Autopsies Find Mysterious Structures in Blood of Injected | Dr. Jane Ruby

August 25, 2022

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  • What do these mysterious structures look like?
  • Are other embalmers finding these bizarre things?
  • What is being done to get this information out?


Jane’s Interview with Richard Hirschman

Will: Dr. Jane Ruby is a medical professional and an expert in the FDA approval process. She is the author of “A Sea of New Media: Transformation of the American Press”. Dr. Ruby is a frequent guest on the Stew Peters Show. And now has her own show at  ‘The Dr. Jane Ruby Show’. Recently, Jane interviewed board certified embalmer Richard Hirschman, who has revealed the massive blood clots he’s finding in the bodies of the injected. And she’s here today to share that information with us. Jane, thank you for giving us your time today.

Jane: Yeah, absolutely. Great to be back with you will. Thank you so much.

Will: So I’m gonna ask you to just go ahead cuz I know you’ve got a few images there that you can show. So, please share those with our audience and explain what we’re looking at.

Jane: Yeah, let me set it up first. And I wanna make one quick clarification, but it’s very common because the word clot often goes with the word blood. But these are not blood clots. In fact, they’re not anything organic. And I’ll tell you a little bit about that story in a minute. But yes, Richard Hirschman is a board-certified embalmer and funeral director.

That’s they both have different roles to them certified by his state. He’s been doing this for 20 years. He just started to notice in 2021 coinciding with the rollout of the jab, that people, he was having trouble embalming people because he couldn’t get the tools in because then sorry for the graphics. But the way embalming works to my understanding is that he inserts into a large vessel and then pushes the embalming fluid. And then on the other end, blood just flows out. And that’s essentially how a body is preserved. He could not get in. He met with resistance and when he went to use other tools and gently, remove the obstruction, sometimes he’ll find a blood clot, he’ll find debris, something, things happen after the death process finishes.

But what he started to find are these white fibrous clots we call them fibrous. They’re not fibrin. We know from the partial analysis conducted by Mike Adams, the founder of Brighteon TV and The Health Ranger known as The Health Ranger. He jumped ahead and he was gracious enough to conduct an analysis. He’s got a national certified lab, he said, I can tell you he’s he went on to do huge microscopy, but then he did he’s in the process right now of completing the chemical analysis. And he said, I don’t have everything done yet, but I can tell you what, it’s not. It is not platelet. It’s not protein. It’s not amyloid. It’s not fibrin. We call ’em fibrous because they’re stretchy. And Mr. Hershman says he can pull it like, like taffy, but it, he can’t break it. He has to cut it. That’s the only way he can get through it. So it’s gonna be very interesting to know what this is down to the chemical analysis. We have some suspicions based on other experts’ work with blood, but I’ll talk about that in a second.

So he came to me in January or February and he was finding these white things. He was pulling them and they were the shape and the structure, if you will like a casting of the vasculature. So if he pulled it out of the groin, from the carotid, sorry, the femoral artery or vein, he was pulling it out and it came out in like the length of a leg. With all of the bifurcations, the little break offs, it’s just like your vessels break off. And this was shocking. There was no blood, it was not a blood clot, but there were often blood clots on either end of it. And he said, it appeared as though these fibrous white fibrous things were actually feeding off of the blood clots themselves.


But people were making these and they were occluding their blood vessels and all of them had died suddenly. Almost all of them were verified as having taken the jab. So let me start out with my first picture here.

Will: And just while you’re doing that, Jane, I think we should also clarify for the audience that Mr. Hirschman is hardly the only embalmer who’s contacted you. He’s just the only one who’s been willing to speak publicly?

Jane: Correct. This is Mr. Hirschman’s hand. Okay. And he has pulled this out of one person but from various maybe the brachial artery under the arm some of the neck vessels you can see the scale based on his hand.

And these are, as you see, they’re white fibery, they are often associated with blood clots. Probably in my estimation, the most disturbing one that he found is this one. This is something that came, this is important, this came through the carotid, not out of the carotid. What do I mean by that? It was not forming in the carotid.

Look at that. It’s almost the width of his finger.

Will: Yes. Yes. That’s huge. The carotid is one of the few arteries that would fit through.

Jane: And if anybody’s ever seen a carotid, like in a post-mortem, like I, I have, it’s actually a very narrow vessel. It’s large as, things go but this came through the carotid and it came with such force, cuz it got stuck for a while. He’s actually got a video of it. Do you think we could play the video? It’s just about a minute.

Will: Absolutely, please do. While you’re doing that, when you’re pulling that video up, I just wanted to make this comment because you said earlier that Mike Adams has been investigating this and he was able to tell you a whole bunch of things that it’s not. And from the list you gave me what it sounds like is these white fibrous formations. These aren’t anything organic.

Jane: No, they’re not natural, like in nature, but I wanna say he, he’s basically doing the analysis. He has not, he’s not really doing the, an investigation. Let me clarify. We tried to get these clots. Mr. Hirschman did back in January and February to a number of doctors. A couple of them just laughed it off. One of them was one of them that Dr. Mr. Hirschman got them to was Dr. Ryan Cole, who sat on them for several months and then did an interview with Steve Kirsch and basically said No, I’m on the road, I’m busy.

Okay. This is actually quite important. And so Mr. Hirschman went on his own to try to find more people and he just got stonewalled and gaslighted. And finally, this was about maybe in May. I said to him, you know what I’ve had. I just thought about Mike Adams, he’s got a nationally certified lab. He’s a microscopy expert.

I’m gonna reach out and see if he would do the analysis. Cuz we were running into walls all over the place. Originally, I didn’t wanna get involved because I wanted Mr. Hirschman to maintain the chain of custody. I don’t wanna be involved. Just let me know what it is when you find out. So Mike was gracious.

He jumped on it. He said, yes, I will definitely do it. He had the microscopy done in a couple of days. I can show you a couple of pictures from that, but basically what he’s doing now is finishing the chemical analysis. So here is the film of Mr. Hirschman with his assistant holding the camera, extracting that clot I just showed you the single giant clot in his hand out of this person’s body. Watch this. Okay, here we go. I’m gonna start about halfway so maybe about 20 seconds, cuz I think you’ll get the idea of what he’s doing. Okay. Here we go.

Jane: And you’re hearing it now, correct?

Will: Yes we are.

Jane: And you’re the, okay. And he’s realizing that it’s something very tight and thick and he’s struggling to get it out in one piece, as I said, because he doesn’t wanna break it up into multiple.

Hirschman in Video: Oh, watch out. That’s a monster. Holy Jesus. Come on.

Jane: And it’s splatters. Okay. And it splatters because it is so under such pressure. And so this is what he pulled out. So this was incredibly shocking. What else can I say? What we ended up doing is if I can get my hands on, I had one more picture I wanna show your audience here. This is something a joint venture.

This is a billboard that is running right now if you can believe it in Times Square, New York City.

Will: Wow.

Jane: And we put this venture together with Two incredible American Patriots, Jamie and her husband Robert Agee. They started Banners 4 Freedom. They just put up billboards all over the country. I hope somebody’s doing that up in Canada. Maybe they can start. We’ll send you anything you need. And this is to get parents to stop bringing babies and children into these injection centers. Pretty proud of that. It’s up until the end of July and we can, if they can get more donations, it’ll be up until the end of October. Yeah, it’s really interesting, isn’t it?

Will: I think we’ve discussed, I was a paramedic when I was younger, so I there’s that part of me that find all this medically very interesting. And then there’s that part of that finds all absolutely horrifying.

Jane: Yeah. And, people must be living in tremendous pain and suffering. We don’t understand how they can grow these things to such a degree that they go long enough to grow something that is the length of one of their blood vessels, but they are, and we’re still trying to figure it out. Dr. Felipe van Bergen in the UK has been looking at the blood of jabbed people and finding all kinds of graphene, self-assembly. And he’s breaking a story on my show. The Dr. Jane Ruby Show, tonight, I’m not sure when your show airs, but if it’s today, it’ll be tonight. And he reveals that the un-jabbed are now showing, we’re all showing changes apparently in our blood from the shedding. And that we have these graphene structures that we have damage to our red blood cells, but he says not to. And he showed pictures not to the degree of the jabbed and we can eradicate it through, chelation and things like that. But they have the mRNA genetic code forcing their bodies to make all these things.

We’re just getting some shedding from being in proximity with them. And so there’s a lot to unpack there. And we could do that another time. But we’re just starting. This is very new information. I’m breaking this on a hot mic for your show, but this is very new. He’s only done one other show before today and before mine. So I can’t call it an exclusive, but I can call it a pretty new findings and we’re gonna have a lot to talk about and to recommend to people, to protect themselves.

Will: All right. And we will, of course as always with our viewers, we will have a link to that interview. Yeah. Directly beneath this one on our website.

Yeah. Yeah. That’d be great. Thank you for pursuing this for bringing that information to us. I myself have been hearing about these blog bots, but it’s one thing to hear about them and then you see them. And I think the other thing I should mention is, and this came from watching your interview with Mr. Hirschman, that he says the other coroners and embalmers he’s talking to are saying this is a new normal but they’re seeing this all the time now. That’s yes. And know, it’s just horrible.

Jane: Yeah. He actually, when I started with him in January, he said it was about 20% or 30% of the cadavers that he was finding them in. He said that by May, it had flipped and it’s almost it’s 80%. And by the way, he has verified that in the majority of them, they have been jabbed. But those that he hasn’t verified, they he’s never been told that they weren’t jabbed. And he just couldn’t verify it. There you go. It’s terrible.

Will: Jane, thank you so much for taking the time to share this bet information with our Canadian audience. Once again, folks, there will be that link to Jane’s interview with more information on this, that’s breaking now.

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