolkit to push back against universities mandating vaccines for students and… Unvaxxed Canadians will not be able to leave the country come October 30th More…

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Our Overwhelmed Hospitals: The Vaccinated are the Real Pandemic

Canadian paramedic Thomas O’Connor is, like many others, facing imminent dismissal from his job for refusing to be injection with a bioweapon. Mr. O’Connor is blowing the whistle on who’s…

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These injections are…an endless profit, eugenics and control mechanism

The World Health Organization is part of the criminal Covid enterprise. In this interview Dr. Mark Trozzi discusses the World Council for Health, an apolitical alternative or even possible replacement…

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